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* First things first: Happy Birthday [profile] silme711!!! Have a great day!


* Nothing much to tell other that I've been really busy with work and helping out with at my grandparents and trying to avoid the summer flu my colleague has been hosting for the last week. So far I've been successful with all but the last thing. I'm on sick leave for the next few days. I feel like I've been run over by semi. I was all over the place on Thursday but was okay for the next few days until yesterday.

* I managed to meet up with [personal profile] sandrine twice and saw "Bastille Day" with her and [personal profile] slippery_fish the week before last. Then there has been football and the office betting game. I actually won a cinema gift certificate.

* I'll be so very lazy this week I'm already back in bed after the very exhausting trip to the doctor's office this morning. I'll have some chocolate (thoughts of food make me all nauseous) and make some tea and then I'll watch some Bollywood.

* Feel free to rec me fluffy feel-good fics... :)
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* First week at work over. It's okay, interesting even but I still don't really know if it's for me. I have phases where I think I'm so the wrong person for this but then things are kind of okay. It's a job for now and I'll do it, since I don't seem to be able to get another one. But I'll send out applications anyway. It's not bad, I'm just not sure I'll be any good at it. Nice people on my team, I get along with most of them. There are some that are a little loud, but it's not too annoying. Also, I see the most interesting things on the way to and from work, this morning it was a bunny in the rose bushes in the the city center. Cute thing.

* Nano seems to go well. I'm not behind and I'll be able to post on weekends. Breaks at work are short but at least I can get ideas out and on paper (will have a lot of typing up to do this weekend). My ReverseBB draft has been accepted and I actually know how to finish it and flesh it out. So at least that one will be done on time as well. I'm just way behind with reading and catching up on fandom... I do read my flist but I barely know where my head is or where I am on the flist..

* Still a little sick, cough and all that but I'm okay. I'm even okay with getting up early and going to bed relatively early. I miss having time during the day to be social, but that's what working life does. Only thing is
that lunch break is so short, you can barely do anything or really go anywhere to get food. So I'll start to cook at home and bring stuff.

* I might not be able to buy/renew my icon package when it runs out at the end of the month since I won't get money at then but only 14 days later... so I need to pay rent and stuff from my savings. Meh... :/

* Not much else to tell... migraines are back but I can't get sick and stay home now. Wouldn't be cool.But I seriously need to find a way to get AnadinExtra (it's not good for my liver but helps so very well with migraines)... Helped so much in Ireland but I can't get it here. At least I have my loved Nurofen.

* I'm also behind with shows, mainly with Secret Circle (4 eps) and Homeland (2 eps and I love this show I just don't have time). No idea when I'll be able to catch up. SPN is still my priority when it comes to watching shows and catching up.
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♥ Still moving, still not really done, but then I took Monday and today off. I didn't do anything at all because I felt (still do) like crap. Everything hurts and it's not just the moving. Not sure but I guess it's allergies. Meh.. Also some trouble with the electricity company which I hope will be solved soon. I am so not willing to pay that much, especially not when I'm alone and know that it's way less for three people. Argh...

♥ I do have internet and will have a broadband line soon (including new telephone number).I just don't really have time to be online. All I did today was sleeping and sending out applications. I didn't write or read anything (which I'll try to change after I posted this, at least when it comes to the reading part). Still haven't had the time to really do anything about Big Bang and it's just a month left. So I hope once I'm really settled in that I'll have time to finally get it all done. I have an outline, scenes sketched out and still love the idea. I guess I'll be able to get it done.. I hope.

♥ Still nothing about the job, so I'm looking for other offers as well. Media says it's looking good right now, only I don't see it. Not in my field.

♥ F1 has started back up and I don't know if I'm liking it so far or am totally disinterested. I like Sebastian. I like Mark and Jenson. But I'm not sure if I like the sport anymore. Kimi was probably the only getting me to really like it and be interested. Well, Kimi might go for NASCAR this summer (not sure if it will be him or just his team) and I might have something to giggle about again.

♥ Still obsessed with "Hawaii Five 0", still have only one OTP there. I really do need more time in the day, if only to be able to read more.

♥ I wanted to say more but I forgot what it was. Oh yeah, I'm so totally in love with Sam/Dean again that I really want more to read. Rec me your favorites please??? Self-recs are totally welcome.

♥ Tomorrow IKEA, Saturday bed room set up. Oh I see light at the end of the tunnel. Might even be in my place completely by next week. Yay.
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Remember how I said I was slightly sick in my last entry? I probably shouldn't have said anything. It got me good this weekend.
Got everything, fever, cough, splittong headaches, dizziness, sweating. I feel like my lungs are being squeezed really hard. Spent the last few days in bed sleeping because I couldn't do anything else (did read a little fic today since I was bored but had to take breaks every so often). Even closed my cat out of the room because I don't want her to catch it, too. Everything hurts.

Grandparents brought some meds on Sunday before they took off for their vacation. Means I'm alone at home and have to get up and go out this week since I'm almost out of anything eatable, even cat food. Will see how that goes.
Will go see the doc tomorrow, so maybe I can get some things on the way home, if I don't feel too bad.

On top of it all my internet is crappy at best when it works. So I'm really, really behind on anything and everything going on.

Anyway, I know I said it already but again: Happy Birthday![ profile] enablelove.
I did manage to write birthday fic before things got too bad. Just have to get it posted when I have it back...
No idea when, since internet is bitchy as hell.
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My latop scared me to death on Thrusday and then on Friday again. It booted, up until the point where it showed the Windows sign, pinged and switched over tot he desktop.. only that it didn't switch but stayed black. There was a mouse pointer, I could move it and all but nothing else showed. Have to restart and do a system recovery. No idea what it was and if it will happen again. Safe mode worked the first time and I could save data and all, just no internet for me.. the second time it only worked for the datas before the recovery. I lost some stories. Anyway, works now and is even faster, I am still suspicious though.

Other things:
-> I am blocked. Like completely blocked. Probably because I lost the rewritten last part of the Dark Angel fic. Haven't written a word since then, not even edited stuff, which I am supposed to do so that I can finally post someone's late birthday present.

-> Did post fic though for the "Wherein verse": "Wherein Jared tries not to be too miserable (and to avoid being kidnapped by Mike... or not)", J2, PG-13

-> switched my Big Bang idea out for another one and I can finally take notes and start planning. I am glad I did it and I think [ profile] chani_atreides will like this very much (not so mcuh the fact that she'll have to wait even longer now).

-> Bought a new bed and a new bookshelf (because it was on sale), threw out my old bookshelf and the old bed. I can sleep again, at least for a bit and I am rested now...a bit. So it really was the bed? Am still a little doubtful. Kitty loves the new bed already, it's way lower than my old one and she can just climb on without having to jump.
Spent three days sorting through books, DVDs and other things. I threw away about three sacks full of stuff.

-> to add to my massive amount of books (I had no idea I had *that many*) I ordered five more, so yeah I think my days will be filled with reading and hopefully writing again.

-> Allergies are worse than ever.... I don't know what to do, my eyes are burning and my nose is constantly swollen. I hate it. I feel like shit.

-> When I wasn't building my bed and bookshelf I was going three a "The OC" marathon. Found season 2 to 4 for 10 each, so no 15€ at amazon. Yay me. Too much money anyway but I needed it.

-> Podfics are awesome, especially podfics of fics from yoru fav authors and your fav reader. *nods* It starting to become my late night ritual before bed.

-> Mum should be back tomorrow and I still have some things to do around here. Nothing goes over spending Easter alone and cleaning and watching "The OC". Is it me or does that sound rather pathetic?
Well not really all alon, had my cat and grandparents + visitor came by today, brought lunch and cake and 20€ (I so know what that will be... Summer dress here I come). It was a nice surprise.

-> The boys... oh the boys made me smile this weekend. I am so glad that this con went so well. Just the pictures alone... and yeah... Boys.
Thank you Jensen war making me smile. Thank you Jared for making me snort out loud. Thank you Jim Beaver for being just... you... :=)

I forgot where I got it from but Jensen *sighs* and Jared :D )
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Posted the second part (or better the first half of the second part) of the Jared/Alec fic.
"The Long Way Home Part 2 A"

I wanted to work on the prompts this weekend but plans changed every time I sat down, so I'll work on them tomorrow.


My room looks messy and blah, I so should clean but I don't feel like it. Tomorrow then.

Also? I need a bigger dresser. The walk in closet is way too small for my stuff. *nods*
Do I sound spoiled? Oh, who cares?

The shops are open today and I know I wanted something but I can't remember what. I am sitting here trying to figure it out but it won't come to me.
Figures. I think sitting around all day and doing nothing but stare at a computer screen screws with your memory. I knew it before but it's glaringly obvious now.
I need a life again.

It would be nice if you could decide what you want. This back and forth isn't really all that great.

It would be great if you could come back. Any time would be acceptable. I sort of miss you.

Sometimes I wish I had more living friends than stuffed ones. I feel like I am five sometimes. Newest member of my family.  ).

Have some Kitty, too. Her new playground. )


I. AM. COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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* I can't get that song out of my head. I have known it for months, and yes I only watched the vid for Leighton Meester.
I like the song but when one of the big TV stations uses it for their program ads it gets old very fast. And now it's stuck in my head.
At least I have the whole album so it's not like I can't listen to other Cobra Starship songs.

* Where did my weekend go anyway?
Haven't been only much the last few days simply due to my mum coming home and deciding that a general cleaning and rearragne in half the rooms was in order.
My muscles ache and can't get rid of a major headache. Did I miss anything impostant?
I am not sleeping either which means I am rather bored at night but can't do anything productive due to the headache. I want to write fic, edit the parts I want to post I just don't feel up to it.

* Also having to walk through masses of snow because the streets and sidewalks aren't freed of it is not fun. But than it was my own fault for waiting so long and running out of food and rinks right?
Living somewhere that is not a main street these days is kind of hard, car got stuck yesterday while my mum tried to park it in front of the house.

* I don't know what to think of a possible 6th season. I am actually torn between feeling totally selfish and keeping a cool mind.
*shrugs* I think I'll go with "wait and see" here. And seriously, I won't miss the drama if it should be over this season.

* Firfox's Beta version of 3.6 is sort of neat, mostly. But sometimes it's really kind of bitchy.
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I had an awesome day.. NOT.
So pain is less, which is cool but it's still there and comes in waves now whcih can be really annoying.
In addition to the ear and throat my nose is stuffed which led to a heavy nose bleed all day. I can't clean my nose without spending minutes in the bathroom trying to stop the blood...
So yeah.. yuck.

I made my day better though. Went home early from work, where I didn't need to be in the first place but had to get some stuff and was scheduled anyway. It was fun with the bleeding. Urgh...
Last day at work will be Friday but my boss won't be there so I have to go next week some day to get some papers and give back the chip and key. I think I am going to miss it, work and the people there.
Anyway, on the way home I got myself chili cheese fries, a salsa chicken burger (damn KFC's salsa is HOT) and a strawberry milkshake. Bought cards and CDs and went home to find cheesecake. So that was actually pretty neat.
Also found the most precious little netbook I have ever seen. Me wants. I even could but I think I shouldn't. But it is pretty.

Also waiting for me when I came home was a postcard from [ profile] _bettina_. Sheeeeeeep!
And my first birthday present. Yes, [ profile] slippery_fish, it is here and I will not open it until Monday.
I promise.

[ profile] acityofwonder, sent off a card. I hope this time it makes it and I think you might actually like the stamp more than the card.. ;)

Edit: I know I owe people fic. And I should be working on the prompt tables as well. Right now though I don't really feel like writing or even reading. All I want to do is sleep, which is rare due to pain and a stuffed nose.
Sorry guys. You are not forgotten. I know it takes me longer than usual this time... And I have started all the prompts already.


21/9/09 21:00
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So my ear infection isn't gone yet? Not it's still there and now it even is a full blown throat infection as well. Antibiotics are the bane of my existence. I hate to take them but I have to now.. Again. Have lost count how often this has happened lately.
Yay. Pain.
I feel so crappy that I can't even be bothered to do memes or post fic teaser or to even write.
I haven't even been checking LJ all that much and therefor have no idea what's going on fandomwise or otherwise.

Send me schmoopy fic links?
*puppy eyes*

But hey at least birthday present shopping with my grandparents was successful.
I sort of really looking forward to getting this present. And while being at shopping I spent my last money on Jared, or rather on the Friday 13th DVD.
I even got some Dr. Pepper. I wish I had more.

Wanted to make apple pie today. I have masses of apple here fresh from the garden, but them my mum occupied the kitchen for hours and I didn't feel like doing it in the evening.
Graving apple pie now. Go figure.
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Was at my doc's after work yesterday. At least now I have meds that work. Still pain. Not as bad as the last two days but bad enough that i couldn't go to sleep without painkillers last night.
I hate how it gets worse over night and almost good when I wake up only to come back again. And it's not really my tooth.
It's my ear that got the nerve going which then got the tooth going and everything else as well. I am not really a happy camper here.

Yay SPN day.
Seeing as I am not really sleepong at night I might as well do it again and watch it in the middle of the night.
I have to get up early anyway. So bed early tonight and I should be fine, if I can sleep that is.

Speaking about TV, I don't know if I'll go on with "Melrose Place". I just can't seem to get into it.
It's not bad but it's not really good either. And I already gave up on "90210".
I know the originals weren't that much better when it came to storylines or characters but I grew up with those and back then it wasn't really all that obvious how soap-like those shows were.
Right now I am not really all that into it.

I am patiently waiting for "Southland" to come back though. I really want to know how it will go on.

No idea what to do for my birthday.
I am not in the mood to think about those things.
My grandparents will take me shopping tomorrow though. New boots. I just hope I can find any.

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

[ profile] hd_obsession picked: these )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] chickenfried_jo!
Have an awesome day!

Can some one take the pain away?
Damn back. Damn tooth. Why both at the same time?
It would be awesome if the painkillers would do their shop instead of doing nothing. Sleep would be nice, too.

Pain = not writing = not teaser or prompts as of yet.

I hate it.

*off to watch Gossip Girl*

I think I want to re-watch Dirty Dancing tonight.
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Haven't been around much the last few days.
Mainly due to some trouble my mum had at work and because she needed some support.
Then her bf had to have surgery and it was additional pressure that kind of dragged her down as well.
But I wasn't really feeling up to doing much anyway.

I thought things were getting better.
That was before I woke up today looking like a strawberry and feeling the urge to rip my skin off.
My mum thinks it's either a belated symptom of scarlet fever (which I have had a lot as a child) or a very severe allergic reaction.
Either way, it sucks.
At leats it's not in my face.
I feel a little dizzy as well but not much, no idea if it's because of the other thing or just because I am tired.

Speaking of tired.
I sleep okay but my dreams are getting stranger and stranger.
I don't know what's up with that.

Oh and it would be nice to actually get a chance to have jonb interviews instead of getting no answer at all.
I don't know what I am doing wrong. Maybe I look so repulsive that people don't want to talk to me.
I just want a job where I can earn some money to pay health insurance and maybe a little money to spen on myself.
Sometimes I do wonder what's wrong with me

To cheer myself up... Kitty Pictures )

Oh and if anybody has any fluffy recs or something send them my way??
I need something to distract myself from things and I am not feelig up to write anything.

Meme answers, questions asked by [ profile] silme711 here )
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Still sick. Even more so than yesterday, where I was still outside and on campus. I spent today in bed, pending between being asleep, being out of breath, coughing my lungs up, watching crappy daytime TV and reading fanfic.
Nice mixture if you ask me.
I did manage to watch Gossip Girl and Leverage (some notes on that maybe with the SPN review).

Anyway, being sick always has some strange effects on me. I either dream strange things or I develop strange food cravings or I get nostalgic all of a sudden.
It's the later two this time.
This monring I remembered that I still had some fresh grapefruit lying around, so I decided some vitamine C wouldn't hurt and ate them.
I couldn't stop eating and actually ate all three that I had left.
Now I am craving grapefruit juice because it actually helps with the throat burn.

As for the getting nostalgic thing, well I am not all that frequent on but I couldn't resist today (with being too dizzy at times to read properly or what TV, music was just the right thing).
So I have been listening to Gary Barlow non-stop for the past two hours.
I have those CDs lying around under my bed somewhere and I haven't listened to them in ages.
I forgot how much I love "Open Road".
It' so strange to think back and realise that I grew up with his songs (either with Take That or his solo projects).

The good thing about being sick is that I actually get enough sleep again.
And sleeping keeps me from thinking too much about the future and about the thesis I am not working on because I am sick or about the job I am still not having.
So I think I can say I am rested but dizzy. It's strange feeling that way, it has been a while since I was that sick.
I had colds and stuff a lot lately but none of them was that tough.

The thing is that while lying in bed listening to music or watching TV I get the strangest plot bunies... or that might be due to the cough meds.
Still no real Big Bang idea though.
Not to mention that I didn't get to work on the "In & Out" fic.

Last but not least:
Hello to the new people in my flist.
Hope you'll have fun around here.
*waves and hands out cookies*
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I know you are all tired of reading about me being sick so let's just say this has been brewing for some days.
I apparently wasn't all back from the bout of the flu and my mum brought something home from the hospital to which she is already immune but I am not.
So yeah, it's not the flu but my throat is killing me and one side is swollen, my ear hurts and it is wet and I am dizzy most of the time. I have spells of ciold sweat and a stuffed nose as well.
There are breaks in it and I feel good and my mum got me Dolo-Dobendan yesterday, so it helps.
The dizziness though it worse than it was yesterday.

And I had to cancel a movie date which makes me really sad because I wanted to go and if I was feeling just a little better I would. :(
I am sorry [ profile] mata090680, I really wanted to meet up again and see that film.

I just hope I will be okay again this coming weekend. World Cup and I so don't feel like sitting in an overly warm hall, watching half naked men and feeling like shit.
Meep. :(

I dreamed about my bike and that I found it lying in the bushes near the train station and it was whole and working.
I guess being sick and sleeping the whole day makes the dreams simple and easy to understand.

Coming home yesterday from Claudia's (and I really think I wouldn't have survived the day without her teas and her couch to lie down on *hug*) I saw several other bikes lying around the bike station, unchained and unlocked, so I guess someone has figured out that this place might be ideal to steal stuff. No idea what they would need old bikes for but I guess it's for selling them as resources (like strealing copper and steal and so on).. because apparently the new bikes were left alone.
Assholes. :(

Okay, so why does "Friday 13th" have a release date around here but "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" isn't even mentioned in the data base?
I want to see both of them. *pouts*

SPN season 2 on TV later tonight and I think I am unwell enough to not care about the dubbing.
Or I'll just take out my DVDs and watch those two eps the way I like it.

ETA: I just did not totally awwwed at Robbie Williams taking Gary Barlow in his arms. Awwwwwww.. :)
Gary's face and Robbie's smile.. cute.
Can't wait for the new Take That single and CD.. and really Gary seems to love Robbie's new stuff, so I am curious about that as well.
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[ profile] slippery_fish, you might want to watch swimming tomorrow. 100m Backstroke final women. Stasia is in it.
She is swimming again, qualified as 8th.
Oh and Roman'S record was broken as well and Pieter is sick and withdrew. So no Hoggie (man, he was 20th in the 200m free).
I just saw Arkady. ;)

Didn't do much to do. I didn't even work on anything because of the massive headache. I can still feel the cold and the cough. So not cool.
Actually wanted to do some things , things that had nothing to do with internet and fandom but which I didn't get done because I didn't leave the house.

Watched Torchwood though and ended up giggling about it again. No idea why this time but some scenes where just... *snorts*
Hmm, I kinda liked Gwen sometimes in this ep. Or well searching F1 pics and trying to figure out why Kimi looks so... uhm... pale? I can't even describe what it is.. Just.. Oh Kimi.)

But at least I do like my hair again. [ profile] sandrine managed to give it a really nice cut and it's all bouncy and falling right again.
So yes I have a good hair day.

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Let's not talk about it.
Anyway, thank you guys for the good luck wishes, don't know yet if they helped. I'll probably find out soon.

Still sick, still a bleeding nose.
I think I am off to bed to watch some F1 2007 Highlights. I need me some Kimi now.
Just to cheer up.
And then I'll sleep. For days.
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Sick. Yep. And some fever, which thankfully is gone now, hope it stays gone.
Anyway stuffed nose turned into stuffed and bleeding nosed. How I hate that.

But at least I got some studying done. Need to to more of course but I think I'll manage.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.
Helped last time.. :)
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Got the final permission paper I needed for my final exam (at least in one major).
Now I just need to finish up the thesis and than the hardcore studying can begin. I still feel like I have way too few notes and books.
And really the owrst that can happen is that I fail, and I am pretty sure I'll get another try then.. at least I hope so.

The only thing that isn't nice today? My splitting headache.
Haven't had it that bad in ages and I think I just drank too little. So it's basically my own fault.
I wanted to work on the thesis thingy but I think I'll just rest for a bit. I doubt that anything I'll do now will be worth the effort.
So working tonight it is.
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Not on Thursdays anymore.
They will put Reaper after Smallville and put SPN on hiatus. But Reaper has only 2 eps left so that doesn't really say anything and it has to go up against Lost.
But not saying anything about reruns of SPN after that? Not so good.
I have no idea what that means for the show but the CW is rescheduling a lot because of the strike. I get that they want to give reaper more exposure while they can and it might mean that they are confident when it comes to SPN, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
Well, they say that Supernatural will definitely return, but who knows.

Anyway, at least we get the 12 eps they have so far.
And that they saved the last 4 eps for the February sweeps instead of showing them now seems to say a lot about SPN and well Reaper (they are showing the last 2 eps after Sweeps).
*shrugs* It's all screwed up anyway.
SPN in February:
01/31 - 3.09
02/07 - 3.10
02/14 - 3.11
02/21 - 3.12

Why am I even worrying?
I can't do anything anyway.

At least Torchwood will start soon.

In other news my cold decided to flare up again last night. I am all stuffed up and puffy again. I hate it.
Really do. And I am either really hot or freaking cold. Blah...

I am gonna go and drool over Jensen on a horse.. for the nth time.
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I cannot move.. again.
I was fine. My back was fine.
So I have absolutely no idea what I did to make it worse again. Meh.. hurts.

The only positive thing these last days was Jensen's voice.
I here it every time I get LJ comments or mails on that account.
God, this goes way to far ;)

I think I am high on tea.

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