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My latop scared me to death on Thrusday and then on Friday again. It booted, up until the point where it showed the Windows sign, pinged and switched over tot he desktop.. only that it didn't switch but stayed black. There was a mouse pointer, I could move it and all but nothing else showed. Have to restart and do a system recovery. No idea what it was and if it will happen again. Safe mode worked the first time and I could save data and all, just no internet for me.. the second time it only worked for the datas before the recovery. I lost some stories. Anyway, works now and is even faster, I am still suspicious though.

Other things:
-> I am blocked. Like completely blocked. Probably because I lost the rewritten last part of the Dark Angel fic. Haven't written a word since then, not even edited stuff, which I am supposed to do so that I can finally post someone's late birthday present.

-> Did post fic though for the "Wherein verse": "Wherein Jared tries not to be too miserable (and to avoid being kidnapped by Mike... or not)", J2, PG-13

-> switched my Big Bang idea out for another one and I can finally take notes and start planning. I am glad I did it and I think [ profile] chani_atreides will like this very much (not so mcuh the fact that she'll have to wait even longer now).

-> Bought a new bed and a new bookshelf (because it was on sale), threw out my old bookshelf and the old bed. I can sleep again, at least for a bit and I am rested now...a bit. So it really was the bed? Am still a little doubtful. Kitty loves the new bed already, it's way lower than my old one and she can just climb on without having to jump.
Spent three days sorting through books, DVDs and other things. I threw away about three sacks full of stuff.

-> to add to my massive amount of books (I had no idea I had *that many*) I ordered five more, so yeah I think my days will be filled with reading and hopefully writing again.

-> Allergies are worse than ever.... I don't know what to do, my eyes are burning and my nose is constantly swollen. I hate it. I feel like shit.

-> When I wasn't building my bed and bookshelf I was going three a "The OC" marathon. Found season 2 to 4 for 10 each, so no 15€ at amazon. Yay me. Too much money anyway but I needed it.

-> Podfics are awesome, especially podfics of fics from yoru fav authors and your fav reader. *nods* It starting to become my late night ritual before bed.

-> Mum should be back tomorrow and I still have some things to do around here. Nothing goes over spending Easter alone and cleaning and watching "The OC". Is it me or does that sound rather pathetic?
Well not really all alon, had my cat and grandparents + visitor came by today, brought lunch and cake and 20€ (I so know what that will be... Summer dress here I come). It was a nice surprise.

-> The boys... oh the boys made me smile this weekend. I am so glad that this con went so well. Just the pictures alone... and yeah... Boys.
Thank you Jensen war making me smile. Thank you Jared for making me snort out loud. Thank you Jim Beaver for being just... you... :=)

I forgot where I got it from but Jensen *sighs* and Jared :D )
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Wheee "Shadow's Return" has been sent off today. About fucking time.

And I really kind of love the new Opera browser. Uhm.. really.

In other news, will not stay awake for finals tonight. I just can't do it.
*sighs* I wanna but yeah... Hope Aaron will wing it anyway. I want him on the team.
ETA: since Ryan dropped the 200 free final Larsen is in it now... Dude, does that I have to try and watch now?
Damn.. but really that means Ryan is concentrating on the 100 Back, which now makes me worry about Aaron.
Uhm was that a swimming post now? Okay, who cares ?

Back to other, less entertaining books.
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Okay I need a little help here.
First I need to find a second (or better two) topics for my British Literature oral exam.
They don't have to be too complex, just some ideas about topics which might be good for an exam of 30 minutes. I am kind of out of British Lit topics, I know more about American Lit *hides*

Oh and I am looking for contemporary American Literature (fiction, novel) which are focused on folklore and/or urban legends.
Just hit me with some titles, I need to find some (at least two).
I don't know but I thought about Paul Auster and James Welch but I need more.
I'd appreciate it.
Thanks guys.
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I didn't know it! If I hadn't been checking my amazon recommendations I probably would have been behind the moon once the book was out.
There will be a fourth book of Lynn Flewelling's "Nightrunner" series. It'll be called "Shadows Return" and will be released on June 24th!! I am clearly excited about it. For years I wanted to know how the story of Alec and Seregil would go on. I just hope she won't mess them up (again) or something. I just love the characters way too much.

ETA: I was tagged by [ profile] c_ntbucket
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Dude, I have muscle cramps in my arms. From making cookies.
Damn cookie dough.
So cookies done, chocolate cake done, pralines not really done.

My back starts to appreciate the difference between the slightly cold 25m club pool and the really nice, warm 50m SSE competition pool.
I should do it more often I think.
Still hurts though, the back that is. It's more of a lower back/ hip ache now.

Mum just came back and she brought my one of those Harlequin (okay blanvalet in this case) romance novels I always buy when I am at the Sea.
It's some kind of tradition and I have no idea why I am reading them.
But I know what I will do now, take a hot bath and take the book with me. I so should take uni books with me and learn study, do whatever to get some things done for the exam. But I so don't want to, today. I didn't even finish all the Christmas stuff I am supposed to send off. Ooops.

Excuse me now, me and my really sappy/schmoopy/totally sugar-overload and puke inducing book have a bath to take.
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Finally finished!! Being sick and tired is never a good basis for trying to read a 600 and some odd pages at once.
Anyway, I was half way through yesterday already and finished it last night, so I slept most of the day away.

I am not really in the right mood to write down everything about the book, but I will probably do a little review later (once I am awake enough to think again).
It's just kinda weird to think about it as the end of the whole thing.
There are a lot of things I liked and I actually had fun reading the booklast night when I actually had time to really get into it.
Just some quick thoughts though )

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