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My latop scared me to death on Thrusday and then on Friday again. It booted, up until the point where it showed the Windows sign, pinged and switched over tot he desktop.. only that it didn't switch but stayed black. There was a mouse pointer, I could move it and all but nothing else showed. Have to restart and do a system recovery. No idea what it was and if it will happen again. Safe mode worked the first time and I could save data and all, just no internet for me.. the second time it only worked for the datas before the recovery. I lost some stories. Anyway, works now and is even faster, I am still suspicious though.

Other things:
-> I am blocked. Like completely blocked. Probably because I lost the rewritten last part of the Dark Angel fic. Haven't written a word since then, not even edited stuff, which I am supposed to do so that I can finally post someone's late birthday present.

-> Did post fic though for the "Wherein verse": "Wherein Jared tries not to be too miserable (and to avoid being kidnapped by Mike... or not)", J2, PG-13

-> switched my Big Bang idea out for another one and I can finally take notes and start planning. I am glad I did it and I think [ profile] chani_atreides will like this very much (not so mcuh the fact that she'll have to wait even longer now).

-> Bought a new bed and a new bookshelf (because it was on sale), threw out my old bookshelf and the old bed. I can sleep again, at least for a bit and I am rested now...a bit. So it really was the bed? Am still a little doubtful. Kitty loves the new bed already, it's way lower than my old one and she can just climb on without having to jump.
Spent three days sorting through books, DVDs and other things. I threw away about three sacks full of stuff.

-> to add to my massive amount of books (I had no idea I had *that many*) I ordered five more, so yeah I think my days will be filled with reading and hopefully writing again.

-> Allergies are worse than ever.... I don't know what to do, my eyes are burning and my nose is constantly swollen. I hate it. I feel like shit.

-> When I wasn't building my bed and bookshelf I was going three a "The OC" marathon. Found season 2 to 4 for 10 each, so no 15€ at amazon. Yay me. Too much money anyway but I needed it.

-> Podfics are awesome, especially podfics of fics from yoru fav authors and your fav reader. *nods* It starting to become my late night ritual before bed.

-> Mum should be back tomorrow and I still have some things to do around here. Nothing goes over spending Easter alone and cleaning and watching "The OC". Is it me or does that sound rather pathetic?
Well not really all alon, had my cat and grandparents + visitor came by today, brought lunch and cake and 20€ (I so know what that will be... Summer dress here I come). It was a nice surprise.

-> The boys... oh the boys made me smile this weekend. I am so glad that this con went so well. Just the pictures alone... and yeah... Boys.
Thank you Jensen war making me smile. Thank you Jared for making me snort out loud. Thank you Jim Beaver for being just... you... :=)

I forgot where I got it from but Jensen *sighs* and Jared :D )
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Uhm... I just got the "My so-called life" DVD box.
I just have to keep myself from watching it right now because I seriously have to go through my books again. I really, really have to.
Still wheeeeee.. :)

Oh and I got a rather new version of Picture!It in one of the computer magazines and it works on Vista.
Wheee again...

Gave myself a two hours break from the books to watch Torchwood and clear my head again.


27/10/07 01:24
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I think I completely fucked up my back today. And that with doing nothing. It hurts even more and the pain is moving into my leg as well. It wasn't that bad this morning.
I can't really lie down or sit, the first sucks because I am dead tired and want to sleep. There are positions where it doesn't hurt but I can't sleep in them.
I can't even write because it hurts and I can't concentrate.
Damn and tomorrow is the Halloween party. I don't want to be in pain, I want to have fun, enjoy myself and forget this last week.

And because I am still totally frustrated and in pain (and because the prices went down from 23.95 to 14.95) I just ordered the third and fifth season of Gilmore Girls.
Yes, I know... way to spent money but right now I don't really care. At least now my GG collection is almost complete.
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I am not crying. Nope. I am just trying to calm down again.
Oh fuck that. *sobs*
I was spoiled before but it just really didn't prepare me for the greatness of this.
What scares me is that this could be the perfect ending for a show. Fucked up but perfect. Cliffhanger and not.
So I am just praying/hoping for a new season. I refuse to think about the end of the show, this is the end of the season.

And there is no subtext because it is TEXT. Freaking text.
Oh they should stop lurking around on fan boards. Or not.

That. Is. So. Mean.

Sam! Dean!
*sobs so more*
Jensen was so damn awesome. Jared as well.
I haven't cried over a show in ages. Not since I was 13 or 14. Damn.

Anyway, something to look forward to. It's close to my birthday, so maybe I can convince someone to buy my a real nice present this year.

From .
The "full" Season 1 dvd will release on the 5th September, the 6 disc set will include all 22 episodes from the first season, along with some "hot" extras.

- Unaired Scenes
- Supernatural: Tales From the Edge of Darkness
- Day in the life of Jared and Jensen
- Gag Reel
- Cast/Crew Commentaries

and a DVD-Rom sneak peek of Season 2

Yep, they did talk about Season 2! They also said that it will cost $59.98.

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