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They seemed to be keen on delivering inspiration almost daily now. I really appreciate that.
J2 being J2 is so damn adorable.


I also find it very, very disturbing that I apparently own a similar panda hat to the one Clif is wearing... eww. :(


RL note.
I got the business card of the boss of a radio station today. I'm supposed to call her tomorrow and ask her about job options and if they need a trainee.
Man, I'm kinda terrified of that call but I will do it because it's about a job and she is the boss.. like the boss of all bosses in that station and it's a rather huge station around here.
Having friends being neighbors with important people is nice. They gave my CV to some TV people as well.

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9/2/11 20:50 (UTC)
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Love that picture. Good luck with the job thing.

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9/2/11 21:31 (UTC)
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Wow guys, invade each other's personal space more. I dare you. ;)

Good luck with that call!

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9/2/11 21:35 (UTC)
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woah...a job at a radio station? Sounds awesome!
Fingers crossed!

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9/2/11 22:26 (UTC)
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They're so adorable!

Good luck with the phone call.

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9/2/11 22:52 (UTC)
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I've just finished listening to dark emeralds Restraint recorded by fayjay and had to finish reading where she left off and I now CANNOT see them without seeing Penrith and Acklebury. This? JUST MAKES IT THAT MUCH EASIER. ahem. thank you.

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9/2/11 23:57 (UTC)
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It really really does, and yes, the podfic is read the the most perfect reader. Really, it's like masterpiece theater. Sadly she's only done the first two thirds of the story and it ends when Tristan gets married. I had to rush back to the written word and finish it. I'm blubbing right now, having reached the end.
here is where it is hosted.
17 hours of delight and heartbreak. oh dear.

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9/2/11 23:48 (UTC)
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Butbutbut Jared just wants to cuddle! And maybe sniff Jensen's neck. He's got this new awesome cologne, you know? It's kinda irresistible. Makes Jared all rawrrrrrrrr the longer he sniffs. Tee hee. ;)

Oooh, good luck with the radio station then! I loved student radio work, it's sososo much fun working in radio. ^_^

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10/2/11 00:27 (UTC)
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I love how no one in that pic is paying them any mind. Like 'oh look, Jared and Jensen are all up in each others business, what else is new'. *g*

Best of luck tomorrow!

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