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No one but me will be excited about it but I just an email from Brendan Hansen.
I giggled hard.

One thing I took away from Asylum I could have gone without.
I have a cold. I am feeling sick. I think it's a mixture of allergies and maybe the damn cold AC in the hotel room one night.

I think I won't write a real report about the convention because everything has been said and pics have been posted all over the place.
Instead I'll just take my fave quotes out from my notes and post those. I still think some of them are hilarious. And well I'll say something about my experience with the guest.

Yes we queued a lot, yes the organisation was a chaos due to several things but I still think that the staff actually did their best (or as best as they good). Paul was extremely helpful.
Long queues, barely any ac in the hallways, not enough food or sleep and excitement might have been the more negative things about it all. Oh and not to forget some rather rude and crayzy people around.

I actually managed to see a lot of panels, get my autos and my photos.
And I have to say that I love their hair like that.

* "If I was a man I would be up here. All those opportunities." Jensen refereing to one of the few men in the audience daring to ask a question. So Jensen isn't man now?
* about the Do it yourself running gag and assembling the gym equipment "which I never used", looking at Jared "Don't you know it."
* "So the word is out now. I have a cockapoo."
* was laughing with tears again

- Jensen was really kind of in a good mood both times I had the chance interact with him. And damn HOT. Beautiful!
At the autos on Friday (and yes I was lucky enough to get into those and it really made my weekend so much eaiser) he and Jared were in one room and it was really rather quiet in it. Jensen actually looked up every time and smiled. He actually liked the poster I let him sign and said "You are very much welcome" to my Thank you.
He beckoned me closer during the photo op so I actually was able to touch him and he didn't flinch.

* asked where to hide an elephant: "Somewhere with a lot of space. Like the grotch of Jensen's pants"
* to a fan refering to Australia as her country "I don't know Australia is owned by one person. Good to know."
* to a fan asking a question about Jensen wanting to do a western and started with "Jensen wants to do a cowboy..." Jared: "Does he now? I get that a lot from Jensen. "
* asked about how he see his influence on Sam "I help the ship of Sam along the river of Kripke."
* kind of compared Dean from Gilmore Girl with Harley characterwise and noisewise...
* got his awesome laughing fits again and again

- Jared was rather sweet as well and so damn gorgeous. I don't know but really they really are so beautiful and more so than on the screen.
He talked to me about Jeff being in lbuquerque when he saw that Jeff was on the other side of the poster.
He and Misha were throwing candy across the room on Saturday and were just mocking each other.
During the photo op Jared said it was hot, everyone esle answered it was hotter outside and Jared made to take his shirt off. Robin, the photographer, said he should do it since none would protest. That was right before my picture and everyone just laughed, which kind of made my pic kind of nice. Smiling people.

Both boys look you dorectly in the eye when you talk to them and they talk to you.
Both boys have distinct problmes understanding accents. It was so cute.

Richard actually told Doug (who was just really cool btw) that Misha and him didn't understand a word during intros and therefore missed being called on stage.

Fred and Malik were very cool during the autos, had a nice word for everyone (as far as I saw it) and talked to people, whished them a good day and so on. I liked that a lot,
Richard was just funny all over and gave me his water on Friday because I apparently looked tired. D'uh.

Gabe and Malik were just awesome. They had so much chemistry and really put on a show. I loved that they made the audience cheer for them with "Gabe, Gabe, Gabe" and "Malik, Malik, Malik" and in the end "Malik and Gabe, Malik and Gabe..."
This panel was just really one of the highlights.

Misha, well Misha is crazy and that is nothing new.
He seemed to be oddly fascinated with my earrings. Liked them a lot and told me so even during autos and whenever he saw them.
He also thinks that slash writers just want som gay porn and that Christianity is crazy.
Misha doesn't like "Cas", he said Castiel is okay but he hates Cas.
Eddie Izzard would be his personal Castiel.
* asked about what superhero he wants to be for a day: "Castiel. He seems to be able to do anything but win a fight."
* had to explain a lot about the Twitter stories.

I thinky my crush on him gets bigger every time I meet him. He was great as an interviewer. I could listen to him all day, talk and sing.
Oh and bless him for embarrassing the boys with cute stories and wanting to see Jared in a fireman outfit.
Ran into him in the hotel, like literally and he just kind of caught me. Got a hug from him during photo ops and talked a little to him.

There should be so much more. I am sure there will be things coming back to me when I think back but right now that's kinda all I got.
Maybe it's because I have a slight fever now and just want to sleep.

Anyway, I had fun and I don't regret anything.

If you have questions aske away, I'll try to remember.... :)

I am alone at home until Sunday when [profile] anjaliss will finally be here. After that I'll be alone until the 18th.
Right now there are some things going on and I am not sure I want to be alone with them.
I should be working on my thesis but right now I just feel sick.

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