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First of all, I might actually have an idea for Big Bang and I am getting excited about it.

Right now I am taking a break from my thesis and from finishing the story that I was supposed to be done with my the 1st. Those two things are kind of robbing my sleep these days (oh not to mention my furture angst but that won't be the topic here, no worries). So much that I am kind of unfit to be among people. I am so freaking tired, but at least I am not sick.

Totally girly random stuff.
I hate, like really truly hate the new Herbal Essences. I want the old volume shampoo back. It worked. For me at least. Now I can't do anything with my hair without getting an electrical shock after combing it. I hate having to go and look through other shampoos now just to find one that works again. It took me years to find the right one, not to mention one that is ripping the skin off my head.*sighs* Okay, I am done with that rant.

LJ seems to be back to randomly switching icons again. This time though I actually like the one they switched one of my Alec icons with. Huh, go figure...

My grandpa is the best. I have been looking for a usb cable for my cell phone and I only could find the real expensive version from Sony, which yeah would work but I didn't want to spend that much money on a single cable.I told him about it when I was there on Thursday and we looked at several catalogues and online shops but couldn't really find anything much cheaper. He called me today and told me about a site he forgot to mention and that I should go and look for the cable and then call him back. The shop actually has the one for my cell phone type and it's only 6.90€, which is really practical since I actually need the cable to get the pictures off my cell phone. It's quite a difference between 6.90 and 23.95. I wonder what makes the one cable that much mor expensive. It's probably just the name.

Fandom stuff, which means there is the meme at the end of this. So yeah, you are warned. Oh and it's and OTP meme. :)

Oh and I have not seen any of the spn 4.15 clips. I am trying to be strong, so there.
But dude, I would love people to use cuts. Yes, I have laughed about the posted thing and it's cute but argh spoiler... *is miffed* Why do people make it so hard to stay spoiler-free?

Cuteness alert for the day.... Jared and his dogs. Most of you probably have seen the pictures by now and I don't really feel all that good about reposting them, so I won't.
But dude, looking at Jared and the dogs cuddling makes my day better. And I have to think about the picture Jared was talking about, the one on his cell with the dogs and Jensen on the bed. I actually want to see that one.. :)

Meme time again.
Okay, so this is basically a sentece describing my OTPs. 17 of them to be exact (I never knew I had that many) and all you have to do is trying to find out which pairing it meant.
I know it sounds hard, but if you know my fandoms it shouldn't be that hard (I tried to be obvious, and yes TV shows, movies, books and rps... oh and there are het pairings). I am not doing the screened comments thing, who comments gets it. I am too lazy to do it the other way. :) I have done that meme ages ago but some things have changed since then so yeah.. Behind the cut since it's long and all.

1. Overly chatting girl and cute boy meet on her last day of public school. Rory/Dean (Gilmore Girls) guessed by [ profile] peaches
2. Secret goverment/cult agent tries to get his hands on this talented snarky young man. Ames White/Alec (Dark Angel) guessed by [ profile] purequicksilver
3. He sees conspiracies everywhere and he hates the man that seems to be connected to them all. Mulder/Krycek (X-Files) guessed by [ profile] sandrine
4. Roommates. Could they make it any easier? Jared/Jensen guessed by [ profile] peaches and by [ profile] purequicksilver
5. Immortal legends and they are always so snarky about it. Duncan/Methos (Highlander) guessed by [ profile] purequicksilver
6. He looks good in a suit which his boss really appreciates. Ianto/Jack (TW) guessed by [ profile] sandrine
7. Subtext between them is everything, which makes it almost text, but it's not accepted and they are each other biggest weakness. Sam/Dean (SPN) guessed by [ profile] sandrine and by [ profile] purequicksilver
8. Almost rapist meets big brother, whose dad he blames for his father's death. Chuck/Dan (Gossip Girl) guessed by [ profile] sandrine
9. Spacetraveling linguist meets space traveling thief. Daniel/Vala (SG-1) guessed by [ profile] sandrine
10. Robin Hood like thief, who is some kind of magic figure, takes young halfblood under his wings.
11. Saviour of the (magic) world is kind of obsessed with his enemy. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy (HP) guessed by [ profile] purequicksilver
12. Investigator and Lab Tech/junior investigator. Nick/Greg (CSI) guessed by [ profile] sandrine
13. Psychotic mass murderer meets survivor of another.
14. High tech geek and muscle man with brain meet under uncommon circumstances, and there are three others around as well. Hardison/Eliot (Leverage) guessed by [ profile] peaches and by [ profile] purequicksilver
15. Veteran race car driver bonds with the talented rookie. Kimi/Sebastian (F1) guessed by [ profile] sandrine
16. She was his girlfriend first than her best friend got him but she never got over him. Brooke/Lucas (One Tree Hill) guessed by [ profile] acityofwonder
17. It's the story of legends and it started early, mostly because a dragon said so. Arthur/Merlin (Merlin) guessed by [ profile] sandrine

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7/3/09 15:07 (UTC)
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oh really? an idea hun???
can I have just a little preview please???? *iz curious*

woah that's really cheap considering how much expensive those things can be...
your grandpa is cool! :)

I'm not watching the spoiler videos either... which is kind of unusual for me...
I have only seen one which is not actually a spoiler because it only last 20 secs... but damn it if it's not a Wincest moment! :P


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7/3/09 15:15 (UTC)
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I don't like the new Herbal Essences either *glowers* Oh, and back in the old days I used to love Pantene Pro V - until they went and changed everything a couple of years ago. Now it seems like the right Pantene variety for my hair doesn't exist.

I'm not good at this today....

7/3/09 15:21 (UTC)
sandrine: (eh?!)
Posted by [personal profile] sandrine
3. Mulder/Krycek
6. Jack/Ianto
7. Sam/Dean?
8. Chuck/Dan. I had to read this several times to get all the references. *facepalms*
14. That sounds like Matt/John but probably isn't. Could also be SG-1.
15. Kimi/Sebastian
17. Arthur/Merlin. Heh. :D

Re: I'm not good at this today....

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Re: I'm not good at this today....

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Re: I'm not good at this today....

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Re: I'm not good at this today....

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Re: I'm not good at this today....

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Re: I'm not good at this today....

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7/3/09 15:35 (UTC)
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1. Rory/Dean, Gilmore Girls
4. J2
14. Hardison/Eliot, Leverage

Hooray for the cheap cable. i sometimes wonder what people think when charging, like 200% more than the actual value of something... greedy bastards!

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7/3/09 15:36 (UTC)
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oh and i forgot! yay for Bigbang! i hope you'll post more about it. soon, like... right now! :D

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7/3/09 15:43 (UTC)
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I haven't seen any SPN 4.15 clips either, and I'm not planning on doing so. Much more fun without spoilers, so go you for being strong! :)

Okay, and I'll give the OTP meme a try...
2. Ames White/Alec MacDowell?
4. Muahaha. Jared/Jensen?
5. Could that be Duncan MacLeod/Methos?
7. *giggles* Sam/Dean?
11. Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy?
14. Ummm. Is that Leverage? Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer?

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7/3/09 15:52 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
All the ones I did know have already been guessed, so I will have a stab in the dark at 16.

Brooke/Lucas from One Tree Hill? It is probably wrong but anyways!

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7/3/09 16:38 (UTC)
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Oooh, Big Bang? Yay for you! ♥

And those Jared pictures are so friggin' adorable. AUGH.

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7/3/09 16:51 (UTC)
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LOL, it's funny how your grandpa knows so much about computers and stuff and mine is a complete ignorant when it comes to technologies.
Idk, just being random :P

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7/3/09 17:41 (UTC)
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..wait. Pictures? Jared and the dogs? I feel like I'm living under a rock right now...

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7/3/09 18:54 (UTC)
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Hi sweetie!!
Yay for ideas for your Bing Bang! <3

OMG 23 for a single cable? This is insane.. i am so glad you found a cheaper one!!!

I saw the SPN clips ans they are so funny and cute!

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8/3/09 05:24 (UTC)
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Hey, was gone all day so I didn't see this until now!

Yay for not being sick and writing! *dances* But get some sleep, hun!

Also, I hate when brands do that - reconfigure your shampoo or jeans (don't get me started!) or whatever. It's so annoying. By the time you find something else that works you get to use it flor like a year and then they reconfigure that!

Ugh, the icon thing pisses me off, but I've found no way to stop it from happening either.


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9/3/09 02:43 (UTC)
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your grandpa rocks!

I think I saw some of those Jared pictures you're talking about and OMG, awwwww! He's just so adorable. ♥

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