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Okay so where did the weekend go? I wasn't even that busy.
I had to work, did some thesis stuff, went shopping (and got drunk afterwards), did not see HP yet, called Jessica for her birthday and spent today with my grandparents.
Not that much.

My grandpa called this morning and even though I should have used this day to do different things I just went.
We ended up cooking together and looking through picts of Ireland they made in June. Sort of funny to see my grandma being all bouny on pics because she recognised things from when she was a little child.
I even got presents and I can't believe that they remember stuff like that but they bought be sheep stuff and candy.

Went shopping with my brother before they cease all train service in the innter city. Was fun but exhausting as well.
I got shoes and a top.


Otheer than that nothing much happened. I wasn't online much either due to thunderstorms, power outages, internet outages and the general lack of time.
So yeah, I am a whee bit behind with everything. Did I miss something important?

Oh and I actually managed to get make some headers with which I am rather satisfied.
I actually like my layout color now, it's way better than black anyway.

What I forgot:
I re-arrange my room... again. I couldn't sleep like that anymore, so I changed quite a lot.

I also got a hair cut. Not sure if I like it but it's not that different from what I had before... so yeah.

Happy Birthday Jared!
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