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My feet hurt!!!
I got some more books for my thesis, got my new public transport ticket for the semester and managed not to fall asleep while trying to finish a story.
Those are my accomplishments for the day. Nothing new on the job front, and yes I am getting tired saying that (so I guess I'll stop with that until there is anything to tell).
But hey, I left the house today. I am proud of myself.

I wanted to check out some shops but I didn't feel like it today. But I want some new skirts and maybe some new tops. I am on a skirt trip these days.
I just don't have the money to buy some new things and the way things are going I might new things anyway since I am kind of losing weight in places I never knew I could lose weight.
But then again in other places it's just hopless.

On to even more random things:

Changed some things with my layout, changed them back, tried new layouts, changed those and in the end I am back to the beginning with new additions.
I think I might like it this way even though it's still dark.

Today made me realise that the new F1 season isn't that far away and that I kind of miss Kimi... or your know, I miss seeing Kimi on my TV screen.
The news today even did me a favour and showed some Kimi and some Fernando.

And the new Fast and the Furious movie will be out on April 2nd around here, which is pretty cool since I am planning on seeing that one.
That and Watchmen some time soon.

Speaking of movies, I kinda of made myself watch "MBV" again (mostly because I was bored and wanted some Jensen) and again I just want more MBV/F13 crossover fic.
I really, really want more Tom/Clay, because yes it works so much for me... or you know anything involving any character played by Jensen and Jared because I kind of picture them together anyway.

Oh and I am soooo looking forward to the DVD releases of MBV and F13.
MBV will have both the 2D and the 3D version and a GagReel. Me wants... NOW!

Anyway, I was going through my picture folders for good icon pics or header pics. I didn't even know I had this ... and I realised how much I kind of like his hips. And his hip hasn't really changed over the years. . I just wish I had this one biger.
Yes, this is just a sorry excuse to post Jared pictures.
Just felt like it.
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