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* Hockey is taking over my life... uhm.

* I think I might be on the way to developing a cold.

* 4 days off and I will use them to spring clean and to work on Big Bang. Will see how much I'll actually get done.

* No news on the job front. Blah.

* Finally catching up with all my shows.

SPN 8.18 Freaks and Geeks )

SPN 8.19 Taxi Driver  )
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Since it's already after midnight I can do this:

Happy Birthday [ profile] wiccaqueen!!!
Have a great day!

One of the few good things today was the fact that my old PC is still running smoothly even though it had been on its last beats not a year ago.
I wanted to make some things that I aparently can only manage when I use the old version of my graphics program.

I am actually quite surpised how much of a difference the old version makes compared to the new one, with wich I just cannot work properly.
Pity that the old computer isn't online, would make a lot of things easier.

According to some news agencies around here it seems like the next NHL season will aparently start in my home town.
One of the opening games will be hosted in the O2 World.
I would have consider going, just to see it. Even without knowing which teams might play.

But than they have to go and announce the most likely teams to attend.
The SAN JOSE SHARKS!!!! They are supposed to play Calgary.

I have no idea if this will happen or not but what is it lately that NHL teams want to play here?
First Tampa now San Jose? Not that I mind it. I kind of really want to see that if it's true.
But I kind of don't trust the source.

Is it a bad sign that my tongue is tingling??
Just wondering... Urgh.
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I kind of want a new layout. The problem is that I don't even know what I want. I like my current style but I want something different as well.

No Tampa Bay Lightning for me. Tickets are too expensive. Meh...

Happy Birthday Crockah!
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The freaking Tampa Bay Lightning will be playing in my hometown.
On my Birthday! Against our hometown team.
Go Eisbären!!!

This is all kinds of awesome. It's part of the grand opening of the new sports arena and I so want to go.
No idea how much the tickets will be since they'll be on sale from the 28th on. I doubt I'll have the money for it but it's still freaking awesome.

And I am just realising that I really suck at writing job applications.
*headdesk* I have done it before, I should know what is supposed to be in there. Meh... It's not really my day.
Or my week.

ETA: My SPN DVDs are here! *bounce*
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See, I wanted to go and watch Cry_wolf or CSI or something but I got stuck on the results for the Erik Namesnik Memorial Grand Prix. I mean literally, since my IE froze.
But hey I got to stare at Prelim results, always fun. Or not, since it was the race were Jamie got last. 50th, man that hurts. *huggles Jamie*.
So I can cheer for Klete, who won the prelims, but he always does and then..
*waits for finals, or not, since those will be around 3 or 4 in the morning*

Anyway, I totally forgot to write about hockey. I wanted to but I forgot. So, damn, Sharks. *pouts*
But I saw good World Championship games. And [ profile] callmecayce, I forgot to tell you that Jussi is playing and Mikko as well :).

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