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Oh Kira.. The Berserker is Scott, right?
Oh shit, yes it is...

Why was Kate pulled to the temple and how did she get to control the Bersekers in the first place? Why her?
So Peter made her realize that she could create them... nice...

Damn, he really stabbed Kira.

LOL at Stiles arguing with the Sheriff about going to Mexico to get Scott and Kira.
Of course, the Sheriff needs to go the right ways and of course he wants Stiles to be in danger.

Awww, damm it Derek..
"It's not about the power. It's about being able to help.. I don't like feeling helpless."
Not about the power, you've come a long way Mr. Hale.
Hehe Braeden... and she knows what he's thinking. Yeah, I would be okay with him not coming back alive either.
He has already resigned himself to his fate... dammit, Derek.

Creepy!Peter is being extra creepy.
And his smug look when Derek mentions that Chris isn't getting back to him.... oh fuck you, Peter Hale.

Oh... yeah, eww... I'm with Malia there.

"Seriously? You haven't seen it either."
Awww and Stiles was so proud of his Star Wars reference only to have Liam ruin it. Come on, even his age Liam should know about.
And he wants to help safe his alpha..

Braedan is kickass...a prison transporter... nice

"You're really bringing him?"
"You are really bringing HIM?"
Hehe, lol at Derek and Stiles there....
And Peter is even creepier than before, if that is even possible.

So, I think Peter is just coming up for a logical reason why Kate would bring Scott to Mexico... and it would make sense even, but we all know that Peter has other plans. He wants Scott's alpha powers, so Kate is only doing these things to help him.. but again... why?

Oh, a berserker at school.
Lydia all alone at school.

Stiles wants to wait for Lydia and Peter is pushing them to leave...
I like the way Stiles refers and looks at Derek there... and then he goes to ask Malia to ride with Peter because he'll be riding with Derek (and Liam)... okay... that will be an interesting trip.

Oh and also LEATHER JACKET on Derek.

Oh how I like Derek teaching the things he knows. And he knows the talisman does nothing, so does Stiles. That is awesome, how he agrees with Derek at just one look and to help Liam.
This talisman is only there to help with focus and they both know Liam needs that.

Oh damn, Mason... run!

Peter trying conversation with Malia.... awkward.
Malia doesn't answer the question if she would kill to save Stiles....

Come on, Kira, you can do it.
See? Go on and heal yourself.

Welcome to the supernatural world of Beacon Hills, Mason.

Stiles is finishing Derek's sentences there, he knows what the Triskelion means to him.
And Derek is trying to use the mantra on Liam, so that he calms down.
Oh Liam, that doesn't look good.

"I don't think alpha, beta, omega is resonating with him."
"Do you know any more mantras?"
"Yeah, I do."
Oh boys... snarky and still serious

Stiles saves the day... again...

Fuck, Derek... no.... hell, no.
Stiles' look... the way he looks at Derek bleeding.
And Derek is looking directly at Stiles when he tells him to go and Save Scott.
Stiles does and just stops and looks back... like he knows Derek is badly injured.... fuck.. no...... not Derek. Not Derek.
No, Lydia wasn't right.

Good timing Sheriff.

"It's a mortal wound.... and right now I'm feeling pretty mortal."
Dammit, Derek. No. Just no...

Hell, yes.... hello Chris... hello, Parrish. Cavalry to the rescue.

So Peter is finally getting his fight with Scot, without really knowing it.

NO... DEREK. NO.... What???
Right now I fucking hate commercial breaks.

Lydia, you go girl.... and baseball bats. Stiles has taught you... also, lol at Mason.
Brave freshmen.

And awesome timing again, Sheriff.
"Excuse me! Catch!"
Front to the enemy...
Oh boy...
Yeah, Peter wanted to leave without Lydia, keep her away from Mexico because she knew they want to kill Scott.

Oh, Chris... that's why he needed the special strain of wolfsbane.

Liam. His beta is getting through to him.
Nice... strength of will, I guess.

How does Scott know ti was all Peter? How?
You don't deserve the power, Peter.... also, he looks like a demon wolf now.. guess it fits his soul.
He really doesn't care for anything but power.

A howl.. who?
Oh... a real wolf.... Derek?
OMG this is awesome.... this is great.... Derek is a real wolf.
Just like Talia. He's is so much like his mom.
And e's a werewolf again....
How? So whatever Kate did to him in the temple started some kind of evolution.

Chris shot her.... what kind flower was that in the weapon?

That fight is sort of boring but then I'm still all giggling over how awesome it is that wolf!Derek is canon now...
Of course, good Scott will win this fight.... Liam is his motivation.
And a slow-mo again... how else could it be?

Is Peter dead?

Chris doesn't want to kill Kate but doesn't want to safe her either... ouch.
They didn't kill Allison. Yeah, tell her, Chris.
He lets her go... but then again he is still very injured after all.

So Peter is still alive.

Chris is leaving with the Calaveras to catch Kate.... so we gonna see him next season?

Braeden really was a US Marshall. And she was looking for the Desert Wolf... so will this be the theme of season 5?

I hope you'll go back to Beacon Hills there and we'll see you again. I think he'll be around again.

Haha, at Stiles being chained to the desk. His dad is pissed.

Coach.... oh coach, so glad you are still around.

Lydia helping Parrish finding out what he might be. Those two are actually cute.

Oi Peter, yeah... I feel with you there. I'd try to get of there as fast as possible as well.

So I actually liked the finale. Overall this season was sort of on the boring side with some good ideas and some good scenes.
Nothing to write home about though.

Hey, no one died. Well, Derek did for some minutes there, does that count? Does that mean season 5 is a given for some of them?

So, what exactly was Kate's purpose this season? Why did she take Derek and buried him in this church. What was her goal in the end, her excuse to work with Peter? What would she have gained?
So many questions left unanswered. Guess they have another try to have purpose in season 5.

My icon for this entry is very fitting.... I love it...

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