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This really looks like the beginning of a Supernatural episode... the atmosphere and all.
I'm waiting for the Winchesters to show up.. oh wait, wrong show...


Awww, Derek's little smirk at Braeden's sass towards Peter.... he's so done with Peter.
They have no idea what happened to Derek's eyes and why. I really wonder if that is similar to Scott's alphaness.... that the eyes reflect who you are.
Derek's not a bad person and so different compared to Peter's blue eyes.

Oh Scott, really? You told Chris via text that Kate's alive?
I get Stiles' disbelief.

Those are freshmen? Really?

Stiles' look... lol

Beacon Hills, not a place where families stay happy or complete. Damn...

Stiles, your interrogation techniques need improvement. This is not how you ask someone if he's a supernatural being.
Liam is a little shit though.

Malia is still the most random character ever... I don't even know.

Oh Stiles... school is important but I guess life taught you differently now.

LOL at Scot and Kira... that was cute and their faces...nice.

Still creepy and weird.

Coach, I missed coach.

Stiles suspects and Stiles is usually always right when he suspects.
But lol at his face there... and a were-cheetah.. really? Oh Stiles.
And he really isn't that good is he... but then it doesn't seem like he actually wants to be.
(and and they went from Underarmour to all out Nike? Nice placement there).

Okay, they are reasonably good at defense... both of them... also Stiles' smiles...awww

I don't know, Liam is really a little shit.

Malia betting on Scott and Stiles? Oh boy...

Haha, Kira... playing Lacrosse is a good reason to stay huh?

Parrish, didn't you have orders to say away from that case?
Also, hi Lydia...

I sort of like that scene between Derek and Braeden.... he's playful but still attentive and knows that she's dangerous. Still like this side of him
But he wants and probably needs her help.
He wants what Kate stole from him... true.
So it is in the eyes... but what does that really mean? True nature is reflected, right...

Nice one, Scott.
They really are cute together.

Lydia has a reputation with the police already... oh man...

That is Supernatural, isn't it?
And that is not venison Deputy.

So the family that was murdered stored dead people in some kind of game locker? Not suspicious at all.

Oh Stiles...

His small smile after the color coding thing is cute and sort of nice.
And this Malia makes more sense, because how is she supposed to be able to know all this stuff?

Lydia's notes... wow

What is Liam's story?

And another Deputy dead? Also ewww... he's really eating him...
What is he? A Wendigo? This is SPN...


"Go and get that son of a bitch."

Ha I called it...

Oh shit, Scott... that... that is a bite... from an alpha.
This is so not good.
So Liam will be his beta now? Now he really is supernatural?
Scott basically did the thing he never wanted to do, bite someone without their permission... even though it was to help here... it's still the thing he's most angry about when it comes to his own situation.
It will be interesting to see how he deals with that.

Okay.... wow....

This was interesting and weird... but not necessarily bad?
I don't really have much of an opinion about this episode... but hey there was Derek and I liked what I saw even if it wasn't much.
And they are really pushing the couples now, which is weird but I guess the standard for these kind of shows... I don't know but I'd send them to therapy first before giving them yet another love interest/romance to deal with. Why do they always have to be paired off? Can't there be an independent and strong character without any kind of pairing attached to it?

Oh well, the show, at least, is still entertaining.

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