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Why am I awake? Oh right, I didn't sleep at all last night.

Probably a reason why the following might be very incoherent... (or it's the show's fault, I'm not sure yet).

Oh, young Chris survived something with the shadow things.
So he really knows about them and what they are... or at least has ideas.
They hunt everyone connected to the supernatural... damn.

Hey, Scott not all of your friends... or do Stiles, Allison and Lydia not count anymore?
Yeah, okay, they do know everything but still... oh well, easy why to tell it all.

The twins play bodyguards now. Interesting.
Demonic ninjas... heheh

Oh Stiles.
You look bad Stiles. So he has no idea if he actually did this or if it was just a hallucination. They key and the notes on the blackboard are gone.
Now I'm confused and creeped out, just as much as Stiles.
He's still not sleeping. Dammit, this is not good, not good at all.

Agent McCall so knows that everyone hates him and this is exactly why.
And again with the secrets and trying to get the Sheriff fired... WTH?

Those symptoms are very scary, especially if he's been going through them for a long time now. Shit, he still doesn't really know if he's awake or not.
Again, damn, Stiles. Sleep deprivation, among other things.

"Thanks mom."
Oh boy.
Also, oh Melissa.

So Scott is back skipping scholl for and with a girl. That reminds me of something.

Isaac... awww... the suit. LOL
That's about it with this scene for me though.
And she's basically doing the same things to give him confidence she worked with Scott.

Oh oh, damn.
Stiles is showing the same symptoms as his mom. Oh boy, no.
Melissa's face says it all.
And I'm starting to think that Stiles' mom died going crazy and that it might have been supernaturally connected.

Kira is suspecting that she's a kitsune.

Agent McCall being in the way of something supernatural.. Oh great.

Hello Derek, nice slide. He always finds interesting way to enter rooms. I like.
And look, Derek is actually not losing badly in a fight.

Demons. So Kira was right.

Hehe, Derek being a way better bodyguard because Scott had no idea he was following him the entire day.

So the demons look for people possessed by dark spirits.
Foreshadowing there? Oh boy...

I love you, Derek. So snarky.
He can see people's auras, like Scott could at the party.

Different kinds of kitsune.

Again, Derek with all the snark and still being so serious.

So, there are only a few not marked as being 'their own'. This will be very interesting in the end.
Right, Allison hasn't been marked either yet.

And they can break the barrier.

Kira is not the dark spirit then. But this can only get worse.
Also, Scott seems to be a little more concerned about her than he's about his dad, but than can be because Melissa is there to take care of Rafael.

Oh shit, I think I know where this is going. Fuck, Stiles. OMG, what? What is he doing? What's going in with him.
Dark spirit and possessed... fuck it Stiles. Something did come through the open door into his mind.

And he just flips and is back to being Stiles... wow

Oh hell, I seriously hope they'll find a way to save him... because Stiles. I'm not sure yet if Stiles has just something of the Nemeton inside him or if it's something more. I'm not sure if I think he's the nogitsune.... I don't know why, but maybe it's really something else, something from the Nemeton... I am okay with him being part of it but I want him to come out sort of ok in the end.

I also really, really want to know why Derek came back, why he had to talk to Talia and if we ever get to know where Cora is. There has to be a reason why Deucalion helped him and what this she-wolf is all about.
And really, will there be a scene with Stiles and Derek in the same room again? I will so laugh if Derek's secrets will be the one saving Stiles (and everyone else) in the end.
I wonder if the demons will go after Allison, too... or well they could have two times now and didn't... yet.

So many questions now....

This was intense and even though I'm sort of sleep deprived as well I liked this a lot.
I really want to see where they'll take this whole plot... if Stiles is evil and possessed or if this bad!Stiles will help in the end.
And well, I sort of really have thing for Dylan just there.

Summary: snarky!Derek does things to me (well he usually does) and OH Stiles.

Preview: so it's only going to get worse... Mommy?

On a random side note: Tyler Hoechlin's words about Derek and his direction are interesting as hell.. lol
I'm pretty sure a lot of people will and already are interpret the hell out of them. If I was reading speculations I think I might even have fun with this. But I'm not so I'm just vaguely amused.
Oh Tyler, you really do know how to subtly hint at things and not saying anything at all at the same time. I like that.
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