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Am back.... sort of... oh and Teen WolfHIT

* Back home from Birmingham and I wish I could go back.... not just because of the con but because of England. I miss London now and somehow it's Birmingham's fault. Anyway, I had a great time with [personal profile] sandrine and I probably will do an entire entry about the con (or about as much I can remember) with pictures later (not sure when as there's still a lot to do right now).

* Tyler Hoechlin is still one of the most genuine and nice persons I ever met and could talk to. There were hugs, as in more than one and I'm trying to figure out if this con did me a favor or not... it's undecided as of now. JR and Ian and Daniel and Holland... oh damn, all of them basically... were great and relaxed and seemed to have fun as well.

* Watching this episode so closely after having interacted with the actors sort of made me realize all over again how good they actually are at their jobs (on the show... especially Tyler and JR in this ep..

Oh right, the Calaveras promised to go for Scott when he bites an innocent... whoops.

An expert? The Sheriff has... oh Derek, right.
I'm so seeing him as a consultant, yeah.... Derek and the Sheriff working together... I think I've read that one, like several times.
I like how nonchalant the Sheriff is about it all.

Oh Derek knows what happened. Derekknows about Wendigos.

Oh Scott, this is not going to end well.
Stile's face... priceless.

Oh Stiles... this is so Stiles...

"What I dd tonight to safe's gonna change you."
"Or it kills you.... uh... shouldn't have said." Really Stiles? *snorts*

Oh my God, boys, this is not how you treat a traumatized teenager... haven't you learned anything when Scott was bit?

Ouch... Peter... nice ax in the chest.

This mute guy is still very creepy. He's going for the Hales now as well?

LOL at the Sheriff walking in when Stiles puts the chains on Malia.
"I don't even wanna know."
Yeah good way to treat things these days.

So uh, remembering Daniel's sassy remark about mourning Allison the scene with Lydia and Kira feels like a replacement which is mean because I guess after all they do need each other's support and friendship now more than aver. But I'm still missing them mourning or at least you know acknowledging that Allison isn't there anymore (and I think the actors feel the same way considering the things they said or didn't say).

Look? New Freshmen, who sort of do look young enough to go through as freshmen... well almost.

Scott is Derek!
Oh boy, this really can't end well.

Really Scott? The bite is a gift? We are brothers? Scott, really? That is very hypocritical of you.
I love Stiles there... I'm so with Stiles there.

So Liam is a beta now. Ok.

Oh boy.. smooth Kira... ouch.

"I think I can deal with a little fire....
Oh hell..."
I love sassy Derek... His little smirks and faces when he's dealing with Peter are just great.
"How does a guy with no mouth say anything."
Good question Derek.

Great a newly turned werewolf with massive anger issues.... nice one Scott.

Full Moon party of six.

OMG I love sass!Derek even more now.

"How is this guy supposed to eat"
"Oh Peter didn't get a chance to ask. he was fighting him off with a tomahawk in his chest?"
Love it.

So those are military issued to supplies?

"I was possessed be an evil spirit... really evil."
"What are you now."
Stiles... oh Stiles... if you have to ask you really aren't better.

Damn, so the entire school just showed up for a party, while a were-coyote and a newly turned werewolf with control issues are hiding away in the same house.
This is not going to end well.

An assassin working for someone who wants to kill supernatural beings.

How are you so sure that he will want your help Scott? You didn't want help back then.

The delivery guy is a wolf, too?
Uhm, what just happened there? Why did she kill him? Oh, she's an assassin as well?
So there's a bunch of them killing supernatural beings.

Lydia? What is going on?
Also what happened with the audio? Is that on purpose (edit: apparently not since MTV just tweeted the scene and it has audio...)
This is seriously creepy... what is going on with her?

"What about him?"
"He can dance with me next time"

"You nervous makes me nervous."
Yeah, Sheriff I get you there...
And Derek saved him...

Dammit, Stiles remembers everything the nogitsune did to him and did with his body. That boy must be seriously traumatized. Oh Stiles...
"Control is overrated."
Nice advice there... maybe sometimes you just have to let go of the control to be able to handle it all.

Scott is all alpha... Scott is Derek... history repeats itself

He's back and saves Scott.... hello there.

Is Derek really winning a fight there? Wow..

Also lol at the Sheriff's "you have the right to remain silent."

Peter... fuck what the hell?
He really is a psycho there...
"I'm a creature of habit."

"He won't listen to me."
"He will if you start using your own words."
That is a good advice there...

So Lydia broke the code... with Allison... oh hell.
A hitlist... and they are really going for Derek as well... can't that guy catch a break?

I liked some of the dynamics in this episode a lot... especially Derek working with the Sheriff and Chris Argent coming back to actually give good advice and because he got the text Scott sent about Derek.
I do hope that this won't end with one of them dead because that would suck.

I also liked that they finally seem to acknowledge that there was a possession and that stuff happened... it's just not enough.
None of them should be this put together after everything... especially not Stiles and anyone close to Allison.

But it was entertaining.... because the second it's stops being that I'm done (and it will be easier than it was with SPN... at least right now it would be).

But again: I LOVE SASSY!DEREK... he's so much fun to watch.

Preview: the detective teams at work again... well, that should be interesting