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♥ Next part for my [profile] schmoop_bingo card. Used the Wild Card this time.
J2, PG-13, "Just one of those stories...“ Part 2 Back to school?
Features grumpy!Jensen. I have to thank [personal profile] enablelove for the prompt. :)

I edited that during work, which shows how much I had to do today. Being bored at worked is the worst thing possible. But I guess that will change soon again. I hope so anyway.

♥ Just realized how many shows I'm actually watching again. Man, I can barely get them all or even watch them. I have no time. Since when do I have a life? Or rather, since when is work eating my time like that? Not cool... *pouts*

Also, having about a 1000 TV channels saves me from dling some shows.. really... Saw Bollywood in English, let's say was interesting, but I liked it.
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♥ I'm slowly but surely settling in and things seem to be working out okay. My work is interesting and my boss is pretty cool. I can ask him anything and the other three girls in the office as well. I think it won't be too hard or too long. Right now I'm doing translations and man, it's sucks to do that when half your letters are missing. Try to translate into German with a QWERTY keyboard.. argh.

♥ I'm also close to figuring out the Dublin Bus system, which helps a lot in the morning when you want to avoid all the school kids. The bus is still crowded though. But I learned (through minor panic attacks this morning when I thought I was in the wrong bus) that I actually can take the Xpress Bus as well, which saves about 15 to 20 minutes in the morning traffic.. yay. I'm also in an office building right next to the Guinness Brewery. LOL

♥ The one thing I still have to figure out is where I can find the cheapest supermarkets around here, since we are in the suburbs there are quite some distances to walk and I really can't afford to eat out every day. I did today though, awesome burgers. :) Also found an HVM (SPN Season 5 is so mine in a few weeks, saw the adds for it already) and an American Apparel (I need to get some warm sweaters I think and a new umbrella, mine broke this morning, damn wind).

♥ Took some pics today and will upload them soon.

♥ I haven't read a single story in days, my schedule is all scrambled and I just don't have the time to read anymore... I don't like it. But wow, I have a social life.. go figure.

♥ I miss my cat and everyone else... and it's just been a few days.

♥ Off, to watch Gossip Girl
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I'll be off in a few hours. Dublin here I come. Still not sure if I have everything, but then I guess I can always go and buy stuff. Anyway, I have no idea how things will look like concerning internet but I'll find a way. Hopefully before SPN starts back up again. So if not, a little bit of hiatus here I guess.

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♥ Started on my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card. Finally.
I'm starting with the J2 stories before I go over to the Jared/Alec ones.

Anyway, fic:
"Just one of those stories...“ Part 1 One time at camp, Jared/Jensen, PG, 4.996 words

♥ Two days to go and I'm starting to panic a little, not because of Dublin but because I think I'll never be able to fit everything I want to take with me in a suitcase. A suitcase that isn't supposed to go over the limit of 20kg. Argh. Clothes for three months that are suitable for the office but not too fancy, this is so very hard. I can't decide what to take. *flails a little*

♥ I also have still so many things to do, like write down how to use Skype and so on for my mum and get all the things together that I need and those that have to stay here. Urgh, my time management is seriously off these days. And I'm not sleeping all that well. But I'm not really panicky over Dublin, I'm more excited now.

♥ I got to know where I'll live today. I and one other participant of the course will stay with our mentor in her house. I hope that works out. But she sounded nice when I talk to her on the phone. She will also show us around in Sunday so that we will know how to get to work on Monday. At least one thing less to worry about.

♥ And since I'm bored when I'm not stressed I'm working on icons I actually plan to post somewhere, if I happen to like them.

♥ I managed to save all the BB fics I haven't read yet and let me tell you, it's a lot. Took me two days to get it all down. Well, at least I won't have to take books with me. *lol* That reminds me, that I still have to make a backup of all my data, won't take the mobile harddrive with me.
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♥ For now at least. Got the new modem installed and it's working now. But it took me about two hours and there is still something wonky. We'll see how long it will hold. Had a good weekend despite not achieving the things I wanted to. Was at a party with [ profile] slippery_fish and stayed way longer than I had planned to but it was fun and I actually woke up again while dancing. Was at home around 4am Sunday morning and did not get nearly enough sleep to be awake for the course today. I still feel like I could just drop and sleep on. (Also, LJ refused to show this entry anywhere but my page, at least to me... so very strange. It's the second time that this has happened now.)

♥ Got my internet back just in time for some J2 love and goodness. It's strange but every time a con is about to take place I don't want to know about things when they happen. During the few years I started looking at con stuff when things are already over and I can get around embarrassing stuff or ignore wank if there should be one. I'm much happier this way. Much more ignorant as well but I honestly don't care.

J2 goodies... love the boys. )

♥ Speaking of the boys... I'm not sure if I want to go to the AE2 con or not. On the one hand I would love to meet a lot of people there and so on.. on the other hand I don't know. I met the boys, I had a good time and I have good memories. Do I want to have more? *shrugs* But then, it's Jensen.. ;)

♥ Finished another [ profile] schmoop_bingoprompt today. Now I just have to find the time to type it up. I have four prompts filled and none of them on my computer yet. Urgh.... I just can't bring myself to actually sit down open the notebook and start typing. Something holds me back. Also, my BB fic got recced and the reason made me smile. :D

♥ Also, new Irish lecturer is sort of funny but when he said his son has scarlet fever I wondered what the hell he was doing there teaching. I mean, it's just highly contagious. Bah, just thinking about out makes me feel sick. Not that I'm okay again. Still migraine attacks and a sore throat. *sighs*

♥ My way to and from the course is plastered with very stupid billboards for a mobile phone company. It took me two days to realize why they bothered me. They have the German version of brilliant written on them and it's brillant. Every time I see it I think there is something missing, even if there isn't. Languages are strange.

♥ 2 weeks until Dublin. Meeeep.

♥ Meme, stolen from around my flist
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Happy Birthday [ profile] benitle!
Hope you are having an awesome one!
*huggles and throws virtual confetti for the online party bash* :D
♥ ♥ ♥


♥ Lecturer apparently is very satisfied with how the course is going and with me especially, that's at least what the project leader told me today. She only called because my job agent called her to cancel on an appointment. Was nice to hear that despite being bored to death most of the time I still manage to act and be alert enough to say the right things. Not that creating sentences with the -ing gerund is so very hard, mind you. But yeah, compliments are always nice.

♥ Got a tentative date for my departure to Dublin, September 5th. We'll see if it stays like this. Would be okay, since it's a Sunday. But dude, just a little over three weeks left to get things done. *flails a little*
It also kind of drives me crazy that I still don't have an idea about the job I might be doing soon. Uncertainty scares me a little.

♥ Got fic done. Yay, although Sam is depressing the hell out of me in this one. Now I only need to type it up properly. But really, BB time isn't a good time to post unrelated fic.. LOL
I actually kind of really love the J2 story I linked in my last entry. It's sort of an unusual style for me and it was so hard to actually start with this prompt but I really like how it turned out.

♥ I want to watch some movies this weekend, any recs?

♥ Saw this screen cap from Comic con and wanted it bigger because I thought it would be good for icons or something. So I played around with my video player and the capping feature. Well yeah, turned out it gets bigger, like really huge.
Not that I mind, because J2 in huge on my screen can never be bad. ;) )
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♥ ...of the car continues. So the brakes are new, all four of them, and the car runs smoothly. I love driving with it now. So I decided to go and visit my grandparents today, or rather they invited me. On the way to them a small, red warning light briefly turns on and then turns off again. It was the warning light for the handbrake. It goes on when the handbrake is pulled, which it wasn't while I was driving. Cure me talking myself down from a minor panic.I told my grandpa and he said it's probably just a loose contact after they attached the new brakes. Well, on the way home the warning light was on the entire time. I think I muscle cramps now, no wonder the way I sat in the car. Argh...

♥ Spent the day at my grandparents since I never heard anything about the planned pool party again. I don't even know if it was really planned or not... My gandma kicked my ass at a cards game, one I always used to play when I spent my summer holidays with them. It's been years since I played. I, again, realized that I'm way too nice and don't really have a strategic mind.

♥ Haven't heard anything about the start of the program either, which is only just a week away. I'm curious if they'll call me this week, if not I'll call them Thursday. Meh.

♥ My muse has left me again. I hate writer's blocks, especially when I'm int he middle of something. In the middle of several somethings actually.
I'm working on my schmoop_bingo card and x5!Jared will have appearances there as well. I really like the Long Way Home verse and those prompts are kinda challenging when it comes to writing x5!Jared

♥ I also decided to try my hands at writing something with "The Curiosity of Chance" in mind. My J2 version of it. The thing is I can't decide who of the J's should be Chance.
Should Jared be the musical one, playing drag and being out but not really and Jensen the jock in a band hoping for his breakthrough? I don't know.. Help!!!!

I also have a new Parkour idea.. or rather I want to finish my first Big Bang idea because I like the beginning and maybe I'll find a way to finish it.

♥ I feel like re-watching SPN from season one onwards. I feel like sitting down and re-watch it and enjoy it without any bias, I don't think it's possible but I think I'll try.

♥ Meme answers I owe:

For [ profile] elless18
* What did you go to school for, and what's your dream job? )

For [ profile] ithilmenel
* *What's your favorite movie? )
* Which celeb do you have the biggest crush on? )
* What's your favorite song? (current or all-time) )
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Happy Birthday [ profile] peaches!!

This entry will be full of cuts.
Spent yesterday buying new pillows for my bed and ended up getting 2 new sets bed sheets as well. I mean for1.99 it's not like I spent big money there.
I think they look neat )
But I got Swedish licorice and strawberry flavored Snörren (laces) as well. Even my cat got stuff since she needed new toys anyway.I almost bought three Veronicas Mars boxsets a 10,- but thought about it and let it be. It's nopt like I need it all that badly.
But SPN is on sale as well and I was tempted even though I already have those, the only difference would be the languages on the boxes.
Oh, bit I got a new bag and I am sort of in love with it.

All about the maybe job/interhsip news )
It's sounds exciting and scary at the same time.
It might mean a job afterwards or just something to put on my résumé and I'll have to looking for a job anway.
I'll keep on looking now because yeah, am not giving up just yet.

Spent today at my grandparent's place. Had awesome asparagus soup and helped my grandma with her new flowers she received today.
I got a new sheep. Look! ), which they bought for me in Hamburg.

Managed to get the podfics I wanted from my grandpa's PC and they work. I still don't get it why it doesn't work with my laptop.

Hehe, NBC is still sending me mails about Aaron. Which is sort of nice because I get all the info, can still put them on the blog and don't have to looking for them myself.
Speaking of swimming, I don't know what to think about the rumors that Ian Thorpe wants to try a comeback.

Tried to add more scenes to Big Bang and failed spectacularly. Seems like I need a longer break before I go back to this story.
I am all blah about it and I don't even really care that my fic isn't claimed yet by an artist. If it ends up being a pity claim, who cares...
Didn't even have time to go through all the summaries yet. Wull do that later.

30 Day meme )

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life )
Day 06- Earliest thing you can remember )
Day 07- Favorite cover of your favorite song )
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Happy Birthday Tom!

Last day of my intership and it was actually good. I will miss some people there but I might be back. My boss actually said they might be able to offer me a job. Well getting money for the things I had to do would be great even after as much as I complained about it. They don't know yet though and I have no idea if it will work out but the idea of it is nice. Well I'll be back next week anyway to get some of my works for referrences and to meet up with some people.
Got a gift certificate, really nice flowers and a bottle of pro-secco. We drank way too much today anyway, so I am actually kinda beat right now.

and why the hell can't I copy and paste in LJ update anymore
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My last day at work and this is all I have to do..

Yes, I am a sheep.
My Interests Collage! )
Create your own! Originally Written By [ profile] ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by [ profile] darkman424
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Cut.. 'cause TMI )

So I actually have stuff to do at work now. I am editing texts for fliers and stuff. I cut and edit the texts so that the jury who is judging the projects doesn't have to read through all 36 pages of project descriptions. So yes the new, shorter texts shouldn't have more than 3500 signs and be half a page long.
Problem: the original text is a page long and has 2000 signs. Uhm.. yeah.
And everyone there seems to be on vacation or sick or leaving early. I was home at 5 today and was about the last one to leave...
Huh. Good for me I guess.

I am obsessed. Yes, I know nothing unusal here. But you know this one even scares me because it is a box of DVDs. I want them so much that it's not really healthy anymore.

Okay back to watching Jensen on Dawson's Creek.

I hate being sick btw.

I love my two new pairs of shoes. Mum bought me red Nike sneakers and my brother showed up with red Graceland ones today. I don't know what that brought up but they are cool. Nice to wear. Now I need new jeans to wear to those. The two pairs I still own are ripped.
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So seems like Larsen didn't want to go to Pan Pacs or something. Personal reasons. Uhm..
I am hoping for Melbourne now (otherwise there was no real need for him to swim the Nationals). I want to see Larsen or better the Distance Threesome. Well it seems like none of Salo's swimmers are on the Pan Pac team.
But hey I probably got to see Gary swim at Pan Pacs.

PS Crocker needs a hair cut! NOW!!!

Before you ask. Yes I am bored. Boss is not here, Über-boss is not here. No one knows what to do and we interns are kinda bored or sick.
My back hurts and my thrat but it's probably because I am tired as hell.
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Well not much any. So it is fun getting asked if people are dead because they haven't called back yet. *snorts*
Boss bitching about colleagues who are in the room is fun (and mean but who cares, she is write anyway).

And the newspapers seem to be in a good mood. might be summer break and they have nothing else to do as to talk with us about partnerships and stuff.
As for summer break, what is it supposed to it mean that almost none of our big newspapers wrote about the "almost-fatal" nuclear accident in Sweden? Right.

And it really is a scray thought that the bombs found at two train stations two days ago point towards Lebanon. Really scary. Now I get the warnings in the underground trains. Scary world.
Oh btw this is for you [ profile] slippery_fish, they actually say "Mind the Gap" at Alex (in German and in English).

Larsen is a dork. Not that this is new.. But whaaaaaaaa...
"Dave is like the best thing that could have happened to me. He got Thorpe and Hackett here. And training is more than great right now."

And no I have nothing else to do right now.
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You know that you are strange when the photographer at a swim meet makes you go all "Eeee Robert". *coughs*

Yeah so I should dream more often about Klete being fast. I mean there was a reason why I stayed awake and watched the races live on Live Timing (you could as well go ahead and shoot me).
God, you know some day this sport will be the death of me. I am serious. I mean Klete being ahead of the field 2 seconds for the entire heart rate was not healthy. Larsen finishing 3rd in a 400m race.
And oh Erik is back! I know Mike was disappointed with the swim but I still think it was amazing. Vanderkaays, a lot of Vanderkaays, at least two of them. RyRy!
Well Bren what will Suke say now? Yay for Aaron being in the stands and cheering. DORK!
Oh fuck it *huggles Klete and Larsen and Mike and everyone else I think is cool*

Oh and I got the intership. And I think I will be doing what I can do farely okay. Websites. Or better one website. *snorts*
I'll start tomorrow.

*is dead now* Where is my bed again? I am just happy that this will be over at the 5th. Seriously, I think I wont be able to stand watching Aaron.

[ profile] slimyfishlover, I didn't forget about your Oreos. I actually got them today and I will send them off soon. So you'll have some again.
Galeria is selling them again after months of not even mentioning them.

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