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[ profile] j2_everafter fic has been posted. I'm actually okay with how that turned out.
"A Day in the Life of a Sidekick ", Jared/Jensen, PG-13, loosely based in National Treasure.

♥ I have been working on my new prompt tables and will be using the remaining Christmas prompts as well. I hope to have them done by the end of the months. So I owe[ profile] whitereflection, Alec/Jared, which is already in work and might be the first one done. Sorry [ profile] enablelove and [ profile] akintay for the long wait, but you'll get your fics. Promise.

♥ I'm slowly catching up on the SF con videos and these two here made me laugh so much. I love, love Jared's laughter and the way he looks at Jensen while cracking up and Jensen just follows along.

♥ I also had a good laugh last night while watching SPN. Due to the episode and due to [ profile] morgentau keeping me company. That was fun. Only, I'm still way too tired after that.

♥ I won't post the spoilery pics here because I'm too lazy to upload them now but OMG I'm so looking forward to that episode. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season now anyway. I think my love is fully back. Not reading any reviews helps so much.

To the random things of the week:

♥ News about apartment. I have to get some documents together and hand them in as well, mainly the termination of my current sublease. Let's hope that's all they still need and that things will go fast from there one.Have to hand it in on Monday.

♥ Went shopping with my bro. I could spent hours at IKEA. Mainly got kitchen supplies, because they are cheap and look very cool right now. And I can put them somewhere if something won't work out. I also bought cute little pillows for the couch I don't have. But I found a couch that looks awesome and is so very comfy. I can't buy it right now because i don't know where to put it. I just hope I'll find something similar and equally cheap when I can buy it.

♥ While being on a tour I discovered that one of the electronic stores has the coffee machine my mum has been coveting over for years as a special offer. And since the price is really, really good I bought one for her and one for me. I usually don't drink coffee but you can make lattes, tea and chocolate with it as well. And really, it was only 39€ compared to the usually 99€, it's awesome.

♥ Also bought seasons 2 and 3 of "Queer as Folk" for 12€. Man, there is so much I don't remember about this show and it's really interesting to watch it all back to back

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