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Yes, I am alive.
No, there won't be Asylum updates from me today.
Just so much, seeing them (all of them) live and in person, seing them interacting and so on... yeah it left an impression. Mostly a good one and I am glad I have that.
I really have to go through my notes and I sure as hell won't repost any panel stuff since it has been done and I'll only use my own fav quotes.
I am still kind of dead, exhausted and really tired. But, despite the organizational chaos and whatnot I can say that I had fun (at least for during the things I wanted to do, and trying not to get too worked up over things).
Met really cool people and I am glad that I had the chance to (btw sorry [personal profile] peaches that I couldn't say bye, had to catch the cap *hugs*).

I am also rather happy with my photo ops with the guys, and I am still hoping that they'll really send my Jason pic via mail, otherwise there will be an email next week.
Report, or whatever it will be, depends on what I remember, and everything else later. I just have to settle back in.
It's still all so fresh and pretty overwhelming.
As for pics, well some of mine turned out okay and with my cam rows 2&3 were necessary. Lots of blurry crap though, no flashes doesn't really work.
But I am okay with it because I know where to get them anyway.

One thing though, I find it really amazing what people can come up with, like con report wise and so on, when they weren't even there.
You really interpret a lot into things, I realise that, but hearing it live is complete different.
I can't really believe what I have read in the last ten minutes I have been online and who actually complained about what.
People? Next time go there, be there, experience it and then you can complain...

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