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I know I have said it already but anyway: Happy Birthday [ profile] mikeyrhcp!!!
Have a really great day!!!

Happy Birthday sheep Larsen!

*waves at new friends*
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Mike really made it. It is kind of wow, may you think about it what you want. I don't really know..
I have never seen him cry during a victory ceremony, this was actually the first time I really saw him cry.
Jason and Aaron laughing their asses off was awesome to see as well.
Thorpey kissing Mike's mother though was... kind of dirty (yes [ profile] blue_ant, I totally agree with you there.

The relay was closer than I had expected, which was good. I feel sorry for Brendan because that really wasn't a good race.
I was actually rooting for Roman and Kosuke.
Yay Russia for the European Record there.

Mike and Aaron after Jason touched the wall kind of reestablished why I had them as one of my OTPs all those years ago.
Boys, it's nice you can't keep the touching and hitting down but dude, that was almost like pda.. :)

Sheep was sick. Made 5th though. Oh Larsen. But hey, a 400 free medal.
I so didn't expect Ous to win. I really didn't. Ous pointing at Larsen during the medal ceremony was cute (USC boys).
Erik being in the stands and cheering for Larsen was even cuter.
I had to switch channels in between because I couldn't stand the things one of the commentators was rambling about.
He wasn't even stating things as his opinion but as facts, implying things that really hadn't anything to do with the race going on.

Hehe Britta! She was so cute with Dara and Cate during the victory ceremony.

So that's it. It feels strange to know that some, or well almost all of my favourite swimmers will not be there anymore at major competitions.
There are only a few left that I like and that I want to watch.
After 8 years of watching meets, being at meets, watching Olympics and seeing how they grew and what they managed, it's really weird to know that I'll maybe not being doing that anymore in the future.
I am still hoping for the World Cup to be well attended and maybe for Aaron to be at the Worlds in Rome. But I don't know.

Bed now.
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I think I'll make crosses in my calendar when swimming is over.
As much fun as it is to watch and to squee over the guys and girls (swimmers I know) it seriously screws with my sleeping schedule and my feeling for time.
I actually managed to stay awake to see Ryan wining the 200m Back and Aaron recovering pretty quickly to hug the life out of RyRy. I am not as disappointed as I thought I'd be.
Probably it's Ryan and Aaron is stil second and Arkardy was there as well. I am okay with it. I am glad Aaron had good Games. His last probably.

I don't think I will watch this morning. I want to sleep. I am so tired. And even though it's 50m free and the 100 fly final; and I want to see Crocker and Cavic I don't think I could stay awake.

It's strange to think about how many of the swimmers I know or followed over the years will probably retire after these Games.
I am still hoping for Aaron to go on until the Worlds next year, I am not sure though if he will. I think I'll maintain the site for another year or so.
Have to ask Bobby if he knows anything.
Klete will retire. I am pretty sure Erik will, too. I don't know about Crocker or Jason, but Markus will retire after Rome 2009.

It will be interesting to see the start lists for the World Cup.

[ profile] blue_ant, I don't know about tonight but I'll be there on Sunday though.
Larsen qualified for the 1500m free final and there will be the medley relay ( I hope so at least), and I want to watch the last day live.
So Sunday then. :D

I am so behind with the Summer Love Song Challenge that I feel sorry for myself.
I want to finish it and I will. I just have to find the time to do it. I never though that once I am done with exams and uni that I would have problems with time management.
Freaking Olympics.

*waves at new friends*
Hi there.
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Haven't been online much due to the pre-wedding party yesterday and the wedding today.
Wedding was great. Nice atmosphere and a really gorgeous bride.

Am off to the party later.

Those are just the prelims and the guys swims an AR.
I just hope he'll be able to swim fasdt in the morning as well.

Olympics, Swimming: Larsen Jensen Sets American Record to Lead 400 Free Prelims
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Short prelims post... because I am actually studying on the side (or pretend to..).
Watching prelims almost always leaves me kind of angry at some of the guys (and girls). No matter if I am there to see it live or watch it on the screen.
Just now Aaron kind of scared the hell out of me... he qualified for the semis tonight (which I hate btw.. I hate semi finals) but he was just 6th. Randall kicked butt though, as did Ryan.

KLete qualified as well and I am praying for him to make it into finals.
Larsen once again was the surprise of the race. Was actually 2nd fastest qualifier in his 200m free heat.. And he always said the short races aren't for him. Guess coach Salo saw that differently.

Amanda!!! Amanda qualified for semis, too. Wheeeee.
Natalie broke the WR in the prelims, after it was broken in the heat before hers (kind of reminds me of Barcelona and that 100m Fly race).

ETA: God I so miss seeing them live. Right now I actually wish I could be there and watch, even though I know it probably would break my heart to see some of them not make it.
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See? I said I would be spamming.

I love Larsen in USC colors. I don't know but I love it.
Larsen from last night.

And dude, arms.

Aaron will be swimming today, so I guess I'll be watching at least the prelims.
Mike scratched the 100m Back, but Ryan will still be swimming it. So there is the chance for Aaron and Ryan to qualify 1-2 (not matter which way).

This picspam is for [ profile] blue_ant because it's Erik and I promised to post some Erik pictures.
There you go. )

The Team in Berlin. It still feels cool to see that even though I am not there this time.
I know how it is to be there and be in the middle of the party so seeing it on the TV screen is kinda nice as well.
It is cool that they are breaking tradition for the fans, with coming to Berlin instead of Frankfurt.

I like the shirts.

Ha.. Poldi und Pocher..

And I still have a slight crush on Thomas Helmer. Hehe.. It's been years but still...

University wise this day was a failure. Well not completely but still. Got books back to the library and got a new one.
The admin office, or rather the desk being responsible for my kind of degree, was not manned today, which we only saw when we were standing in front of the door.
D'uh. Okay, next try Wednesday. Because really this is the last step I need to do to be able to do the exams.

Okay then... back to Oscar Wilde.
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Since I am still awake and not in bed as I am supposed to I can do the squeeage now... Because OMG LARSEN!!!!
AR in the 400m free beating out Peter, Erik and Klete. A 400m FREE RACE that LARSEN won with an AR!!!!!! What the hell happened there?
He is going to Beijing with a 400m free spot... uhm, and I was worrying about the 1500m. *snorts*

Sad thing about that.. Klete and Erik.
Klete went out way too fast and dropped back in the last half of the race. Oh Klete, so it has to be the 200m spot now?
Oh poor tiger.
Erik though still has the 1500m and I think one of the IMs to go.
I hope he makes the team. I hope they both will. I want my Trojan boys on the team and I want Erik and Larsen to be together again.

Oh and Ryan made the team... and how he made it. Under the WR in the 400m IMs... the thing is Mike was under WR as well and was actually a tad bit faster.
So Mike won (how else could it go?) with Ryan taking second.

OH God I need pics.. I need videos. I want to see Larsen.
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I so need a new VCR, or a DVD reocrder or someone with aVCR/ DVD recorder.
I sooo want to tape the Short Course World Champs in Manchester next month. I totally forgot that it is in April. Whaaaaa....
I need to, Larsen will be there and I want him on tape (or DVD). Ryan will be there as well, so yeah.... (not to mention Randall, Nathan, Rachel and Julie). No question that I'll watch it but I want to have it as well...
ARGH... why is my VCR not working during an Olympic year (oh shit I need to find a solution before Beijing)??
God... *headdesk* *flails* Uhm, guess I have to save some money to buy one.

And it fits that I jusrt finished my last peanut butter M&M's. *pouts*

*goes off to search amazon for recorders*
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Oh yeah watching swimming live.
Especially interesting if Larsen is in the pool and doing good.
Peter Vanderkaay winning, Larsen Jensen being second and Erik Vendt third in the 500y free sounds nice and the race was nice to watch.
Klete skipped it and I have no idea why.

RyRy is still set to swim, the second time tonight.
ETA Ryan beat Mike in an IM race with American Record. OKay, only yards but heheh

But the best thing? Scott Tucker and Chad Carvin commenting. Man, that is awesome. Right now it is only Scott though.
It's been years since I have seen him. Nostalgia.

And Race Club swimmers everywhere, hi Julie and hi Nathan.


I think my cat has nightmares. Poor thing.
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Sheep Larsen is doing the commentary for the Fina World Cup coverage at WCSN (wow World Cup coverage, that contract with FINA seems to work). Thank God, I don't have to listen to Rowdy Gaines anymore. Larsen was doing a good job, never thought he would like commentating. Fanboy that he is, he couldn't refrain from talking about Grant and Yuri. He talked about Ous and Erik as well. Cute. I hope they let him to do the other World Cup stages as well and not only the South African one from today (that probably means we will have a lot more cameras at the pool when our stage comes around. I am feeling all excited having the World Cup back in town. It's not that long anymore. Live swimming, and I will see it).
I am not really sure why I decided to watch the coverage, I didn't know about Larsen when I switched it on. I mean Larsen would be reason enough to just tune in, just to hear how he is doing it.
I guess watching Roland and Gerhard as well as Nat and Randall was a good reason, there weren't a lot of people competing that I knew though.

And I feel the urge to get my Melbourne tape out, the one where Larsen and Erik are cheering on Ous. But hey, I can't because I don't have a working VCR anymore. *sighs*
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Seriously Rowdy Gaines is pissing me off. How many times can someone advertise NBC in one sentence? Argh...

Anyway, Klete and Larsen, Erik, Mike and Pete in one race. And Dave Salo cheering on. That's an image.
But yeah Klete is off, only 6th.
Pete! A Vanderkaay in front, a full body length.
Larsen 2nd beating Mike. Wow... nice race.
And whoever said Pete isn't bright can go and fuck themselves... Uhm...
Oh Klete, you really aren't back in it.

Kate beating Katie in the 400m Free was nice to see as well.

I think I like my sport again. I'll even see Larsen at medal ceremony.
Now I just need to learn to tune Rowdy out.

Edit: 100m Fly... epic battle... yeah well with Ian DQed (fucking flash light... and wow Rowdy admitting he was wrong about Ian's DQ, never thought I would hear that).. not so much. Man, and Ian shouldn't haven been DQed at all because it wasn't his fault. Damn...
The race was good though.
But Mike? Could you actually stop talking about your mother like that?
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It can't be that hard to buy World Cup tickets can it? *pokes website* How about loading the final page? Hmmmpf....
Seems like I need to try the box office again. Great. The one time I want to take the easy way...

Anyway, watching Nationals is actually fun. Larsen and Erik being like it was 2003 instead of 2007. Klete being extra happy making the finals. Mike being well Mike...
Club Wolverine is its usual fast self.
And this is for Josi. Look; Kevin in 2007 and Jamie in 2006 and 2007.

I am feeling nostalgic right now, with all the swimming going on, the World Cup being back and so on... *sighs*
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I don't know but I kinda love all of Larsen's answers. Especially the ones about Grant. Hehe. He is going back to Mission Viejo, which isn't that far away, he said that before Melbourne already (which kinda started the rumors of him not liking Salo).

4 Did Grant understand?
Larsen: Absolutely he did – he laughed about it. He said, “The press can be brutal.” We slapped each other on the back and just laughed it off. We actually talk on the phone every few weeks or so and we also e-mail each other. He’s a great swimmer and person, and I’m proud to call him a friend.

Awww Larsen...
That's actually all I wanted to say.

I am beat. I still need to go back to work on the damn books and presentation and what not.
And I went to uni for nothing today. *headdesk*
Well, at least I have a new hair color, shorter hair and my brother bought me the Dawson's Creek seasn 6 DVD box (I think he was close to strangling me after all the whining I did when I was in pain this weekend).
In other news my chipmunk cheek is less of a chipmunk cheek now. Still hurts a bit though.

Back to work. *sighs*
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Let's just talk about the nicer things, like Holy Fuck Katie! That was cool to watch.
Mike and Ryan on a laughing fit again. I'll miss those medal ceremonies.
Grant in an interview while Larsen and Yuri were talking.
Oh sheep. The time was good but still only fourth. Anyway, faster than Erik. And eeep Yuri, that was nice.

It's over now. I am kinda sad about it.

So Ryan and Aaron are both kind of.. sad (?) that they skipped the 50m back now. Well, that happens when you rely on the relay.
It says a lot that I am more saddened by the relay DQ than by Aaron losing the race to Ryan.
And I think the ARD commentators don't like Ian. I mean first they call him fat and now they actually said Ian might have done it on purpose to get back at Mike for the 100m Fly race. WTF? I know it was supposed to be a joke but come on that isn't funny. Not at all. Poor Ian, he will be so hard on himself again. Meh.

Uhm, Go Japan...


28/3/07 13:03
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What was that? What the hell happend to Grant?
And I shouldn't be excited about Erik and Larsen cheering for Ous and Ous cheering back at them. Trojans. *headdesk*

Just, Holy Fuck Mike!

I am off to re-arranging my room (due to new phone line and new computer arriving soon) and then hopefully finishing my two minor papers.
Let's just hope fluffy will be nice enough to work with me again this afternoon.

And yay amazon, Torchwood audio book will be delivered next week. *bounce*

Since I am totally feeling fangirly and all....
Happy Birthday Gareth.
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So before I completely spaz out about last night's SPN ep I need to ramble a bit about the other obsession, which is still lingering around here from time to time. The Missouri Grand Prix meet is in Long Course Meter format, which means it really is a tune-up for Melbourne. Everyone is there, except for Larsen. I don't know if he is taking Melbourne serious now, if he is training and skipping meets to get into form.
But him not having swam any meets since the trials kinda worries me. I don't know what's up with him other than hims wimming NCAA and that is yards, so no idea if he really will be able to come even close to Grant (or even Yuri).

Back to squeage and bouncing and taking notes -> SPN.
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Ohhhh.. They are showing parts of Söntke Wortmann's film before the Germany - Ireland EC qualy game tonight, the one he did during the World Championships.
Wow, I am so going to see that in cinema. Awesome scenes.

USA Swimming Announces 2007 International Teams.
And Larsen is on the Melbourne team. YES. That makes me happy. Becuase Larsen and Grant at World Championships. And Yury as well.
Okay now Erik is back in the mix but still threesomeness.

So I will be alone for 10 days from Monday on. I need a cat again. Damn, I can feel worrying and dark thoughts creeping up on me. It's always like that when I am alone for a longer time.
Still no news from the social pension service and it is already September (damn, I hope they got my re-application).

On the health part: I am feeling slightly better but I am still not really good. My muscles are all cramped up (might be due to the fact that the office chair sucks a million times worth when I am sick and well that I tried to go swimming Friday, which was such a bad idea. Really, I should go and search for my intelligence, it clearly departed me. I don't knwo what I thought, probably that it would do me good. But no way. My shoulders hurt like a bitch and I still feel like I can#t breath properly.). Anyway, I have been making icons and I suck so much at it right now. All kind of creativity has left me, I can't make icons, I can't write (not even proper LJ entries) and I even mess up simple html site updates. And I am so missing out on the Vuelta right now which sucks even more than my apparent lack of creativity because Angel is doing good so far and I actually wanted to see that. God, I wish it would have started two weeks later.
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Happy Birthday sheep Larsen
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USA Swimming Releases Pan Pacifics Roster The main notable exception came with Trojan Swim Club’s Larsen Jensen elected to forgo his spot in the 1500-meter freestyle due to sickness during his training regime. He will hope his time of 15:11.11 in the event will hold up to ensure him a berth on USA Swimming’s World Championship roster.

*hugs Larsen*
Poor sheep.

In other news, I am sick.
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So seems like Larsen didn't want to go to Pan Pacs or something. Personal reasons. Uhm..
I am hoping for Melbourne now (otherwise there was no real need for him to swim the Nationals). I want to see Larsen or better the Distance Threesome. Well it seems like none of Salo's swimmers are on the Pan Pac team.
But hey I probably got to see Gary swim at Pan Pacs.

PS Crocker needs a hair cut! NOW!!!

Before you ask. Yes I am bored. Boss is not here, Über-boss is not here. No one knows what to do and we interns are kinda bored or sick.
My back hurts and my thrat but it's probably because I am tired as hell.

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