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I think I'll make crosses in my calendar when swimming is over.
As much fun as it is to watch and to squee over the guys and girls (swimmers I know) it seriously screws with my sleeping schedule and my feeling for time.
I actually managed to stay awake to see Ryan wining the 200m Back and Aaron recovering pretty quickly to hug the life out of RyRy. I am not as disappointed as I thought I'd be.
Probably it's Ryan and Aaron is stil second and Arkardy was there as well. I am okay with it. I am glad Aaron had good Games. His last probably.

I don't think I will watch this morning. I want to sleep. I am so tired. And even though it's 50m free and the 100 fly final; and I want to see Crocker and Cavic I don't think I could stay awake.

It's strange to think about how many of the swimmers I know or followed over the years will probably retire after these Games.
I am still hoping for Aaron to go on until the Worlds next year, I am not sure though if he will. I think I'll maintain the site for another year or so.
Have to ask Bobby if he knows anything.
Klete will retire. I am pretty sure Erik will, too. I don't know about Crocker or Jason, but Markus will retire after Rome 2009.

It will be interesting to see the start lists for the World Cup.

[ profile] blue_ant, I don't know about tonight but I'll be there on Sunday though.
Larsen qualified for the 1500m free final and there will be the medley relay ( I hope so at least), and I want to watch the last day live.
So Sunday then. :D

I am so behind with the Summer Love Song Challenge that I feel sorry for myself.
I want to finish it and I will. I just have to find the time to do it. I never though that once I am done with exams and uni that I would have problems with time management.
Freaking Olympics.

*waves at new friends*
Hi there.
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Let me just say this: WORLD RECORD!!!!
Aaron? I still love you!!!

In addition: Klete and Erik are on the team. Realy spots only (for Erik so far) but they are on the team!
Thank God!

Amanda though didn't make it. Neither did Randall.

Oh I hate to be up this early.
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Short prelims post... because I am actually studying on the side (or pretend to..).
Watching prelims almost always leaves me kind of angry at some of the guys (and girls). No matter if I am there to see it live or watch it on the screen.
Just now Aaron kind of scared the hell out of me... he qualified for the semis tonight (which I hate btw.. I hate semi finals) but he was just 6th. Randall kicked butt though, as did Ryan.

KLete qualified as well and I am praying for him to make it into finals.
Larsen once again was the surprise of the race. Was actually 2nd fastest qualifier in his 200m free heat.. And he always said the short races aren't for him. Guess coach Salo saw that differently.

Amanda!!! Amanda qualified for semis, too. Wheeeee.
Natalie broke the WR in the prelims, after it was broken in the heat before hers (kind of reminds me of Barcelona and that 100m Fly race).

ETA: God I so miss seeing them live. Right now I actually wish I could be there and watch, even though I know it probably would break my heart to see some of them not make it.
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Since I am still awake and not in bed as I am supposed to I can do the squeeage now... Because OMG LARSEN!!!!
AR in the 400m free beating out Peter, Erik and Klete. A 400m FREE RACE that LARSEN won with an AR!!!!!! What the hell happened there?
He is going to Beijing with a 400m free spot... uhm, and I was worrying about the 1500m. *snorts*

Sad thing about that.. Klete and Erik.
Klete went out way too fast and dropped back in the last half of the race. Oh Klete, so it has to be the 200m spot now?
Oh poor tiger.
Erik though still has the 1500m and I think one of the IMs to go.
I hope he makes the team. I hope they both will. I want my Trojan boys on the team and I want Erik and Larsen to be together again.

Oh and Ryan made the team... and how he made it. Under the WR in the 400m IMs... the thing is Mike was under WR as well and was actually a tad bit faster.
So Mike won (how else could it go?) with Ryan taking second.

OH God I need pics.. I need videos. I want to see Larsen.
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Aaron and Mike kind of fought an epic battle.. again. Aaron's 1:55.81 to Mike's 1:55.84.
The Santa Clara Grand Prix seems to turn into a nice tune-up for trials. And I love that Aaron still loves to swim Mike. Might be because he still wins.
Klete though lost his 400 free AR to Peter. I am not sure how I feel about that. It's Klete and it was his only record left. Peter having it is okay I think but I want Klete to have it back.

Mike and Aaron make up  )
Aaron in the new Nike suit )

[ profile] blue_ant: Ryan was supposed top be in Santa Clara but he had to drop put last minute because of an high ankle sprain. :(
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Can someone please shut Nicki Lauda up? Please? I would even beg.
Seriously what the hell is wrong with that man? Yes, we all got that he hates Kimi for some reasons but can't he just say nothing then instead of stuff like that?
Doesn't really make a good impression.

Oh well, at least third and points for the standings. Not so bad. I just hope the next races are better. *pats Kimi*
And points for Fernando.. yay.
Poor Heikki though.
And did I really hear that right? Ron Dennis mentioned Kimi? Wow.

I am thinking about closing one of my domains and just go on with the site as a sub-domain somewhere. I really don't want to spent $9.99 for a site I know I'll probably be giving up after Beijing.
So it's a little weird after all these years but I don't feel as sad I would have maybe a year ago or something. It's okay.

I should start studying. It isn't much time until exams and I so should do stuff instead of reading and being lazy as hell. But I haven't gotten back into things yet. And somehow I am still on London time.
I should start with the editing as well. I already was contacted by the artist doing the art for my story. I haven't looked at the file since I closed it on May 1st.Maybe I'll start tonight. I feel like I should do something.

Icon meme again, snagged from [ profile] blue_ant

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four/five of your userpics.
2. Make a post and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

The ones [ profile] blue_ant picked: here )
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That start was something.
Kimi! Those points are important. Two places up. But what the hell was up with the times?
And what exactly was Lewis doing there?

Would they just please shut up about how unemotional Kimi and Robert are?
It's what now, the 1000th time they mention it? It won't change just because they are complaining about it. And serioulsy is it really that important?
Made caps of Kimi, Robert, Fernando and some others (haven't checked how they turned out though).

I am so not trying to think about the Lewis/Nico interview.
Okay I had tears in my eyes, I have to admit that.

And some swimming because it's Klete and I love how he is doing in Stanford right now.
Apparently he has the new Speedo suit. Hmmmm....

* Coughlin, Keller Close in on American Records at Stanford Grand Prix

"... Two-time Olympian Keller closed in on his own American record of 3:44.11, clocking a pool record time of 3:45.28 in the 400m free.
Keller outdistanced the contention by more than 14 seconds to win the event and post the sixth-fastest time recorded in the world this year.

“I actually wanted to go faster,” Keller said. “I am definitely ahead of where I have been in the past. But that’s not good enough these days. In an Olympic year, it seems like magical things happen all the time.”

PS, icon fits for Kimi and Klete.. Hehe
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Seriously Rowdy Gaines is pissing me off. How many times can someone advertise NBC in one sentence? Argh...

Anyway, Klete and Larsen, Erik, Mike and Pete in one race. And Dave Salo cheering on. That's an image.
But yeah Klete is off, only 6th.
Pete! A Vanderkaay in front, a full body length.
Larsen 2nd beating Mike. Wow... nice race.
And whoever said Pete isn't bright can go and fuck themselves... Uhm...
Oh Klete, you really aren't back in it.

Kate beating Katie in the 400m Free was nice to see as well.

I think I like my sport again. I'll even see Larsen at medal ceremony.
Now I just need to learn to tune Rowdy out.

Edit: 100m Fly... epic battle... yeah well with Ian DQed (fucking flash light... and wow Rowdy admitting he was wrong about Ian's DQ, never thought I would hear that).. not so much. Man, and Ian shouldn't haven been DQed at all because it wasn't his fault. Damn...
The race was good though.
But Mike? Could you actually stop talking about your mother like that?
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It can't be that hard to buy World Cup tickets can it? *pokes website* How about loading the final page? Hmmmpf....
Seems like I need to try the box office again. Great. The one time I want to take the easy way...

Anyway, watching Nationals is actually fun. Larsen and Erik being like it was 2003 instead of 2007. Klete being extra happy making the finals. Mike being well Mike...
Club Wolverine is its usual fast self.
And this is for Josi. Look; Kevin in 2007 and Jamie in 2006 and 2007.

I am feeling nostalgic right now, with all the swimming going on, the World Cup being back and so on... *sighs*
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So Aaron is on the Psych Sheet for the Summer National and on the entry list for the French EDF Open meet. That in itself is not really noticable. What is though is the fact that both meets take place at the same time. I mean not only are there an ocean between the meet facilities but there is also the little inconvenience of not being able to be in two places at the same time.
I just really wonder where Aaron will show up. Everyone has been broadcasting him being in Paris. The strange thing though is that neither Amanda nor Jason, who will be in Paris, are on the Nationals Psyche Sheet. I don't have to get it but I will watch the Nationals now. Oh well, Klete is there so I would have anyway.
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Papers 0
Me 1
I actually managed it. One of three finished.
In other news, I'll be away this weekend (from Friday to Tuesday). I don't know if I'll have internet. Grandparents and me are going up to the Sea, surprise for my mum.
So since I got the paper done and am almost finished with the other smaller one, I guess I can take some days off (I will of course take uni stuff with me).
But the best thing is, that it is so typical for me: the weekend I am not home Klete swims at the Speedo Grand Challenge in Irvine.
First meet he swims as a Trojan again and I'll probably miss it. Meh, I want to see how he is doing with Dave as a coach.
Shows how much my timing sucks.

Even though it's a sucky date I'll have to mark Sep. 11th in my calendar.
It's the supposed release date for the SPN Season 2 DVD box (so I might have it at my birthday, like I did last year with the season one box).
Anyway GAG REEL! and commentary. I am bouncing, yes.

Am desperately trying not to think about the Kane gig, that's why I am watching/watched Veronica Mars and Champs League at the same time.
Man, that was a weird mixture.. Uhu...
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Klete Keller Returning to USC

He is leaving everything behind?? Like his sister and friends, his club, the house he build.

So he goes to train with Dave Salo and Larsen. seems like Bob really wasn't the right one (coach that is) for him. He is finishing uni there as well.
I am actually speechless.

Oh and yes, my internet is really working now. Seems to like th room change.
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I know I had that on here already. But it won't hurt to have it on here again.
Currently SPN is on third place on the "Save one Show" campaign.
So go and vote. Only the first two get recognition!
Please? Pretty please? *puppy dog eyes*

Anyway, still bouncing over thew relay and Klete being good and swimming nicely. I actually screamed at my TV for him to go faster and for Peter to race it home.
Wolverines and one Gator. Nice mixture.

Apropos Gator: you know I am still happy with how the 200m back race went.
I am not even sure why but Aaron did look okay and well Ryan deserved it after what I saw.

Poor Bren is still sick but at least has internet now.
I wonder who will swim the relay leg if Bren isn't ready to do so.
Poor cow.


25/3/07 03:21
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Why did I knew that this would happen.
I shouldn't be this attached anyway.
I am going to bed now.
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Did nothing today. Okay, I did some things, I answered mails long overdue, wrote a bit, tried to find sources for one of my papers (and I thought that when a book is due at the 19th it would at least be available at the 21st again, but no. Seems like I am out of luck when it comes to this book.) and I played around with Firefox extensions and themes. I like my new theme, even though I'll never get used to links being green and pink in the address line. Making Firefox my default browser means less computer hang ups. I think Fluffy likes Firefox.

Happy Birthday Klete!


18/2/07 01:53
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Holy Shit!
Mike just broke the WR!

ACCORDING to reports out of Columbia, Klete Keller and Kaitlin Sandeno have both withdrawn from the Missouri Grand Prix taking place this weekend.
The Club Wolverine teammates will not be competing due to injury for Keller and illness for Sandeno.

Oh Kleteeee. Hope it's nothing big. World Champs are close.
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... and from this ep on I even believe it.
Last week's ep was good, I liked it. I liked the acting but something felt off. I think they solved that as well...
Because can the boys be more hilarious and seriously depressing at the same time? ). So ratings are not out (not on the comms) and I am proud of myself for not looking. And considering the reviews I think there really isn't anything to worry about, but who knows what network exes are thinking. But there seems to be a positive hinting towards season 3, but yeah I am not really thinking about that.

So the CW is screening episodes online now, the day after they aired. It's not really working for me because it always stops at 10 minutes but I hope to figure that out soon (or I am really living in the wrong country which I doubt because it works with other eps). And they are selling SPN into syndication soon, which makes a third season more possible. But again, who knows... It probably won't be until May upfronts before they say something.

And now I am off to re-vamp, because I am actually sick of the grey. Let's just hope it doesn't turn up more ugly afterwards. :)
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Couldn't sleep last night, or better I fell asleep and was wide awake again around 1a.m. I ended up watching TV, which might not have been such a good idea if I had planned to fall asleep again (I might have). Anyway, I got stuck on "Sorority Boys". I don't know if it was because it was so late or because it was just so damn idiotic but I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, I guess it was because of Michael Rosenbaum. That man looks hot as a chick. No seriously. I kept comparing him to Lex Luthor the whole time. Not a good idea.
Oh and he had hair, and that actually looks good on him, too.
And throughout the whole movie I wondered where I knew one of the "real" girls from. Just checked it: "Soul Survivers", and I thought I had forgotten everything about that. Apparently not.
Okay, I laughed my ass off.
And it seems like the CW boys are haunting me. Sorority Boys last night (with Mike and Barry Watson) and "Cheaper by the Dozen" tonight, with Tom Welling and Jared.
I think I should stop watching so many CW shows. Oh hell, I have nothing else in my life.

I guess I know what Aaron has been doing. Practicing Morning Finals. During a meet, a yards meet nonetheless.

Klete has been DQed with the 4x100 Free relay. Hehe... Both Michgan relays were DQed actually.

Have a minor cold and mum and I wallow in winter depression-like moods. I should stop listening to Take That's "Wooden Boat".
I love this song but it's just depressing.
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God Aaron. Let's talk about how you skip a meet just to enter another one. And how about entering half a dozen races just to skip half of them again? What the hell Peirsol?
Okay, so Aaron is in Austin swimming at the UT Invite. Not that I mind. I just thought I could concentrate on Klete at the Open. Oh well I needed to update APO anyway, so might as well with Aaron not being in Indiana but in Austn instead. But hell can he decide what he wants to do? I actualkly thought he wanted to swim against Lenny, seems like Bren convinced him toi stay at home.

Anyway, Klete was good boy last night and actually won the relay in a nice time.

In other news, my mum had her eye op today. Seems like everything went okay, hope it stays like that. But right now she is totally wired and wants me to go out with her for a walk. And I just came back from swimming. Oh well, need to find my hat, it's cold.
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and I have no idea why I am watching Live Timing. Argh...
Such a Klete-thing. He goes and wins the B-Final with more than a second over the A-Final winner (a 3:52.53 is still way off the things he usual swims but hey, faster than anybody else).
Boy, will he have problems with morning finals. And it so reminds me of Barcelona. Just a tick faster in prelims and he would a plowed through the A-Final. But no, Klete has to go and sleep during the race. *headdesk* Relay ahead. Go Peter. Go Klete!

*pokes RyRy* Are you even awake?

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