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Congrats to Italy. They had the better end on their side tonight.
I am not sure they deserved it the way they played and behaved throughout the whole tournament.
And it's kind of a shame that De Rossi was allowed to play again.

But I hope they won't make some kind of story out of Zidane's behaviour and red card.
Because he lost control, which he shouldn't have.
Though I want to know what was said to him.
And it is kind of amazing that neither the line referee nor the refree saw something.
I wonder who told them, I guess it was one of the other officials.

But Cannavaro is a good player and it was cute how he celebrated.

*hugs Barthez*

So it's over.
Until 2010. In South Africa.
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Thank you Michael!

Picture(s) of the day: It says a lot that Getty has five pages of pics from today.
Schweini and his drums. I think he is in Love :)

[ profile] slippery_fish and I were at the Fan Mile today to greet the team and to say goodbye to the FanFest itself. And it was just awesome. To actually be there and not only see it on TV. And it actually felt good to sing the name of my nation with half a million other people. And just because of a sport. I feel again like I am 13 and in my biggest football fan phase. And I have to say that this isn't bad at all. After the game yesterday and the way the guys played throughout the whole tournament, I think I am going to watch a bit more now again. I still have some football jerseys.
There is so much to talk about and to say that I am actually kinda overwhelmed.
[ profile] slippery_fish's Entry says it all!.

I am actually beat down because it got so hot again, I went to sleep the second I was out of the shower whjen I was back home. Now my hand hurts, probably from when I was pushed against the fence at the entry. God, some people really are idiots.
Though it was still an amazing experience. And the German epeople cheering on the French fans with singing "Allez les Bleus".

So I made pictures and videos just to capture the whole atmosphere a bit (without volume though). Uploaded some them. So here they are (beware of PICSPAM)

Fanmeile Berlin 09.07.2006 Pictures )

Fanmeile video clips )
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So okay, I watched the last part of the game. Sue me.
But it was great to watch the team afterwards.

I am sad for Luis Figo though.
Oh and for Olli Kahn it was a good way to say Goodbye.

Firewokrs for the goals. I get that. It's okay.
But do they have to use emergency rockets as well?
They smoked out my room.
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So there was a very heavy thunderstorm yesterday. And I missed it completely because I was sitting in a cinema watching The Lake House with [ profile] slippery_fish (which btw is a good film, very romantic and the chemistry between Sandra and Keanu is still working.)
Apparently we had the amount of rain we usually have the whole month on one day, which caused flooded streets, cellars, houses and even underground stations. This is not normal for Berlin. Not at all. There even was a minor tornado in my district (they showed it on TV today, from cell phone pictures).
So no one can tell me that there is no global warning.

How cute was it that the German team showed up with every player wearing a different jersey today in Stuttgart? Awww...
So to the topic of football.. I think I am not going to watch the game (after what happen last time I zapped into it).
You don't have to provoke it. I mean I refuse to say Bloody Mary to a mirror three times as well.

Tomorrow Fan Mile with [ profile] slippery_fish to see the Team. Well, I wonder if we will see anything at all.
They are expecting a million people.

Tour de France.
Okay, so time trials today. I made my brither watch, because we were out at the garden and I didn't want to watch. David Millar, not bad after no race at all in the whole season. Okay, so training is not everything, you need competition. But I think it was alright. And what the hell happend to Zabriski?

[ profile] callmecayce, I switched on and the first one I saw was Sylvain. :) I of course cheered for him. He looks nice in his Fench Champion jersey.
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Wovereit just announced it. The Team will come back to Berlin on Sunday to celebrate with the fans. On the Fan Mile.
I think I want to go.. But yeah.. have to find out the time when it wil start. 12.00 pm! Brandenburger Tor!

Klinsmann-Truppe verabschiedet sich in Berlin
München/Berlin - Die deutsche Fußball-Nationalmannschaft wird sich am Sonntag um 12 Uhr auf der Fan-Meile in Berlin nochmals den Anhängern präsentieren und sich für die Unterstützung im Verlaufe der WM bedanken
Es sei der ausdrückliche Wille und der Beschluss der Mannschaft gewesen, so Stenger, nach dem Spiel gegen Portugal nochmals nach Berlin zu reisen, um sich dort den Anhängern zu zeigen.

German squad to say farewell at Berlin fan fest

Was at a re-opened Galleria Kaufhof today. They have a totally redesigned sports department. And guess what?
They actually have Nike swim wear. Wow.
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So my brother got me to watch the last few minutes of the game. Oh boys! I am still proud of you though. That was well played. And third place would be great (even fourth, I mean come one we are one of the four best teams, better than Brazil and the Netherlands this time.).
And this team is so damn cuddly. Lukas kissing David on the head. Jens and Michael hugging for eternity. Oh I just hope Klinsmann stays and that we can play a good EC in 2008.

Vive La France!

And the plan of the team to come back to Berlin after Saturday's game for another day and party with fans, is kind of cool.

I don't know but it kinda confuses me that I want to answer on friend's comments and am suddenly not allowed to view the entry anymore. Or all the other locked entries.
Hmm, I just hope I haven't done anything to deserve that. I know people change their locks all the time so I hope it's not me. But still.. Huh?

*is confused*

Survived the presentation today and I think we did okay. Have to talk to the prof on Monday to see what he thinks, hope not that bad. So just one day to go and then weekend.
God, I need days off.
Oh and be able to watch the Tour for more then just 30 minutes a day.
Missed todays stage becuase I was at my grandparent's place.
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2 Memes snatched from [ profile] _bettina_

Right here... )
and here )

Okay, excuse me while I laugh myself silly:

Franz Beckenbauer (in Munich) to Pele after being asked what he wants to tell him: "I miss him."
Pele (in Berlin): "I will watch the final with you."

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Hargreaves! Man of the Match! At least one goal for England. Good boy.
The rest, why the hell do you guys suck at shootouts so much?

How much do I love Owen Hargreaves' "WM for the Girls" videos?
Very much!

Owen )
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Before I forget it: Happy Birthday Mike!
Go and have the fucking day of your life.

Jens Lehmann is my hero. Seriously.
I left the house and it was 1:0 for Argentina. [ profile] slippery_fish and me wanted to escape the game and decided to go and watch The Alibi.
Well, maybe it wasn't such a good idea to do that at the Potsdamer Platz.. :) So yeah we after all got to know what happend due to the reaction of the people watching.
They started the film after the game was over.. :)
And afterwards we walked through the city. And it was amazing. All the people celebrating or watching the secnd game of the day.
Heh, I love my hometown.

OMG my nerves..
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Am baaaacccck! Hope you missed me! :)

So yes, London. I htink I can say we had fun and saw a lot of things. I will write more later. I am just too tired right now to really think aout what I want to write.
And I am lazy. So as usual I'll link to [ profile] slippery_fish's entry about our London stay.

London and everything... WAY OUT!

I am even more worried aout Aaron now. He skipped the entire meet in Texas.
Baby? You alright?

*hugs all the Socceroos*
You did great guys!!
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700.000 on the Fanmeile and 75.000 in the Olympiastadium chanting "Juergen Klinsmann" in unision. Whoa!
Heh, my mum is watching football. With me. Cool.
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[ profile] slippery_fish and I survived our stay at the Fanmeile. No really, it was fun and we were surrounded by Australian fans, which was cool since we were rooting for the Socceroos. The game itself was awesome, the Aussies wereplaying great and they could hold up with Brazil. Brazil actually had luck again and won, but they did not really deserve it. The Socceroos though deserved a goal, they had chances.
It was fun and it is good tha fans can still mock themselves and each other without it getting ugly or something. And they just said in the news that it is "in" now to be photographed with the fans of the rival team. I am glad everything seems to work out and is friendly.

To go with [ profile] slippery_fish I'll end this post with Aussie Aussie OI! OI! OI!
(just because they made us repeat it.. Those guys and girl were cool).

Off to finish homework.. Urgh...
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So the US just played 1:1 against Italy, and that with 9 to 10 players. Surprising and an amazing goalie. So this group is kinda open since Ghana beat the Czech Republic.
Steve Cherundolo is cute!

Apart from watching football and trying to do some homework I was absolutely lazy today.
Well, might be because I have absolutely no clue what to do concerning the homework. I clueless. Utterly. Help?
I just can't concentrate.
Was shopping today with Ma and got a lovely skirt (good for the three new pairs of shoes I got last Monday) and a nice top. So I guess I have clothes for London now.
At least it rained last night. I can breath better now.

And I fiddled with my LJ layout. I don't know why but I felt the urge to ban the black. I added some more codes and components and I actually like it now. Less dark.

Back to a homework I don't know how to do... I suck.
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So the little watching we had planed got bigger and bigger during the evening yesterday. We actually got to know people and neighbours who we never met before. Interesting. It was fun and nice and really crowded in the end. They set up a beamer in our neighbour's house and hang a white sheet between the our garen house and the pavillion. Big screen. Fun.
And the planes were nice enough to wait with landing for less important scenes.

So I spent most of the evening in my lounging chair, between people and various grills (a wonder we didn't knock over some of them at the end of the game).
On the way home a police car stopped next to ours at a red light and one of the officers looked at my broither and me, smiled and asked if we where nice and didn't drink. We said yes, he smirked and handed over one of the German flags they had in their car. Nice guys. :)

*big hugs to [ profile] callmecayce* Just because.. :)

Seriously, how am i supposed to get rid of my burnign eyes and the pollen-induced other stuff when it is not raining and being freakishly hot?
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So I just came home. Spent most of the day out in the garden. My brother got here early today and just about hauled me out of bed around ten. Not such a good idea, since I only got to bed around half past two. But yeah, he was nice about it. Mum has the night shift so we let her sleep, went shopping for the weekend and took of towards the garden. We met up wit Katharina and her mum, which was cool since I haven't seen her in a while. The weather is awesome and it was cool to just be outside even though I am paying for it now, since I seem to have another slight fever attack and my throat is burning again, and my syrup is empty. Mum made fresh peppermint tea (like in peppermint out of the garden), so I hope that will help. Ouch.

I spent most of day in a garden chair with a nice blanket and being able to command my brother around. Some of the neighbours came over and they set up a big screen, so that they could watch the England game. It was... lame.
Anyway, the World Cup has started.
And damn that were some nice goals yesterday for Germany.

[ profile] slippery_fish and I watched the second half of the game at a friend's birthday party. That was fun and I was feeling good even, so I am a bit miffed that I back to the usual (whatever that means these days) today. But the party was cool, and the people were nice. And I think we had a nice time last night.
We even had two guys in the train home who started to flirt with us, which was fun and they were nice all the way. So there actually were non-drunk football fans around.

[ profile] callmecayce, I know I am mean with telling you that but the Ukrainian team is very close to here, they have the quarters in Potsdam. I just saw them in the local news, because they had a public training going. So yeah if I find or hear anything about your boys, I will tell you.

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