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... or the other way round.
♥ I'm writing again, even though I've no idea where this came from but I kind of like it. Set after 5.22 and I wrote most of it in the middle of the night. Thanks so much [ profile] blue_ant for looking it over. :)
Sam/Dean, PG.
"From the desert to the well"

♥ Rain! Finally. I think I've never been so happy to see rain. But then again the temperatures sort of skip a range and it's gone from sweltering hot to sort of cold. It's like 12 degress less than it was yesterday.

♥ Since I had nothing else to do in the heat (besides reading Big Bangs and writing again) I cleaned up my room as well as my make up case. I never realized I had that much stuff lying around still. Threw away a load of stuff since it smelled and was years old already. But that also means that I have to buy new stuff now as well. Shopping... whee. I have to anyway.

♥ I feel random. And I'm bored. Also, it's Aaron's birthday today, it makes me nostalgic.

♥ Memes (snagged from all around):
On LiveJournal, we often think we're close, but really, we know less about each other than we like to think.

So I want you to ask me something you would like to know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks.

No limits on the range of questions, either: ask me anything you want to know about, whether it's an opinion or trivia about my real life or my thoughts on events in the offline world.


2. Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter.
Name 5 songs you love starting with that letter.

[ profile] xxtornxxapartxx gave me S ).
If you want one of the songs tell me.
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Okay, so why did LJ randomly ate my entries?
Thank God for cache.

Fic first, for [ profile] slippery_fish, who gave me the prompt with:
SPN - Sam/Demon!Brady - It's not fun unless someone bleeds.
"Crash, crash, burn let it all burn (This hurricane is chasing us all underground.)"
R, 2.365 words

I wonder who will actually read this... Yay for rare pairings... LOL

♥ My weekend was good. First two days in the row that I was outside and didn't feel like I needed to sit down every two seconds.
Went shopping and grovey shopping on Saturday.. yay ice cream.

Yesterday, [ profile] slippery_fish and me decided to meet up and use the beautiful weather. There was a green environmental festival (like every ear) in the city organized by the group we both had interships at.
This year, due to the weather, it was very, very crowded. Got to see some things and there were SHEEP! See.. pic and video ).

On the way back we wanted to take the bus but it wasn't going the way we needed it to, even though it said so at the stop. Anyway at one of the most famous place in the city, right across from the Humboldt University and next to the State Opera there were masses of people and a huge video screen ). And a huge stage as well. It was the second day of the annual "Opera for Everyone" event that takes place every years, is held by the State Orchestra and sponsored by BMW. It was the last concert at this place for the next three years, since the house the State Opera will be renovated. It was very interesting to see people cheer fro classical music but Daniel Barenboim really is very much loved in this city. They played Tchaikovsky.

Stopped at Starbucks afterwards and had frappucinos. And I could rest my feet in the water. Which was very nice... for my feet ).

So yeah, I think I used the weather rather well and it wasn't too hot due to the slight breeze. I got a little color as well and don't look as sick as I did last week.


[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang starts today!!!
Never thought I would have time right now though.
I so need a job.

I also should go back to editing my story for BB... oops.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] peaches!!

This entry will be full of cuts.
Spent yesterday buying new pillows for my bed and ended up getting 2 new sets bed sheets as well. I mean for1.99 it's not like I spent big money there.
I think they look neat )
But I got Swedish licorice and strawberry flavored Snörren (laces) as well. Even my cat got stuff since she needed new toys anyway.I almost bought three Veronicas Mars boxsets a 10,- but thought about it and let it be. It's nopt like I need it all that badly.
But SPN is on sale as well and I was tempted even though I already have those, the only difference would be the languages on the boxes.
Oh, bit I got a new bag and I am sort of in love with it.

All about the maybe job/interhsip news )
It's sounds exciting and scary at the same time.
It might mean a job afterwards or just something to put on my résumé and I'll have to looking for a job anway.
I'll keep on looking now because yeah, am not giving up just yet.

Spent today at my grandparent's place. Had awesome asparagus soup and helped my grandma with her new flowers she received today.
I got a new sheep. Look! ), which they bought for me in Hamburg.

Managed to get the podfics I wanted from my grandpa's PC and they work. I still don't get it why it doesn't work with my laptop.

Hehe, NBC is still sending me mails about Aaron. Which is sort of nice because I get all the info, can still put them on the blog and don't have to looking for them myself.
Speaking of swimming, I don't know what to think about the rumors that Ian Thorpe wants to try a comeback.

Tried to add more scenes to Big Bang and failed spectacularly. Seems like I need a longer break before I go back to this story.
I am all blah about it and I don't even really care that my fic isn't claimed yet by an artist. If it ends up being a pity claim, who cares...
Didn't even have time to go through all the summaries yet. Wull do that later.

30 Day meme )

Day 05- A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life )
Day 06- Earliest thing you can remember )
Day 07- Favorite cover of your favorite song )
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Posted the second part (or better the first half of the second part) of the Jared/Alec fic.
"The Long Way Home Part 2 A"

I wanted to work on the prompts this weekend but plans changed every time I sat down, so I'll work on them tomorrow.


My room looks messy and blah, I so should clean but I don't feel like it. Tomorrow then.

Also? I need a bigger dresser. The walk in closet is way too small for my stuff. *nods*
Do I sound spoiled? Oh, who cares?

The shops are open today and I know I wanted something but I can't remember what. I am sitting here trying to figure it out but it won't come to me.
Figures. I think sitting around all day and doing nothing but stare at a computer screen screws with your memory. I knew it before but it's glaringly obvious now.
I need a life again.

It would be nice if you could decide what you want. This back and forth isn't really all that great.

It would be great if you could come back. Any time would be acceptable. I sort of miss you.

Sometimes I wish I had more living friends than stuffed ones. I feel like I am five sometimes. Newest member of my family.  ).

Have some Kitty, too. Her new playground. )


I. AM. COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am closer to actually getting all the stories done that I still owe.
Posted two, both J2 and both late Christmas presents. So for anyone interested:
"Lean on me, when you're not strong" (for [ profile] enablelove) and "The Discovery of a Sun and Finding it in Graceland" (for [ profile] matalinolukaret).


Since no one wanted to leave prompts the other day I am trying it again. Just because I have nothing else to do (note the sarcasm?) and because I want to finish my prompt tables. I have realised that having other promtps that go along with the table actually helps a lot with finally writing them (I need six more little ficlets to be done with the Jared table).

Writing Meme:
1) Give me a fandom (or several, if you want a crossover) and a character/pairing.
2) Give me a picture unrelated to the fandom.
3) I'll try to write you a drabble inspired by the picture. (no promises)

Random facts of the day:

* I am sort of caught up in a SPN/Twilight crossover fic and I can't stop reading. Help! Please!!!!!

* I really need new glasses now. Mine have a huge scratch across one of the lenses. I know why I wanted to do that when the special offer was still going, I wonder why I didn't do it in the end. I still have contacts but I'd like to have glasses, too.

* My camera just died and I don't really have the money or the nerve to start looking for a new one. Damn.

* Twitter sometimes really annoys me. I don't even know why.

* My bed is about to collapse. Well, another way to spend money then. *sighs*

* It's really kind of hard to write fic when your cat is sitting in your lap. She won't shut up either. Very distracting.

* I hate that I still don't really know if I can go to London or not. I want to. So bad. I miss London.

* I kind of don't like that fact that most parts of fandom aren't my happy place anymore. I stay away from a lot of things lately. It's sort of hard to connect with some people because I feel the urge to hit them over the head despite the fact that I know thesy can be 'normal' and nice. I sometimes really wonder if it's human to be like this or just plain insanity. And I wondered why I suddenly feel more comfortable with AUs. I feel sad that I sometimes wish it would be over just so that things might stop again, and I don't even know half of it because I only ever stumble over links.

That said, I can't wait for the new SPN episode. I saw one clip and that's the only spoilers I know about any of the new episodes, so I think I might actually enjoy watching things again because I am not spoiled. I think that was a rather good decision on my part, staying away from spoilers.
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So it might not have been the brightest idea to read until 4am (and feel happy about new Jared pictures). I haven't slept at all because I couldn't fall asleep, which usually isn't a problem when I go to bed at that hour.
Now I feel rather dizzy and I wanted to go into the city. I think I'll postpone that until tomorrow.

I stayed awake to read some Big Bang and some Psych fic. It sort of says a lot that I only sort of remember the Psych fic. But that doesn't say anything about BB, just that the story I was reading wasn't for me.
I am still amazed by some of the reactions to this year's BB. Makes me want to not do it again.

I am a little bored but I am trying to come up with a beginning for my meanttobe fic but I just come up blank. I trying to not give up on it, so I am still hoping for the idea to hit .
So yeah I am sort of boring right now. Nothing much to tell.

Edit: Nicked from [ profile] sandrine

Ask me my fannish Top Five [whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.
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So it might not have been the brightest idea to read until 4am (and feel happy about new Jared pictures). I haven't slept at all because I couldn't fall asleep, which usually isn't a problem when I go to bed at that hour.
Now I feel rather dizzy and I wanted to go into the city. I think I'll postpone that until tomorrow.

I stayed awake to read some Big Bang and some Psych fic. It sort of says a lot that I only sort of remember the Psych fic. But that doesn't say anything about BB, just that the story I was reading wasn't for me.
I am still amazed by some of the reactions to this year's BB. Makes me want to not do it again.

I am a little bored but I am trying to come up with a beginning for my meanttobe fic but I just come up blank. I trying to not give up on it, so I am still hoping for the idea to hit .
So yeah I am sort of boring right now. Nothing much to tell.

Edit: Nicked from [personal profile] sandrine

Ask me my fannish Top Five [whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post.
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First entry over here. I have no idea what I could possibly need this for other than the fact that I wanted to try it out.
I don't know if I'll use it to cross post, maybe. It can be a back-up of the back-up or something, which would make me really paranoid.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] justthismorning and [ profile] c_ntbucket!
Have a great day guys!

For anyone who is interested: [ profile] fans_in_berlin
Not my comm, I am just pimping.

Paint.Net is the best new program I got lately (yes better than Moorhuhn, which is not a program at all).
It is similar to PSP but a little easier to navigate (at least for me and my limited capacity when it comes to graphic programs).
And it works well with PictureIt...

J2, NC-17, Ineffable by [ profile] dark_reaction
Read the Warning!!!! :P

I love how much the weather has changed in the last few days. I actually manage to wake up properly on most days now.
That doesn't mean I am doing anything remotely useful though. I am still trying to find a job, I am still working my way through thesis books and I am still kind of stuck with my Big Bang story.
But I am writing, which I think it is more than I did the last few days.

I am still kind of trying to wrok my way through all the con reports and pictures and vids.
Oh boys.. :)
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Mum is coming back earlier than planned. So my quite time is over tomorrow evening.
And I was hoping for a few more days.I am surprised how much I actually got done thesis wise. I am started to get into the topic. I just don't have a clear structure yet, which makes me a little nervous.

Big Bang is starting to work out as well, which is a surprise since I didn't really have an idea until a few days ago. There might be a poll on the way.

Also, I am watching NCIS. I totally forgot how slashy that show is. I usually don't watch it anymore.
But Tony meeting Gibb's father is just hillarious. So is Gibbs just handing the car keys over.

I was about to complain about the lack of fic I would be interested in but just now new things popped up, which kind of messes up my plan to go back to working on the thesis.
Staying away from fandom for most part of the day is relaxing. I should do it more often.

Nothing much to tell otherwise.
Nothing new. Still sending out applications and hoping.

*waves at new friends and hands over cookies*
Hi :)
Last but not least:

ETA: I dislike paring names with a vengeance. Really and truly. Not only for the pairings that I like but for every single one of them.
Dastiel? Seriosuly? Oh come on.

ETA 2: Swimming World Cup Dates...
* Durban (RSA)  17-18 Oct
* Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 23-25 Oct
* Moscow (RUS)  06-07 Nov
* Stockholm (SWE)  10-11 Nov
* Berlin (GER)  14-15 Nov
* Singapore (SIN)  21-22 Nov

Not so cool.
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First of all, I might actually have an idea for Big Bang and I am getting excited about it.

Right now I am taking a break from my thesis and from finishing the story that I was supposed to be done with my the 1st. Those two things are kind of robbing my sleep these days (oh not to mention my furture angst but that won't be the topic here, no worries). So much that I am kind of unfit to be among people. I am so freaking tired, but at least I am not sick.

Totally girly random stuff.
I hate, like really truly hate the new Herbal Essences. I want the old volume shampoo back. It worked. For me at least. Now I can't do anything with my hair without getting an electrical shock after combing it. I hate having to go and look through other shampoos now just to find one that works again. It took me years to find the right one, not to mention one that is ripping the skin off my head.*sighs* Okay, I am done with that rant.

LJ seems to be back to randomly switching icons again. This time though I actually like the one they switched one of my Alec icons with. Huh, go figure...

My grandpa is the best. I have been looking for a usb cable for my cell phone and I only could find the real expensive version from Sony, which yeah would work but I didn't want to spend that much money on a single cable.I told him about it when I was there on Thursday and we looked at several catalogues and online shops but couldn't really find anything much cheaper. He called me today and told me about a site he forgot to mention and that I should go and look for the cable and then call him back. The shop actually has the one for my cell phone type and it's only 6.90€, which is really practical since I actually need the cable to get the pictures off my cell phone. It's quite a difference between 6.90 and 23.95. I wonder what makes the one cable that much mor expensive. It's probably just the name.

Fandom stuff, which means there is the meme at the end of this. So yeah, you are warned. Oh and it's and OTP meme. :)

Oh and I have not seen any of the spn 4.15 clips. I am trying to be strong, so there.
But dude, I would love people to use cuts. Yes, I have laughed about the posted thing and it's cute but argh spoiler... *is miffed* Why do people make it so hard to stay spoiler-free?

Cuteness alert for the day.... Jared and his dogs. Most of you probably have seen the pictures by now and I don't really feel all that good about reposting them, so I won't.
But dude, looking at Jared and the dogs cuddling makes my day better. And I have to think about the picture Jared was talking about, the one on his cell with the dogs and Jensen on the bed. I actually want to see that one.. :)

Meme time again.
Okay, so this is basically a sentece describing my OTPs. 17 of them to be exact (I never knew I had that many) and all you have to do is trying to find out which pairing it meant.
I know it sounds hard, but if you know my fandoms it shouldn't be that hard (I tried to be obvious, and yes TV shows, movies, books and rps... oh and there are het pairings). I am not doing the screened comments thing, who comments gets it. I am too lazy to do it the other way. :) I have done that meme ages ago but some things have changed since then so yeah.. Behind the cut since it's long and all.
Guess the OTP meme )
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My feet hurt!!!
I got some more books for my thesis, got my new public transport ticket for the semester and managed not to fall asleep while trying to finish a story.
Those are my accomplishments for the day. Nothing new on the job front, and yes I am getting tired saying that (so I guess I'll stop with that until there is anything to tell).
But hey, I left the house today. I am proud of myself.

I wanted to check out some shops but I didn't feel like it today. But I want some new skirts and maybe some new tops. I am on a skirt trip these days.
I just don't have the money to buy some new things and the way things are going I might new things anyway since I am kind of losing weight in places I never knew I could lose weight.
But then again in other places it's just hopless.

On to even more random things:

Changed some things with my layout, changed them back, tried new layouts, changed those and in the end I am back to the beginning with new additions.
I think I might like it this way even though it's still dark.

Today made me realise that the new F1 season isn't that far away and that I kind of miss Kimi... or your know, I miss seeing Kimi on my TV screen.
The news today even did me a favour and showed some Kimi and some Fernando.

And the new Fast and the Furious movie will be out on April 2nd around here, which is pretty cool since I am planning on seeing that one.
That and Watchmen some time soon.

Speaking of movies, I kinda of made myself watch "MBV" again (mostly because I was bored and wanted some Jensen) and again I just want more MBV/F13 crossover fic.
I really, really want more Tom/Clay, because yes it works so much for me... or you know anything involving any character played by Jensen and Jared because I kind of picture them together anyway.

Oh and I am soooo looking forward to the DVD releases of MBV and F13.
MBV will have both the 2D and the 3D version and a GagReel. Me wants... NOW!

Anyway, I was going through my picture folders for good icon pics or header pics. I didn't even know I had this one in bigger ) ... and I realised how much I kind of like his hips. And his hip hasn't really changed over the years. See? ). I just wish I had this one biger.
Yes, this is just a sorry excuse to post Jared pictures.
Just felt like it.
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[ profile] hd_obsession thank you so much for the V-gift.
*huggles* :D

I didn't sleep at all tonight and this morning I agreed to help my mum with stuff.
We just got home and I am ready to fall over. I am so dizzy it's not even funny anymore.
I am just going over my flist before I'll go to bed and sleep it off.
Man, I so need to stop the being-awake-for24-hours-stints.

I am not even able to do the advent stuff and things I promised people. I'll try to get those things done tomorrow and over the weekend (if i get my sleeping schedule under crontrol again).

So yeah, I am not really good with commenting today.

Anyway, my brother is still an ass but my mum is helpful these days, so maybe I'll still be able to get things done before Christmas.
No idea if they will be on time though.

I want to see "Dream Boy" because it's based on one of the books I am using for my thesis and I think it will beinteresting to see how they got it done.
The problem is, it's only in one theatre in the city here and I so don't want to go alone, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to go with me because I guess it's not all that interesting for people not interested in books/films like that (not to mention that you'd have to pay money to see it.).
The DVD will be put next months, but it's pretty expensive so I don't really know.
No idea what Ill do.

As for watching things.
I still love "Leverage". I really do, so I'll keep on watching.
I finally managed to watch "Gossip Girl" and I am still like 4 eps behind with "Merlin" and I just can't bring myself to watch them.

Random computer fact of the day: mine starts to smell when it gets hot.
So not cool. :(
It's only a year old.

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... at least today.
I actually managed to do some things that I have been pushing away for days now. I got some things done and am working on others.
Those are just minor things and are nowhere near me being any closer of sorting out my life or future but they are done and off the list.

Right now though I just want to hug [ profile] blue_ant because she helped me out with some articles for my thesis and I actually have some kind of direction because of these articles.
I just kind of needed a little kick to get going again. Of course, I am nowhere near being done but it's baby steps and I am moving at least. I just wish I knew where I'd end up with it.


When I am not freaking out over the thesis or my future or the money/job I still don't have I am freaking out over the stories I still have to write until Christmas.
I have no idea why I ever thought this was a good idea. The thing is I want to write. I really, really do.. I just don't have the motivation to start with some of the things.
At least I am about to be done with some small things.

Anyway, I did have something to sigh about and ogle for some time today.
God, I kind of think the Friday 13th remake won't be as bad as people thought it would be. Because the trailer really kind of looks good.
If I didn't already want to see the movie I'd be tempted to do it after that trailer.
[ profile] evil_witch666, I think we will have so much fun watching that.. :D

I think I want some icons of the trailer caps.
Because, let's be honest.. Jared looks hot there.

Argh LJ... why deleting entries????

Anyway, I love the chache function in Semagic.

YAY [ profile] spnnewsletter!!!!

Idea from missyjack's journal
Banners by [ profile] gwentastic and [ profile] gigglingkat
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I haven't been good with comments lately. I am feeling slightly better, as in my throat isn't killing me anymore, my ear still hurts a little though.
I haven't been online much but worked a little on my thesis paper and a little on the prompts when I felt up to.

So I didn't really see what's going on, at least not much only what's been on my flist, and honestly I am a little tired of wanks and stuff. I was tired of stuff like that before and I seriously don't see the use in bashing and calling it humor.
Call me naive or stupid but I don't really get
I am unspoiled and I rather like it, keeps me a little saner and out of stupid discussions.

I hope I'll be even better this weekend. World Cup and I am kind of looking forward to it even though my swimming squee is lower than it used to be.
But Randall will be there and Peter. I am looking forward to see Ous (Go Trojans) and Therese. It's been a while.

Also this weekend, Chicago Con and J2. I am not sure how much of it I'll actually be able to follow, but I think I'll have a good chance keeping up with it.
In other news my Kitty loves Jared, too.. :) )

I am in the process of cleaning up my harddrive and igt makes me a little nostalgic. I just deleted my old swimming pics folder, I have it all saved in different place but it's still strange to just delete it after all this time.
I deleted the Klete website folder, too. I am not doing much with it anymore and I need the space.

I was even thinking about giving up on APO, but then the space is still there and I can still manage to pay for the domain now, so I guess I will keep it for a while.
I don't know why I am not ready to say goodbye to it yet... It's been there for 6 years now and I think I still feel connected to it.

People are using their fireplaces around here now. It's cold enough for it.
So every time I open my window it smells like cold air mixed with smoked and burned wood. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it's too much.
And it reminds me that the year is about to end.

Where did this year go?
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No idea when or if I will be online during the day and since it is already the fith I can do that:

Happy Birthday to [ profile] ravanna and [ profile] darvynia!!!
Have an awesome day guys! myspace graphic comments
Myspace Happy Birthday Comments


Random thought of the night, am I the only one who finds it hilarious that Wentworth Miller knows and listened to the No Angels?
(and yes I know this might only make sense to Germans or Europeans).
I am slightly weirded out, or it's the cold meds playing tricks on me, am not sure yet.
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  • Random things: I was so very unproductive today. Spent the day in bed and watched a load of uneducational daytime TV. Bleurgh. I still feel sore but not like I am getting sick. Well, not much anyway. Slept way too long today. But that happens when I don't sleep at all during the night. I wanted to finish the request for the Fall Fandom thingy. Will do that tomorrow. I want to have them done by Monday. Done and posted.

  • Brother dear got my Russian Chocolate, which always reminds of my childhood. *sighs* I love it. Got more Kinder surprise, and I have two sheep now. Wheee.. sheep. Uhm, just ignore me.

  • I love Jensen's BuddyTV interview simply due to the fact that his voice has dropped some levels and it's hot. He is all quirky and smiles, like he was during season 1. So I guess they are all excited about the season again. Yay.

  • And now to the good news of the day: Kimi staying until 2010! I just hope he really wants it. But two more years, which I kind of like. Not to mention that I'll get more of Kimi/Seb and Kimi/Heikki and Kimi/Heikki/Seb and... okay...

  • Got a call from Lush, which means I'll have to do some homework until next Thursday. I am curious how that will turn out. Oh boy.

ETA: Now I got me, too. The userpic bug on LJ. I suddenly had an African-American lady in pink as my Jensen headdesk icon. Uhm.. okay.
Had to re-upload it and now everything is fine. But this thing has been going around and I really want to know what that is.


6/8/08 15:10
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I am bored as hell. I have been doing nothing but sleep, drink, watch Bollywood movies and occassionally check LJ.
Still sick, not as bad as during the weekend but it is still there.
At least now I have something to drink around and masses of tea in the cupboard.

I want to write. Can't concentrate.
That sucks so much.

*goes back to drooling over Jensen pics*


Happy Birthday [ profile] reijamira
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@ [ profile] spiritcrow: I got your card. :D Thank you!!!

I have been doing nothing but sleep (catch up on the sleep I missed the last weeks) and read big bang fic (since I kind of missed a lot with not being online so much).
I have even managed to almost get the last bit of editing done. I think my fic is almost ready to be posted.. yay

The whole Jessica Hardy thing gets more mysterious every day. I have no idea what to think or whom to believe. There are so many conflicted infos and no one seems to have the real story.
I don't know.. It's always kind of a shock, but if I suspected someone to come out and tested positive it certainly wouldn't have been her.
And really, the thing is that she was tested one day negative the next positive and the day afterward negative. How?
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barely though. This is exhausting.

Spent the day at the library getting the last things our of the books about Oscar Wilde. But the two books I could have really used weren't there and hadn't been there for the last times I was there.

Had some strange but kinda cool encounter in the train the is morning. Trains was late, train was full and people had to pile (kind of).
So there was this group of American exchange students and we were standing really close together.
I use to think that my mp3 player isn't that loud since I perfectly understand people speaking with normal volume and I can perfectly hear the announcement sof the stations.
So this one guy of the Americans (I don't know how old they were maybe 15 or 16 but not much older) was looking at me for a while. Not creepy or so.. just sort of smiling. Until I just wanted to know what was up and asked"What?"
He just smiled a little more and said "That's Kane playing right?". His friends kind of started laughing, along the lines of 'nice pick-up line, dude'.. Me, though.. I was just kind of speechless and said 'yeah' and smiled back.
I have absolutely no idea how he could have heard that. Okay we were standing close but.. I don't know.

Apropos trains, they have had bilingual announcements on the city trains for about two years now (at least the main lines going to the main attractions). The one on my line is about where to change trains to get to airport and where to change trains to get Central Station and to the Olympic Stadium. This week though they added a new announcement and the cool or strange thing is that the voice they used is really British and it's the same they use on some of the National Express trains and somtimes on the Stansted trains. It's weird because it's so polite and so British. Every time I hear it I want to go back to London.

My interesting stories today revolve around the train as it seems.
On the way home a really cute girl was sitting across from me and we kind of kept looking at each other and smiling... and I don't know.
I loved her hair cut. Really.
So what did I do when I got home? Right, I cut my hair because I thought it would look a little better... I am surprised that it worked out the way I wanted it..

Important thing away from the train, bought shoes today. On the way home but between trains.
I didn't even want to go into C&A but they had this huge SALE in the windows and I thought I could go and look for some shirts.
Bought shoes. Summer shoes. Yay.

This is so random and I didn't even want to write a huge entry.

Just my back is bothering me more and more these days. I can't walk properly and without pain. It's just really hurts to sit and be all hunched over books.

ETA: Watch Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog. WATCH IT!!!!

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