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I am closer to actually getting all the stories done that I still owe.
Posted two, both J2 and both late Christmas presents. So for anyone interested:
"Lean on me, when you're not strong" (for [ profile] enablelove) and "The Discovery of a Sun and Finding it in Graceland" (for [ profile] matalinolukaret).


Since no one wanted to leave prompts the other day I am trying it again. Just because I have nothing else to do (note the sarcasm?) and because I want to finish my prompt tables. I have realised that having other promtps that go along with the table actually helps a lot with finally writing them (I need six more little ficlets to be done with the Jared table).

Writing Meme:
1) Give me a fandom (or several, if you want a crossover) and a character/pairing.
2) Give me a picture unrelated to the fandom.
3) I'll try to write you a drabble inspired by the picture. (no promises)

Random facts of the day:

* I am sort of caught up in a SPN/Twilight crossover fic and I can't stop reading. Help! Please!!!!!

* I really need new glasses now. Mine have a huge scratch across one of the lenses. I know why I wanted to do that when the special offer was still going, I wonder why I didn't do it in the end. I still have contacts but I'd like to have glasses, too.

* My camera just died and I don't really have the money or the nerve to start looking for a new one. Damn.

* Twitter sometimes really annoys me. I don't even know why.

* My bed is about to collapse. Well, another way to spend money then. *sighs*

* It's really kind of hard to write fic when your cat is sitting in your lap. She won't shut up either. Very distracting.

* I hate that I still don't really know if I can go to London or not. I want to. So bad. I miss London.

* I kind of don't like that fact that most parts of fandom aren't my happy place anymore. I stay away from a lot of things lately. It's sort of hard to connect with some people because I feel the urge to hit them over the head despite the fact that I know thesy can be 'normal' and nice. I sometimes really wonder if it's human to be like this or just plain insanity. And I wondered why I suddenly feel more comfortable with AUs. I feel sad that I sometimes wish it would be over just so that things might stop again, and I don't even know half of it because I only ever stumble over links.

That said, I can't wait for the new SPN episode. I saw one clip and that's the only spoilers I know about any of the new episodes, so I think I might actually enjoy watching things again because I am not spoiled. I think that was a rather good decision on my part, staying away from spoilers.
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So who is coming to London with me in March?

[ profile] mama24, you are awesome!
Thank you so much. I have cookies now and BOYS!
Both arrived this morning.

Speaking of the boys... I wish this was true:
'The Simpsons has a very special “Treehouse of Horrors” planned for this year. It will feature the voices of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and the guys from Ghost Hunters. '

*lol* Would be a reason to really watch The Simpsons again.

I know it's late but I said I'd write about my NYE.
Nothing much to tell. I had fun. Met up with friends at a friend's place, then drove into the city where we set up camp on a bridge to watch what was going on in the city.
It was a good view and even though it snowed the whole night I wasn't cold. Met some cool people there, shared champaign and watched the fireworks. The really cool thing was being greeted by the train horns everytime one went by under the bridge.
The Moscow Express passed at exactly midnight and he didn't let go of the horn for a while.
Aftwards went back to friend's place, drank some more and then crashed at Josi's at around 6am or so.

Did take pics but I am too lazy to even download them to my computer right now.

There was more I wanted to write about but I forgot. Rachmaninoff is very distracting when you want to think things through.
Also, very goosebump inducing, too.

Oh right, I wanted top rec the story I got for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas because I really like it. It's Sam/Dean, NC-17.
"Soaked to the Bone (Sink like a Stone)".
It's really good and I love that she took this prompt from my list.

ETA: I didn't get any notifications the last days, so if you are waiting for a reply or if I owe you one sorry....

ETA2: Big Bang has been announced again. OMG, where did the time go. I do have an idea even but I am not sure I'll want to write that for Big Bang. I don't even know if I want to do J2 or S/D. Hmmmm

Also, I am totally in love with my new Dakine bag. Thank God for gift vouchers.
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I am not talking about the qualifying because I have no idea what's up... so yeah.. yay for Heikki though. And maybe Massa even gets a straight line done.
I just hope Kimi gets important points.

I finally managed to upload my pictures and my videos. So I sat down and wrote up my notes from the concert. I know I have probably forgotten a lot of things already.
Anyway, follow me to the insanity that was the concert )

Meme time, stolen from [ profile] sandrine
You're stranded on a desert island. The upside? You have a fancy solar-powered ipod that can play video. The downside? You can only choose five episodes (maximum of one hour in length) from five different TV shows.
There are rules: choosing an episode that's only a half-hour long doesn't allow you any more room, and you can't give up one show to make room for a two-parter from another. You have to choose five different shows, and you're only allowed one episode from each.

1. Supernatural - "Bad Day at Black Rock" (3.03)
2. Dark Angel - "The Berrisford Agenda" (2.11)
3. The X-Files - "Tunguska" (4.08)
4. CSI - "Grave Danger II" (5.24)
5. Gilmore Girls - "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller" (5.01)

One more fandom meme )
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I had to divide this into two parts. Yes, I know I am always writing novels about important things. So this entry is just about the trip in general, the next part will be about the concert (with pictures and all that).
There wasn't a single cloud at the sky.. none. )

How awesome are the mails CDBaby sends out?
I laughed and I squealed... Because yay, CD was sent off and I just ordered this morning.
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Had a nice day out with [ profile] slippery_fish. We went shopping and I found two nice tops for wheather like we have now.
We mad half a world tour through the city but it was fun, especially in this weather.

Anyway, I am off to London tomorrow morning (or should I say night?). So don't too many exciting things while I am gone.
I'll see you on the weekend of after Asylum. For those you are going to Asylum, have fun guys!!!!
And now I am going to check my things again because I always have the feeling that I have forgotten something.

And a little meme for when I am back. Snagged from [ profile] kros_21
If you want me to do this, please tell me it precisely in your comment:

a) tell you why I friended you,
b) associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.,
c) tell you something I like about you,
d) tell you a memory I have of you,
e) ask something I've always wanted to know about you,
f) tell you my favorite user pic of yours,
g) in return, you must post this in your LJ.
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Freaking strike. It screws with my plans. I so don't have the patience and the courage to walk through the woods in the dark, so I am staying home.
I probably should look into fixing my bike up for the summer.
If it goes on like that I have to figure how to get to the airport on Wednesday at 5 in the morning with the express only going from central station. *grumbles*

No ticket for the concert yet. I have no idea what that is all about because my credit card got charged.
Man, I am not pleased at all.
*grumbles more*

The writer's strike really had it. The consequences are visible now. I think a lot of shows have lost their momentum (I mean even Grey's is down more than 20%, that's more than SPN lost).
Considering that the network is struggling, too the numbers are not good. Considering that a lot of people thought (maybe still think due to the lack of ads) that these eps are reruns the numbers are good.
At least the numbers are up again, I still wonder where the people are who watched "Jus in Bello". The hiatus destroyed a lot. Let's hope it won't affect the 4th season (or the network) too much.

I am still dizzy and tired. I think I haven't really woken up today.
Writing non-stop for almost two days with little sleep in between probably wasn't the smartest idea.
But I am always doing that, getting things done last minute (not sure if it makes it better but I at least get them done).
No idea what I was thinking when I signed up.. I know who to blame though. :P


29/4/08 23:45
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Steve Carlson album to be on sale on May 6th, will be available in London.
Oh I so know what I will be buying.

Therefore though I have to get the tickets first. They'll have until Friday, then I'll write a mail and ask what will happen then.
I paid. I want my tickets bitches!!!
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I am still kind of shocked with myself. I think I am about to book a flight to London to see Steve and Jason in concert.
And it all started with [ profile] evil_witch666 and me talking about Jensen's newest film project and ended with talking about going to London.

OH MY GOD. I can't believe I am really doing it.
*is floored*

Oh and swimming!!!
[ profile] blue_ant: Ryan is swimming the 100 breast semi-final tonight and I am trying to tape it (and maybe make some screencaps).

It's good see swimming again.

ETA: Wheee boys!! WR. Ryan and Nathan in the relay. *bounce*
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Trying to catch up with everything (and trying not to fall asleep again).
So I guess I missed a lot of drama (and Aaron at the Life Ball.. dude, those pictures give me ideas).
Am trying to working throuigh my flist and my mails and so on. I am not really sure if I can make it work today though.

The days off were good (mostly). The first two were so warm and sunny that I even dared to go into the water, feet only though. But it was nice and relaxing.
We have a really cool apartment up there now (thanks to mum's new 'partner' (I still have no clue how to call him) with a nice garden and we sat a lot outside to enjoy the weather (or the thunderstorms that not really hit us but kind of made there way around the island). We crossed the border to go shopping at the other side and one of the police guys there was totally cute and had a very gorgeous smile. I told my mum and she agreeed and then made me use the same way when we went back home (how embarrassing is that?). I smiled, he smiled back, said okay and 'See ya' and that was it. I mean come one, what else was I or he supposed to do anyway? *hides*
So yeah it was a good time, and the whole purpose was to introduce me and my grandparents to the new *man* and I still can't get over feeling kinda arkward about it. *shrugs*

Anyway, I might have had internet if mum had actually listend to me when I said I would bring my laptop. This didn't work out though and it solved the Kane problem as well, since I couldn't book anything and the thing is sold out now (*headdesk*). Serves me right for hesitating. Next time I won't. Saves money but yeah... Meep.
And because of that not working out (and yes I feel down because of it, I wanted to go, I almost had my mind made up) my mum actually made me appointed tour guide to 'him' and I don't know if I actually want to do that. I feel strange. I want to be in London that weekend but that isn't going to happen, so I guess I have to deal with it.
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I think there rarely has been a day in the last 6 years that I really enjoyed being at uni. There have been some, and some really memorable one but today was one of the few where I thought I was at the right place at the right time. I know it doesn't make much sense. It's just a feeling I had while lazying around in the sun with my presentation group, going through the presentation and talking to a group of Stanford students, who were there due to a G8 summit meeting at the campus. Wiebke and me realized at the same time that this would be our last presentation ever and that we both hadn't really done something for it. Sure I read the text and made notes and marked passages I wanted to read out loud but other than that I didn't do anything.
So sitting there in front of the brand new cafeteria drinking frozen cappuccino and talking about future plans made me feel okay. Good even.

The presentation then went surprisingly well, despite the horrible heat in the room and the 144 students. The three of us actually managed to pull it off despite the lack of preparation and we did chose the right passages to read out loud. Afterwards the two profs even thanked us with shaking our hands. That never happened to me before. Never...
On to more ramblings about the seminar, papers and so on )

Now I only need to get the other papers done. *hides*

Still contemplating London though... and yes I know it's not a good idea but I am thinking about it.. constantly. I mean it's not that far.. Uhm.
And it's Kane.
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This is just for [ profile] slippery_fish because it's The Tiniest ). I still see this domain happening ;P

So anybody wanting to got to a Kane concert with me? June 9th, London (Camden Town)? New CD, new songs.
I can't decide if I actually want to go or not. If I can find a hotel which won't totally bancrupt me.
And I don't know if I should do it anyway, so undecided. Meh...
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I justuploaded some of my London pics, not all of them though. I will upload more later (/when I am more awake).
Anyway, here is my London Gallery

Just for [ profile] slippery_fish.
MI5 and MI6 )
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Am baaaacccck! Hope you missed me! :)

So yes, London. I htink I can say we had fun and saw a lot of things. I will write more later. I am just too tired right now to really think aout what I want to write.
And I am lazy. So as usual I'll link to [ profile] slippery_fish's entry about our London stay.

London and everything... WAY OUT!

I am even more worried aout Aaron now. He skipped the entire meet in Texas.
Baby? You alright?

*hugs all the Socceroos*
You did great guys!!
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In a few hours I'll be in London. And I probably won't be online in the next days.
I'll see you all on Monday or Tuesday again.


And damn Aaron for deciding to swim at the Texas A&M Grand Prix Meet, while I have no internet. Meh.
Oh anyway, Go Aaron!.
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Heh, am going to London in June. YAY. Just got the mail from uni.
[ profile] slippery_fish, I think it will be fun.

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