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SPN 8.07 A little slice of Kevin  )

SPN 8.08 Hunteri Heroici  )

* VACATION!! I'm going to the sea and won't have access to internet (only on my phone and that connection is wonky there). But I'm so looking forward to this one week of off-time. More so now that I know my Christmas working schedule (have to work until 11pm on the 24th (so no family dinner or presents for me that day) and from 9am on the 1st. And I have no idea why we have to cover the whole day during Christmas, it's not like we'll have much to do as editors).

* So yeah, I won't be around much the next few days and I'm even looking forward to the train ride because I actually relented and bought the Kindle Fire. Now I'm buying books like mad and download fic as well. It'll be 2 1/2 hours on the train and I have so much to read.

* I posted my [ profile] spn_reversebang Fic on Wednesday.
It's a J2 Highschool AU, which I haven't written in ages. It was fun and I actually like that piece.

If anyone's interested: How to do teenage drama the right way and still come out on top, J2, ~8k, PG-13
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* Oh Whitney... Another great one gone.

* Joined some thousand others yesterday protesting against ACTA. [ profile] slippery_fish and me met up to join a protest march. The weather was actually nice enough. The sun came out and the temperatures were bearable. Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and had good food. After that kind of busy day I was so very lazy today. I wanted to clean my place but in the end just watched movies and listened to podfic.

* And I wrote fic. Not a long piece, just a little prompt I promised someone. It's not finished but there's only the ending missing. So I'll need a beta reader soon. Anyone want to read through a schmoppy little, non-AU J2 thingy for me?
It felt so good to write again. So good. Now I just have to save this feeling, this drive over to my Big Bang idea (and the last part of my AU).

* Two weeks until vacation. Plans are not final yet but if it works out it will be very cool.
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[ profile] j2_everafter fic has been posted. I'm actually okay with how that turned out.
"A Day in the Life of a Sidekick ", Jared/Jensen, PG-13, loosely based in National Treasure.

♥ I have been working on my new prompt tables and will be using the remaining Christmas prompts as well. I hope to have them done by the end of the months. So I owe[ profile] whitereflection, Alec/Jared, which is already in work and might be the first one done. Sorry [ profile] enablelove and [ profile] akintay for the long wait, but you'll get your fics. Promise.

♥ I'm slowly catching up on the SF con videos and these two here made me laugh so much. I love, love Jared's laughter and the way he looks at Jensen while cracking up and Jensen just follows along.

♥ I also had a good laugh last night while watching SPN. Due to the episode and due to [ profile] morgentau keeping me company. That was fun. Only, I'm still way too tired after that.

♥ I won't post the spoilery pics here because I'm too lazy to upload them now but OMG I'm so looking forward to that episode. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season now anyway. I think my love is fully back. Not reading any reviews helps so much.

To the random things of the week:

♥ News about apartment. I have to get some documents together and hand them in as well, mainly the termination of my current sublease. Let's hope that's all they still need and that things will go fast from there one.Have to hand it in on Monday.

♥ Went shopping with my bro. I could spent hours at IKEA. Mainly got kitchen supplies, because they are cheap and look very cool right now. And I can put them somewhere if something won't work out. I also bought cute little pillows for the couch I don't have. But I found a couch that looks awesome and is so very comfy. I can't buy it right now because i don't know where to put it. I just hope I'll find something similar and equally cheap when I can buy it.

♥ While being on a tour I discovered that one of the electronic stores has the coffee machine my mum has been coveting over for years as a special offer. And since the price is really, really good I bought one for her and one for me. I usually don't drink coffee but you can make lattes, tea and chocolate with it as well. And really, it was only 39€ compared to the usually 99€, it's awesome.

♥ Also bought seasons 2 and 3 of "Queer as Folk" for 12€. Man, there is so much I don't remember about this show and it's really interesting to watch it all back to back
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♥ So a really, really awesome person added my name to the love meme and other awesome people commented on it. Thank you sooooo much! This made me smile.
I feel so bad for not going through the meme right now and leaving comments left and right, because you all deserve them. I hope you know how much I appreciate the comments and I really want to give them back. But seeing as there are 21 pages and my head as wells as my back are killing me I'll bow out in shame and just keep on telling you guys how cool you are in your LJs... uhm sorry.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ I'll go to bed soon, might be back for SPN but I don't know.

♥ One last thing. Have another snippet from the J2 / Fast and Furious crossover ) and tell me how that reads please.. Because I keep on writing and I have no idea if that actually sounds alright or not. It's like word vomit on the screen and I like most of it, but can't tell if it reads good or not. So please.. help

♥ Haven't finished writing anything in days. I hope to get some things done this weekend. *headdesk*
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♥ This is for [ profile] akintay! Birthday present is here (sorry that you have to share it with the comms... :) )*hugs*. Hope you like it.

Fic: "Just one of those stories...“ Part 5 of 5, It's just the way I am, J2, R.

♥ This also means I have a BINGO on my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card! YAY. And I got a prompt done for the [ profile] notjustroomates November prompt.


♥ I think I might be slightly tipsy because of the whiskey but then I think I'm just really tired.

♥ Can't believe how happy I am over a stupid Panda hat. My fashions sense these days either sucks or is adapting to the local customs. I don't know which is worse. But the hat is totally cute.

♥ I feel really random right now. I probably should go to bed and stop drinking tea at 11pm. *headdesk* I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'd rather hang out with [ profile] slippery_fish and discover as of yet unknown to me parts of the city. Meh...
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♥ I saw this around and thought it was a good idea... proof me wrong if you want.

So since I probably won't be able to send any Christmas cards this year (safe for the special snowflakes that always get one and to who I own packages anyway. :)) I thought I'd offer something else for the holidays.

Leave me prompts for drabbles. Can be Christmas-themed or not I don't care (and I only promise drabbles because I still have so many things to write). Yoiu know my fandoms but you can try and convince me to write something else. I just have to know about it (no promises though, leave an Plan-B prompt, too).

So yes, leave me prompts!!! Or you know, I might even try to draw or make icons. Torture me.

Considering how 'many' of you participated last time I think I won't have much to do... so I'm willing to submit to the torture... ;=)

Also this is purely for procrastination purposes and to distract myself from real life.


I have been working on the outline for the SPN RPS AU crossover fic I was somehow tricked into writing. I have some scenes done already and I don't know if I like the tone of the story so far. I like the plot, I like the idea, I like it all in all but I'm not sure about the voice.

The thing is I have this scene where I keep things vague so not to spoil the surprise but I'm not sure if it's working.

So there goes your mission (if you should accept it), tell me if it's working and if not what I should change. Should I use names right from the beginning or not?

This is the first scene after the Prologue, so everything is still new.

Warning to [ profile] chani_atreides and [ profile] morgentau, contains spoiler for fic, but go ahead and yell at me for fucking it all up.. LOL

Have a 'little' snippet from the SPN RPS (J2) / Fast and Furious crossover fic )
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♥ Comment meme pimping:


Go and leave prompts or write. It's fun. Made my day a little shorter. :)


♥ Will be away this weekend. Belfast and the Giant's Causeway. I won't take my computer with me. So I'll either see you on Sunday evening or Monday.
Don't do too many exciting things, I'll have to catch up later.

♥ Will go to bed soon since we are leaving around 5.50h to get the bus at 6.45h. And yes, those are am times. But I think I'll get up for SPN anyway, because I really don't want to wait until Sunday evening or even Monday to watch it. And I still have to pack my things for this weekend.
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♥ Next part for my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card. Used the Wild Card this time.
J2, PG-13, "Just one of those stories...“ Part 2 Back to school?
Features grumpy!Jensen. I have to thank [ profile] enablelove for the prompt. :)

I edited that during work, which shows how much I had to do today. Being bored at worked is the worst thing possible. But I guess that will change soon again. I hope so anyway.

♥ Just realized how many shows I'm actually watching again. Man, I can barely get them all or even watch them. I have no time. Since when do I have a life? Or rather, since when is work eating my time like that? Not cool... *pouts*

Also, having about a 1000 TV channels saves me from dling some shows.. really... Saw Bollywood in English, let's say it was interesting, but I liked it.
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♥ Next part for my [profile] schmoop_bingo card. Used the Wild Card this time.
J2, PG-13, "Just one of those stories...“ Part 2 Back to school?
Features grumpy!Jensen. I have to thank [personal profile] enablelove for the prompt. :)

I edited that during work, which shows how much I had to do today. Being bored at worked is the worst thing possible. But I guess that will change soon again. I hope so anyway.

♥ Just realized how many shows I'm actually watching again. Man, I can barely get them all or even watch them. I have no time. Since when do I have a life? Or rather, since when is work eating my time like that? Not cool... *pouts*

Also, having about a 1000 TV channels saves me from dling some shows.. really... Saw Bollywood in English, let's say was interesting, but I liked it.
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♥ Started on my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card. Finally.
I'm starting with the J2 stories before I go over to the Jared/Alec ones.

Anyway, fic:
"Just one of those stories...“ Part 1 One time at camp, Jared/Jensen, PG, 4.996 words

♥ Two days to go and I'm starting to panic a little, not because of Dublin but because I think I'll never be able to fit everything I want to take with me in a suitcase. A suitcase that isn't supposed to go over the limit of 20kg. Argh. Clothes for three months that are suitable for the office but not too fancy, this is so very hard. I can't decide what to take. *flails a little*

♥ I also have still so many things to do, like write down how to use Skype and so on for my mum and get all the things together that I need and those that have to stay here. Urgh, my time management is seriously off these days. And I'm not sleeping all that well. But I'm not really panicky over Dublin, I'm more excited now.

♥ I got to know where I'll live today. I and one other participant of the course will stay with our mentor in her house. I hope that works out. But she sounded nice when I talk to her on the phone. She will also show us around in Sunday so that we will know how to get to work on Monday. At least one thing less to worry about.

♥ And since I'm bored when I'm not stressed I'm working on icons I actually plan to post somewhere, if I happen to like them.

♥ I managed to save all the BB fics I haven't read yet and let me tell you, it's a lot. Took me two days to get it all down. Well, at least I won't have to take books with me. *lol* That reminds me, that I still have to make a backup of all my data, won't take the mobile harddrive with me.
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♥ ...of the car continues. So the brakes are new, all four of them, and the car runs smoothly. I love driving with it now. So I decided to go and visit my grandparents today, or rather they invited me. On the way to them a small, red warning light briefly turns on and then turns off again. It was the warning light for the handbrake. It goes on when the handbrake is pulled, which it wasn't while I was driving. Cure me talking myself down from a minor panic.I told my grandpa and he said it's probably just a loose contact after they attached the new brakes. Well, on the way home the warning light was on the entire time. I think I muscle cramps now, no wonder the way I sat in the car. Argh...

♥ Spent the day at my grandparents since I never heard anything about the planned pool party again. I don't even know if it was really planned or not... My gandma kicked my ass at a cards game, one I always used to play when I spent my summer holidays with them. It's been years since I played. I, again, realized that I'm way too nice and don't really have a strategic mind.

♥ Haven't heard anything about the start of the program either, which is only just a week away. I'm curious if they'll call me this week, if not I'll call them Thursday. Meh.

♥ My muse has left me again. I hate writer's blocks, especially when I'm int he middle of something. In the middle of several somethings actually.
I'm working on my schmoop_bingo card and x5!Jared will have appearances there as well. I really like the Long Way Home verse and those prompts are kinda challenging when it comes to writing x5!Jared

♥ I also decided to try my hands at writing something with "The Curiosity of Chance" in mind. My J2 version of it. The thing is I can't decide who of the J's should be Chance.
Should Jared be the musical one, playing drag and being out but not really and Jensen the jock in a band hoping for his breakthrough? I don't know.. Help!!!!

I also have a new Parkour idea.. or rather I want to finish my first Big Bang idea because I like the beginning and maybe I'll find a way to finish it.

♥ I feel like re-watching SPN from season one onwards. I feel like sitting down and re-watch it and enjoy it without any bias, I don't think it's possible but I think I'll try.

♥ Meme answers I owe:

For [ profile] elless18
* What did you go to school for, and what's your dream job? )

For [ profile] ithilmenel
* *What's your favorite movie? )
* Which celeb do you have the biggest crush on? )
* What's your favorite song? (current or all-time) )
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My latop scared me to death on Thrusday and then on Friday again. It booted, up until the point where it showed the Windows sign, pinged and switched over tot he desktop.. only that it didn't switch but stayed black. There was a mouse pointer, I could move it and all but nothing else showed. Have to restart and do a system recovery. No idea what it was and if it will happen again. Safe mode worked the first time and I could save data and all, just no internet for me.. the second time it only worked for the datas before the recovery. I lost some stories. Anyway, works now and is even faster, I am still suspicious though.

Other things:
-> I am blocked. Like completely blocked. Probably because I lost the rewritten last part of the Dark Angel fic. Haven't written a word since then, not even edited stuff, which I am supposed to do so that I can finally post someone's late birthday present.

-> Did post fic though for the "Wherein verse": "Wherein Jared tries not to be too miserable (and to avoid being kidnapped by Mike... or not)", J2, PG-13

-> switched my Big Bang idea out for another one and I can finally take notes and start planning. I am glad I did it and I think [ profile] chani_atreides will like this very much (not so mcuh the fact that she'll have to wait even longer now).

-> Bought a new bed and a new bookshelf (because it was on sale), threw out my old bookshelf and the old bed. I can sleep again, at least for a bit and I am rested now...a bit. So it really was the bed? Am still a little doubtful. Kitty loves the new bed already, it's way lower than my old one and she can just climb on without having to jump.
Spent three days sorting through books, DVDs and other things. I threw away about three sacks full of stuff.

-> to add to my massive amount of books (I had no idea I had *that many*) I ordered five more, so yeah I think my days will be filled with reading and hopefully writing again.

-> Allergies are worse than ever.... I don't know what to do, my eyes are burning and my nose is constantly swollen. I hate it. I feel like shit.

-> When I wasn't building my bed and bookshelf I was going three a "The OC" marathon. Found season 2 to 4 for 10 each, so no 15€ at amazon. Yay me. Too much money anyway but I needed it.

-> Podfics are awesome, especially podfics of fics from yoru fav authors and your fav reader. *nods* It starting to become my late night ritual before bed.

-> Mum should be back tomorrow and I still have some things to do around here. Nothing goes over spending Easter alone and cleaning and watching "The OC". Is it me or does that sound rather pathetic?
Well not really all alon, had my cat and grandparents + visitor came by today, brought lunch and cake and 20€ (I so know what that will be... Summer dress here I come). It was a nice surprise.

-> The boys... oh the boys made me smile this weekend. I am so glad that this con went so well. Just the pictures alone... and yeah... Boys.
Thank you Jensen war making me smile. Thank you Jared for making me snort out loud. Thank you Jim Beaver for being just... you... :=)

I forgot where I got it from but Jensen *sighs* and Jared :D )
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I am closer to actually getting all the stories done that I still owe.
Posted two, both J2 and both late Christmas presents. So for anyone interested:
"Lean on me, when you're not strong" (for [ profile] enablelove) and "The Discovery of a Sun and Finding it in Graceland" (for [ profile] matalinolukaret).


Since no one wanted to leave prompts the other day I am trying it again. Just because I have nothing else to do (note the sarcasm?) and because I want to finish my prompt tables. I have realised that having other promtps that go along with the table actually helps a lot with finally writing them (I need six more little ficlets to be done with the Jared table).

Writing Meme:
1) Give me a fandom (or several, if you want a crossover) and a character/pairing.
2) Give me a picture unrelated to the fandom.
3) I'll try to write you a drabble inspired by the picture. (no promises)

Random facts of the day:

* I am sort of caught up in a SPN/Twilight crossover fic and I can't stop reading. Help! Please!!!!!

* I really need new glasses now. Mine have a huge scratch across one of the lenses. I know why I wanted to do that when the special offer was still going, I wonder why I didn't do it in the end. I still have contacts but I'd like to have glasses, too.

* My camera just died and I don't really have the money or the nerve to start looking for a new one. Damn.

* Twitter sometimes really annoys me. I don't even know why.

* My bed is about to collapse. Well, another way to spend money then. *sighs*

* It's really kind of hard to write fic when your cat is sitting in your lap. She won't shut up either. Very distracting.

* I hate that I still don't really know if I can go to London or not. I want to. So bad. I miss London.

* I kind of don't like that fact that most parts of fandom aren't my happy place anymore. I stay away from a lot of things lately. It's sort of hard to connect with some people because I feel the urge to hit them over the head despite the fact that I know thesy can be 'normal' and nice. I sometimes really wonder if it's human to be like this or just plain insanity. And I wondered why I suddenly feel more comfortable with AUs. I feel sad that I sometimes wish it would be over just so that things might stop again, and I don't even know half of it because I only ever stumble over links.

That said, I can't wait for the new SPN episode. I saw one clip and that's the only spoilers I know about any of the new episodes, so I think I might actually enjoy watching things again because I am not spoiled. I think that was a rather good decision on my part, staying away from spoilers.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] evil_witch666!!!!

Have an awesome day!

I am still working on your present, so it will be late.
Time management is not my strength.

Hehe, nice way to wake up.
I am only reading reports and watch vids and safe pic.
I am not reading anything else because I am kind of tired of it and I just want to be left alone by other's issues.

Some LA Con observations:
* friends... I love seeing it
* Neither of the boys is wearing any jewellery, safe for Jensen's watch. No rings, no bracelets. That must be a first time.
* such coffee addicts
* Jensen laughing is nice.. really nice...
* matching clothes are nice indeed... but why so baggy? ;)
* *sighs* Okay, so since Misha was so open, it's so clear that they all know about it and we know that they know... I don't know how that makes me feel.

Going back to thesis work now.

Okay, no.. first I have to got some orders out or my mum will kill me.
Yay for saving money and using less energy. It's almost 10€ less per month this year.
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Seems like J2 is very much alive and alight... as a concept. And Jensen is the one guarding the fire. I love it.
*polishes tinhat*
I love how Jared said 'they' were late because Jensen fucked up the alarm clock. Interesting. Only Jensen had to spoil it and not say 'we' when he commented on it.
But Jensen made up for it. :)
"...AHAHAHAHA I forgot one story! Someone asked them about the wrap party and they said they didn't know, they didn't make it. They flew here yesterday to be with us instead and, to quote Jensen, "Jared and I had our own wrap party last night." Then he smirked and added "That's why I'm having a hard time moving around this morning." ..." source
Oh boys.

Also, good to know that I could kind of edit my last post.

Yes, I know I am spammy today.
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I wasn't home all that much yesterday and today. Spent a really nice day with C and J yesterday (tasty pancakes and the usually craziness), which was kind of repeated today only that I visit J at work and handed in another application and met up with C to do some shopping. So I didn't have much time to check LJ repeatedly. I am trying to catch up now.
Shopping was in so far successful that I managed to get a new SD card for my camera for half the money they want on amazon.
I got root beer. I wanted Dr. Pepper and got root beer. Oh well...
I also got a new kind of shampoo which I want to try out since Herbal changed mine too much for it to work for me. So yes, success.

I am so not talking about the Qualifying. nothing against Jenson Button. It's cool that he has the pole. The only thing make it better for me though is Sebastian on three.
Oh Kimi. At least Kimi is way, way in front of the McLaren. *snorts*

Busy rest of the weekend ahead of me.
I want to be done with the major scenes for my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story.
I kind of have the plan to work on my thesis during the week and to work on fanfic and such things during the weekend. So far it's working out. No idea how long I will be able to stick to it.

Wanted to work on the Sam/Dean piece as well but I am still kind of stuck there.

I think I had too many gummi bears.
I feel slightly sick now.

*waits patiently for J2 to have their wrap party tonight and to show up in LA tomorrow*
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I know I am probably late with this but I went to bed really early yesterday and just got back home from the doctor's.
But yay for Jason!!! Now I really, really have a reason to go if Jensen should cancel or something... Jason as an interviewer, man this will be awesome (him interviewing Jensen).
And a concert!

It's not all I missed due to going to bed early.
J2 vid.. Touching knees again and Jared calling Jensen a nerd..
Call me a happy fangirl and I am off to polish my tinhat.
So there..

So I finally managed to watch the newest Leverage and Gossip Girl this morning. I have to say that "Leverage" was kind of avarage but even despite that I still love the show.
As for "Gossip Girl", I think I have an OTP now, and as usual it is not one of the established/canon pairings. Go me..

I am off to finally do some more grocery shopping before my mum comes home and I need to get new meds anyway.
Then I should probably use the fact that I am feeling okay-ish and awake and finally write the last part of my [ profile] spn_j2_xmas story, so that I can send it off to be betaed.
And then, when this is done I will sit down and try to catch up with my flist and fic to read and so on, because you guys are distraction.
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* re-watching "A very Supernatural Christmas" and realising all over again that they have "J2" written on their motel door (yes that makes me happy, shut up and yes I know it's not actually it.)
* So Jensen's photo op is sold out.. but I have at least one!!! And now I can decide which else to order instead of contemplating spending all my money on the Jensen ones.
I just have to make sure that my pic will not look like a catastrophy (there would have been one photo only anyway).
* the Jensen Rules for the convention make me giggle.. but damn there go my plans
* the latest CSI episode
* the S/D drabble [ profile] incompletework2 wrote for me.
* the tea [ profile] lizook12 sent me.

Two drabbles (or more like ficlets):

J2, PG-13, 766 words.
[ profile] hd_obsession asked for J2, Secret Santa )

J2, PG-13,1.108 words.
[ profile] incompletework2 wanted J2: A mix up with their gifts. )

Not so good thing: flight prices are climbing and I have to figure out how to get to Birmingham the cheapest way. It kind of sucks.
I wish I knew a better way to get flights then to constantly check expedia or sites like it. I don't want to pay impossible amounts of money for the flight.
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It's kind of a tradition now, so I kinda have to say it.
The boys are back in town!!!!

Here we go again ).

And you know the BuddyTv interview? I haven't giggled so much in ages.
I feel like five and dancing around singing "Jensen has a crush on Jared".
And I didn't even have to make that up, it's all Jared's fault for saying it.
LOL.. Oh how I love those boys.
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It's kind of a tradition now, so I kinda have to say it.
The boys are back in town!!!!

Here we go again ).

And you know the BuddyTv interview? I haven't giggled so much in ages.
I feel like five and dancing around singing "Jensen has a crush on Jared".
And I didn't even have to make that up, it's all Jared's fault for saying it.
LOL.. Oh how I love those boys.

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