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-> First of all welcome new friends! Hope you'll have fun around here.

-> The newest part of the Dark Angel story is up now.
"The Long Way Home Part 6A"

-> I just came back from watching "Percy Jackson". Hmm, not bad, partly silly and with plotholes, but not bad. The music was cool and fit so very well with the scenes. I had a good time watching it.
Is there fic out there? I am too lazy to go and look myself right now.

-> I'm working on the last three prompts from a few weeks ago. It took me longer than I expected but then my muse has been a little bitchy lately.
I am also only four stories away from finishing that first snapshots table (about time I'd say). I hope my muse will help me out a little when it comes to starting Big Bang.
But then it's my third time and I should be used to it all by now.. only I am not. Also, thanks to everyone who voted, I think I actually like the outcome of this poll.

-> Since [ profile] enablelove already asked me to do it, anybody else who wants to hear me making a fool out of myself? So yeah voicepost meme, ask questions if you must.

-> I am cold and hungry. Not a good combination. But I am also too lazy to get up and make something to eat (not to mention that it's way too late anyway).

-> Anybody else out there who was mostly bored by the Oscars this year? Only NPH rocked.
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So LJ, did it again and ate my entry... ARGH


Happy Birthday to [ profile] joanne_c and [ profile] spiritcrow!
Have a great day guys!

Shoot me! I want to see "The ugly Truth" and I don't even like Kathrine Heigl.
But I want to see it. I really do.

Stolen from [ profile] hd_obsession and [ profile] incompletework2
Post a picture in my comments of what you think describes me when you think about what/who I am.

Give no written explanation. Just an image.

Post this in your journal and see what images you get.

I actually expected nothing else from these election but that doesn't mean I am not disappointed.
I can see this fail so much that I don't even want to talk or think about it.
This sucks so much. And only for political reasons.

The most conservative government you can get and they are headed by a woman and a gay party leader.
It might be telling much about our society.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] hoveringon!
Have a great day. *huggles*

Working on prompts is fun right now or would be if I wasn't stuck with every single one of them.
I mean it is fun trying to work around the block and I am not overly frustrated but it would be nice to actually get things done.

[ profile] purequicksilver, I think I need more of your mind's ideas for x5!Jared. They seem to work for my muse. :)

Instead of working on those prompts right now though, I feel like making icons.
But I know how frustrated I get when things don't work out the way I see them in my mind.
So I guess writing it will be.

Accidental shopping happened again yesterday.
Ended up with DVDs, a jacket and a Sylvester shirt that I already love to pieces. And I only wanted to go to my bank after work.
This way I am on a Bollywood trip again. New movies do that to me. And right now I need my happy Bollywood at least once a week.

I still feel dizzy a bit and my ear hurts.
I have no idea what it is but at least I am not feeling sick. Just not well.

Also SPN in two days... and I am mostly not spoiled which is awesome.
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Yesterday I met up with J and C (who generously sponsored my ticket. Thank you girls! *hugs*) to see Watchmen.
And even thoiugh this movie is long and has a lot of things to tell I liked it... a lot even. I am nto really awake enough to write anything remotely recognisable as a review but I did make some notes.
Spoiler for Watchmen ).

So not a real review. I just kind of woke up and I am still a little dizzy with sleep.
I only went to bed around 4am, because I couldn't fall asleep, which was weird sinvce I nearly missed my train stop on the way home because I was about to fall alseep. I guess a ride on the bike during 1am in the cold makes you wake up pretty fast, but I hate to walk home from the station so I always have my bike waiting for me there.
I spent the night watch the day's reruns of Life (which started here on TV early that evening and which I actually like. It's a good show to watch that late ebcause you are still able to grasp the concept despite being tired as hell) and Torchwood (which started as well and which I have seen a number of times already. I have to say the dubbing is not as bad I thought it would be. I have to find out who Jack's and Ianto's voices are, I know them).
I feel the urge to rewatch all of Torchwood now. *sighs*

Later today I'll be off to J's place to have our long planned *serial killer evening*, and I am aware of how that sounds. It's nothing bad though, just watching some movie and TV show episodes.
I am actually glad we are doing that today because I am kinda of stuck with some things again and I have the slight hope that one day away from things will make it easier to get back into it.
So not being home means I'll probably watch SPN a little later than usual (but there will still be a review... I can't go without my notes on that show. :)).
I am looking forward to it, it's the first time since season 2 that I am only minimally spoiled and so far I like it that way.

I on the way to finally finish my [ profile] whenboymeetsboy fic.
First part is already with the beta and I am working on finsihing the second part.
I have no idea how this thing got so huge. I only had to start three times with it and I just wanted to have the word count and be done with it.
Now it's on the way to being epic and I don't really want that.

The best news I got yesterday is that [ profile] anjaliss booked her flight for June to come up and visit me. I am so excited. We haven't seen each other in almost two years.
It will be so awesome. We have been making plans on what to do for ages now.

ETA: Is it me or is LJ not loading icons? I am not sure if it's me or not since it doesn't work in any browser I open.

Bloody computer.

ETA2 And why the hell did my entry move up on my flist? There I go, leaving my LJ alone and my entries moves? WTF? I only unlocked it like half an hour ago, nothing more.
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... before I go back to bed.

I love Sean Penn!!!
I might have had a tear in my eye.

Hugh Jackman was awesome.
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I mean unproductiveness (ist that even a word? I doubt it).
I had planned to do so many things today, I managed one thing and that was watching the movie for my [ profile] whenboymeetsboy fic again to get some scenes done.

My head though was very productive.
It produced headaches all day and just stopped after I took a very long bath this evening.


Anyway, I feel kinda left out these days. I couldn't comment on half of the entries on my flist because of spoilers.
Sorry guys... I'll look out for the non-spolery entries.
I am really trying to stay away from things.
I do believe it's better for my sanity.


Yesterday, [ profile] slippery_fish and me went to see "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist" and I have to say that I liked it.
It's a nice little movie and it was worth getting out in the evening to see it.
Not a wasted evening.

Speaking of movies. I don't even know how often I have seen Friday 13th now.
No, that's wrong.
I know it's been three times now, so not so bad. And I didn't even mind the dubbed version, because the original version isn't better or worse.
Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I want more Clay Miller/Tom Hanniger fic.
I have read some pretty good ones but I need more.
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@ [ profile] evil_witch666: You said I should sceam once I know the schedule for the Fantasy Film Fest. It's online now and they will show "My Bloody Valentine 3D" in the Orginal Version on March 7th here in town.
The German start is set for May (no idea of they'll be showing the OV then as well).

Full schedule and more info at
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Happy Birthday [ profile] vunadiwai! :D

I other news, besides writing like mad today; I am on antibiotics and they make me feel nauseous. Yuck.
I hate that I react to them every single time. It's like my immune system says "I wanna fight it on my own. I don't need help dammit. *pouts*".
Obviously it can't so I have to deal with a sore throat, coughs and feeling like I want to throw up half the day. Oh joy.

I think I'll go to the premier of Friday 13th on Thursday here.
I saved up the money for it and as things are I won't need to talk meet up dates since no one actually really wants to see the movie anyway (just me :D).
Yay Jared.

And btw, he did look really good at the NY Comic Con.

I decided to really, really stay away from anything spoilery (not including pictures because I cannot resists those) for SPN.
I decided it's better for my health and for my mood not to read them and not to read any comments in certain comms about them.
I am just kind of tired about freaking out about things which aren't clear and haven't happened yet. I'll believe it or get angry about or love it when I see it (on screen).

I'll go into watching the episodes spoiler-free and decide then and there if I like what I am seeing or not. It used to work just fine in Season One and may it will be more fun without knowing anything.
Works with Gossip Girl for me right now.
So this LJ is a spoiler-free zone from now one, or at least until I decide to read something or talk about something.

ETA: Fic rec

Sam/Castiel, NC-17, Mercy Comes With the Morning.
It's the continuation of Like a Rolling Thunder Chasing the Wind .
It's not my OTP but I love the whole story and the way it is written. I love how much Sam and Dean there still is and that it totally works for me this way.
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[ profile] hd_obsession thank you so much for the V-gift.
*huggles* :D

I didn't sleep at all tonight and this morning I agreed to help my mum with stuff.
We just got home and I am ready to fall over. I am so dizzy it's not even funny anymore.
I am just going over my flist before I'll go to bed and sleep it off.
Man, I so need to stop the being-awake-for24-hours-stints.

I am not even able to do the advent stuff and things I promised people. I'll try to get those things done tomorrow and over the weekend (if i get my sleeping schedule under crontrol again).

So yeah, I am not really good with commenting today.

Anyway, my brother is still an ass but my mum is helpful these days, so maybe I'll still be able to get things done before Christmas.
No idea if they will be on time though.

I want to see "Dream Boy" because it's based on one of the books I am using for my thesis and I think it will beinteresting to see how they got it done.
The problem is, it's only in one theatre in the city here and I so don't want to go alone, but I can't imagine anyone wanting to go with me because I guess it's not all that interesting for people not interested in books/films like that (not to mention that you'd have to pay money to see it.).
The DVD will be put next months, but it's pretty expensive so I don't really know.
No idea what Ill do.

As for watching things.
I still love "Leverage". I really do, so I'll keep on watching.
I finally managed to watch "Gossip Girl" and I am still like 4 eps behind with "Merlin" and I just can't bring myself to watch them.

Random computer fact of the day: mine starts to smell when it gets hot.
So not cool. :(
It's only a year old.

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So I saw The Dark Knight tonight. Josi, Claudia and me finally managed to watch it.
I liked it, even though it had some rather long winded scenes.
Some rambling thoughts )


Comment and I'll give you a letter. Then you have to list ten things you love that begin with that letter. Post this in your journal and give out some letters.
[ profile] shiplessheathen gave me the letter S.

On to the letter )

[ profile] shiplessheathen also fulfilled one of my "Fall Fandom Free for All" requests.
And it's totally cute and awesome J2. Go and read if you haven't yet.
That's How the Futures Done

Brother dear ist here, didn't know he would be. So theplace is full. Anway, he waited with Hawaiian toast and some California rosé wine.
I am having a midnight snack and I think I am getting drunk as well.. :)
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First things first, since it is already after midnight here and since I don't know if I'll be online during the day:

Happy Birthday [ profile] benitle!
Have a great day!

Had a lovely afternoon/evening with [ profile] sandrine.
We met up to watch Mamma Mia!, which turned out to be funny and good. I still have some of the songs running on repeat in my head.
It took me some time to recognize Amanda Seyfried. I mean I know it was her but I couldn't remember where I had seen her before. Great singing voice.
Colin Firth was awesome. And I even oculd stand to watch Pierce Brosnan (even with a voice like that. It was decent when he was singing with Meryl Streep).
Meryl Streep's voice surprised me.

Got some drinks afterwards and generally enjoyed the atmosphere of the Sony Center.
Until my grandpa called just tot tell me that my mum had managed to close herself out of the apartment.
D'uh. She was waiting in the car until I got there, 1 1/2 hours later.

LJ is not letting me comment.
It's not loading.
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Wheeee Kimi. I squeaked after the qualifying and not only because of Kimi but because of Fernando being second as well.. oh and because of the Kimi/Nando hug afterwards.

Met up with one of my oldest school friends whom I haven't seen in years (definitely more than one year). She is a mother now and married. So Jessi, Josi and me went to visit them and say Hi to the little boy.
He is cute and okay when he is entertained. Maybe this time we'll manage to meet up more often and not wait years again.

And why the hell did no one tell me that Shah Rukh Khan will be in Germany with his new show?
Me want to go. *nods*
I am off to watch "Don" now.

Big Bang post maybe later or tomorrow.
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I met up with Claudia and Josi to go and watch Transformers last night. First we went to Starbucks (I think this will be my new task, find one in Milan) and then wenmt to watch the film. And the film is pretty good. I had no expectations since it is Transformers after all and a Michael Bay movie but it really is worth watching. Bay actually got away with the pathetic patriotism because it were the Autobots saying it and the rest of the film was kind the opposite.

Okay, so I am all packed (and as usually I feel like I am forgetting half of the stuff) and right now I am updating my MP3-player and am trying to figure out what to wear on the flight. It's warm here and in Milan but I guess they will have the AC on full power on the plane... meh decisions.

Anyway, I will leave in about 4 hours and just wanted to say Bye! :)
Don't do too many exciting things while I am gone. See ya all in a week (if I am not able to find internet acces..).

Oh and Happy Birthday Mooney Bren!!!
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I don't know if that's good or bad but it seems that the Simpsons helped me sleep well last night. Or it was the wine... :)
Anyway, [ profile] slippery_fish and me watched the Simpsons movie last night and it was surprisingly (or not so since it is the Simpsons after all) good and funny.
I think some people thought we were crazy when we cheered at the credits... But Chris getting a whole line for himself in the credits is freaking awesome.

[ profile] simplydelovely, I got your card. Thank you so much! *hugs*
And remember the bear card I sent you? I got it back because one of the stamps fell off, so I have to sent it again. Ooops.
But I will, promise!

And no wonder I am awake right now, I actually slept 9 1/2 hours. I think that is a record for the last months.
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OMG I can't believe it, I snet the paper off. Not that I am hopeful or posivit about getting the credits since the paper sucks mightyly, but I'll at least get a chance of redoing it now. I hope so anyway.
I totally exhausted now. Mainly due to having a major cold (whee I am coughing now, too) and due to the heat in my room. So working on a paper like that is not really fun. My mum reading through it helped a bit making feel less dumb and unable, but not much.

All I want to do right now is sleep. Which I can't because it is way too hot in here.

On to good things then, went and saw OotP last night. A bunch of us including Claudia, Josi and Kathi went to see it
I would write about it if I were just a little less exhausted and beaten. So I would do what I usually do, I just link to other posts if I wouldn't be too lazy and exhausted for even that. Anyway, let's just say that Claudia and I agree about everything except for one point (and that's noteworthy.). Slippery_fish's little review is here, so be aware of HP spoilers if you click that link.. ;)

I am seriously thinking about a HP icon. I never had one before... Huh...

Oh and yeah it's always fun to realize how much of a digital and internet base society we have become. I am now a proud owner of a Starbucks plastic cup with "Milky Way" written on it, because real names aren't really important anymore. Cyber-Pseudonyms rule. Thanks [ profile] kayotica. I am still highly amused by it... ;)
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Couldn't sleep last night, or better I fell asleep and was wide awake again around 1a.m. I ended up watching TV, which might not have been such a good idea if I had planned to fall asleep again (I might have). Anyway, I got stuck on "Sorority Boys". I don't know if it was because it was so late or because it was just so damn idiotic but I couldn't stop laughing. Oh, I guess it was because of Michael Rosenbaum. That man looks hot as a chick. No seriously. I kept comparing him to Lex Luthor the whole time. Not a good idea.
Oh and he had hair, and that actually looks good on him, too.
And throughout the whole movie I wondered where I knew one of the "real" girls from. Just checked it: "Soul Survivers", and I thought I had forgotten everything about that. Apparently not.
Okay, I laughed my ass off.
And it seems like the CW boys are haunting me. Sorority Boys last night (with Mike and Barry Watson) and "Cheaper by the Dozen" tonight, with Tom Welling and Jared.
I think I should stop watching so many CW shows. Oh hell, I have nothing else in my life.

I guess I know what Aaron has been doing. Practicing Morning Finals. During a meet, a yards meet nonetheless.

Klete has been DQed with the 4x100 Free relay. Hehe... Both Michgan relays were DQed actually.

Have a minor cold and mum and I wallow in winter depression-like moods. I should stop listening to Take That's "Wooden Boat".
I love this song but it's just depressing.
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Wow Aaron really is swimming again. As in competing and not skipping a meet. Nice times so far, just prelims but nice.
And yay Klete. Nice time.

So I guess having Thorpey there to train with him helps Larsen. A lot.
8:03.49 isn't that bad for a tapper swim.
This though amuses me somehow. Hollywood. Nice Ian. Very fitting.
Training Under Salo, Thorpe Settled into Hollywood Home 

To everyone who hasn't seen Over the Hedge yet. Go and see it.
Good, so funny: Love it.

*sings* I want Candy!
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I think I am impossibly spoiled for X-Men 3 now.
*sobs* Damn. I think I don't like it.
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[ profile] callmecayce and I were talking about movies just now. And I found a trailer site for Over the Hedge. So CUTE!.

I actually wanted to post a pic spam, just can't decide who to do (yeah I know).. Swimmers, Jared/Jensen, Angel Gomez.
Hmmm, maybe later, when I am bored again.
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You know I should be doing so much more than just watching movies or reading fic. I actually am doing more, like writing another paper, I am just stuck right now.
I think I should ask Netrillium again to fix my script. They still didn't do anything and I have no idea what's wrong. Not that this is important, these are just the articles. I am more worried about the fact that I didn't get the confirmation mail for me paying my account this month. Either they didn't process it yet or I just did not get the mail. No idea.

I am tired to the bones. I slept too long today.

[ profile] slippery_fish, I think you would want to watch Edison as well. It has Piper Perabo and Roselyn Sanchez (Elena).

And the usual Supernatural squeeing (Sorry Claudia), but God that was just hilarious. I love it. Realy, really love it.

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