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* Getting ready for the party later and I just realized that this past year bears a distinct lack of LJ entries on my side... oops.

* No review entry from me this year as there isn't really much to review. This year has been weird, with the jobs and healthwise (me and family). So hopefully 2013 will be better when it comes to that.

Anyway, have a safe evening everyone.

Happy New Year
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Never done this before... the announcement thing but this time it'll be a lot of LJ's cut.
Mostly ones that haven't been updated or which I never really connected with (makes no sense to keep them around if we aren't talking at all).
Comment if you think it's a mistake and want to stay around.
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I'll be off in a few hours. Dublin here I come. Still not sure if I have everything, but then I guess I can always go and buy stuff. Anyway, I have no idea how things will look like concerning internet but I'll find a way. Hopefully before SPN starts back up again. So if not, a little bit of hiatus here I guess.

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There is a little drama taking place in my street right now. My mum came home about two hours ago and told me she had ben close to a heartattack when she drove down our street. There was a huge fire truck, police and an ambulance in front of our house and she thought the worst. Turned out it was about somehting in the house across from us. The firefighters and police officers where standing around and waiting until they got the ladder truck there. They apparently couldn't go in through the door and had to bash in a window, therefore the ladder truck.
That was a strange noise, all the crashing glass and then seeing the firefighter climbing in through the bashed hole.
Someone died in there.
Now the fire trucks are gone and only the police is there now, waiting for the coroner.

This is the third time this has happened in our street and every time I find it really, really sad.
I don't want to die like this. My mum's shaken a little right now and I can understand that.

Weird topic change right now... but I feel a little weird.
I need a beta reader.
It's not yet finished but close to being. The thing is, it's a strange pairing.
So anybody willing to read through some Sam/demon!Brady for me???

Also, welcome to my new friends and I'm sorry that this is the first entry you are seeing here.

Seems like we have a new President now? Or at least a candidate from the parties that have the majority in the goverment.
I don't even know what to think about this. I would have chosen someone else, that's for sure.

Anyway, I feel better today but my throat is really bothering me now.
I was out yseterday for the first time in over a week and I think it was a little too much. I was exhausted afterwards and did nothing but rest and read.
But hey my little shopping spree was successful (even though half of it happened online)

Evidence )


This is a really strange entry.
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First things first:
I need a beta reader.
It's ... words of Gossip Girl Chuck/Jenny... NC-17.
Any takers?


An entry to show off a new icon. I am rather fascinated by the cap.
I am easy and shallow like that. And I think only a handful of people will even get it.
I snickered a lot when I saw those puictures a few days ago. I feel the urge to write but I have so much to finish first.

On another happy note. The new pics of the boys (namely Jared and Jensen) from the 100th episode party are exactly what I needed for inspiration as it seems.
But who can resist those smiles anyway huh?
See? Those smiles... awwww.. Total dorks though )

I totally missed my LJ birthday... again. I never seem to remember.
So as of four days ago my journal is 8 years old.
Man, I never thought I'd still be here but things have changed a lot during those 8 years.

Still no Big Bang entry, but soon.
I just have to write down my ideas and then create the poll and actually think about what I actually want to ask those who are on the filter.

I made chocolate chip muffins and brownies!
And after making them I am not hungry anymore. Huh?

I should be working on more prompts and on the next part of x5!Jared but I am somewhat blocked and a little bored, so memes it is.

Meme 1
Sangged from [ profile] enablelove
Go to Google images or Flickr and type in one adjective that describes me or something that reminds you of me. Comment with it here and I'll return the favor, replying with a pic that represents you to me. No need to tell me the word -- the fun is in trying to guess the adjective.

Meme 2
Snagged from [ profile] sandrine
Give me one character (or, alternatively, a fandom) and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honourable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
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[ profile] spicy_87 is hosting a Multi-Fandom Friending Meme.
Go, have fun and find new friends!

Welcome new friend!
I have no real intro post but my profile says a lot I think.
Hope you'll have fun around here.

I am slightly drunk on Ukrainian Champagne.
I just wish this stuff wouldn't be so expensive.

Work was sort of okay today. I was bored for the last two hours because there was nothing to do but they needed me to stay so that I could man one of the telephones.

Oh and there are still spots open.
So if you want me to write you something just leave a fandom, a pairing and a prompt.
I could use some more than the two I got so far.

I am stuck with my [ profile] spn_meanttobe fic. I can't write longer crack as it seems.
At least I have my 1000 words, which doesn't mean this thing is anywhere near being done.

Also, Big Bang is over.
I have gotten used to there being new fic every day.

Edit: I totally forgot to write about it. I managed to finally watch the last three eps of Southland's first season.
And right now I can't wait for the new season. I didn't expect the twist in the last ep at all. Of all the people.. not him. I really like it.
I want to see more. Like, right now.

In celebration of that, Southland gets its own TV badge now.
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Mum is coming back earlier than planned. So my quite time is over tomorrow evening.
And I was hoping for a few more days.I am surprised how much I actually got done thesis wise. I am started to get into the topic. I just don't have a clear structure yet, which makes me a little nervous.

Big Bang is starting to work out as well, which is a surprise since I didn't really have an idea until a few days ago. There might be a poll on the way.

Also, I am watching NCIS. I totally forgot how slashy that show is. I usually don't watch it anymore.
But Tony meeting Gibb's father is just hillarious. So is Gibbs just handing the car keys over.

I was about to complain about the lack of fic I would be interested in but just now new things popped up, which kind of messes up my plan to go back to working on the thesis.
Staying away from fandom for most part of the day is relaxing. I should do it more often.

Nothing much to tell otherwise.
Nothing new. Still sending out applications and hoping.

*waves at new friends and hands over cookies*
Hi :)
Last but not least:

ETA: I dislike paring names with a vengeance. Really and truly. Not only for the pairings that I like but for every single one of them.
Dastiel? Seriosuly? Oh come on.

ETA 2: Swimming World Cup Dates...
* Durban (RSA)  17-18 Oct
* Rio de Janeiro (BRA) 23-25 Oct
* Moscow (RUS)  06-07 Nov
* Stockholm (SWE)  10-11 Nov
* Berlin (GER)  14-15 Nov
* Singapore (SIN)  21-22 Nov

Not so cool.
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I am a sheep and I have to give out hugs.
Thank you [ profile] joans23! And I am so glad I could get you hooked on Kimki/Seb.. :)
*hugs everyone else*

I'm gonna love you 'til the wheels come off (a meme) // my thread
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I am dead tired and I don't know why.. Okay I know why, because this freaking swimming arena was over heated as usual. It makes me tired as hell.
Half naked men and women though do make me wake up a little more.
[ profile] slippery_fish and me went to the first day of the World Cup today. Wheee swimming. Whee for Peter breaking a World Record. Wheee Randall (and why did Randall get flowers at the press con? And why kept Alain on touching Randall?).
Whee for Ous being there and being fast. Just whee in general I guess.
There could have been a little more people though.

So wearing maybe a little too much clothes in there and high heeled boots were not the smartest idea I had. My feet hurt. I had to take the boots off during the final session.
And I am still way too warm. I feel all over heated.

World Cup means I have been away the whole day and I didn't check my flist and I think I won't have time to do it thoroughly during the whole weekend.
Just scream at me or send me links if I miss anything important.. :)


2/7/08 00:33
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LJ just ate my entry. :(
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People are not showing up on my flist.
And I am still on theirs... WTF??
*is not impressed with LJ these days*
I have no idea why it is happening. They are on my usual defautl view flist and not in the groups view either (and I know they are in there).

I am annoyed right now, have been for some time. Mostly because of the ticket crap.
I think I'll watch some DVDs. Mayb Gilmore Girls or some Dark Angel to cheer me up.
The DA gag reel would do just fine I think.
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Okay, does anybody know why some entries of my friends do not show up on my friendslist but I am able to read them in the journals? They are not even locked or something.
I have no idea what I have missed. This is so weird. Can't be my layout can it?

Good news of the day: my prof seems to be impressed by the thesis paper (he said that at least) and he gave some more tips for the exam. It calms me down a bit and now I know what to concentrate on.
Of course I am nervous and all but I am less panicky (which will come back the day before, I am sure of it).
I feel like I should be doing something today, maybe organize my notes and read through the one book I still need to cover.
But I am so damn tired.
And I want to do something for my Big Bang story.

Roy Scheider is dead. o.O

Oh and Larsen is still a Trojan.
Wonder why he hasn't joined back with Mission Viejo, he wanted it so much last year.
Not that I mind him being a Trojan (it's USC after all). He can help Klete not to drown.


23/9/07 15:25
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Okay, so why did LJ change my layout without me doing anything? Why did I fall back on Generator and everything looks fucked up now?
What the hell is going on???? I am not the only one and I really want to know what is happening here.
I want my style back dammit!!!!

ETA: Seems like it has something to do with Flexible Squares becasue all the other styles work on my LJ. But I want my style back and not some other I had ages ago.. *pouts* I hope LJ says something about it, or at least says what happened after they fix it!

ETA2: you just have to rant long enough. Uhm... it seems to be working again. Like every five minutes it is back and then gone again. Huh?
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Uhm did LJ just ate my entry? Urgh...
Damn it... I am way too tired to write it again. Later.
Off to bed.
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So my brother got me to watch the last few minutes of the game. Oh boys! I am still proud of you though. That was well played. And third place would be great (even fourth, I mean come one we are one of the four best teams, better than Brazil and the Netherlands this time.).
And this team is so damn cuddly. Lukas kissing David on the head. Jens and Michael hugging for eternity. Oh I just hope Klinsmann stays and that we can play a good EC in 2008.

Vive La France!

And the plan of the team to come back to Berlin after Saturday's game for another day and party with fans, is kind of cool.

I don't know but it kinda confuses me that I want to answer on friend's comments and am suddenly not allowed to view the entry anymore. Or all the other locked entries.
Hmm, I just hope I haven't done anything to deserve that. I know people change their locks all the time so I hope it's not me. But still.. Huh?

*is confused*

Survived the presentation today and I think we did okay. Have to talk to the prof on Monday to see what he thinks, hope not that bad. So just one day to go and then weekend.
God, I need days off.
Oh and be able to watch the Tour for more then just 30 minutes a day.
Missed todays stage becuase I was at my grandparent's place.
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Wow, I actually figured out how to add components to my style. It's even working.
Now I just have to decide if I want to change the whole layout as well.

So I wont see the American Short Course Champs happening.
I mean obviously I wont be in Austin but I will not have internet acess (mostly likely not) during the time of the meet. APO is covered though.
But still, I'd like to know what's going on.
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Hmm, so apparently I can't view my own locked entries on other people's friendslist anymore. As far as I know I should be able to see them. But no, only when I unlock them and make them public. I have no idea if I am the only one with this problem. Anyway I never know if my friends see my locked entries or not. Kinda sucks.

I should go to bed.
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Damn for a second I thought I can't log into LJ anymore. Can't they warn you before they do such shit?
And I just chaged my pw, like two months ago. Meh...

[ profile] spiritcrow, I had to change the pw for peirsol as well, can you tell me where to change it on wordpress so that I can update from the site again?

Yesterday was the low point in Katharina's condition. It looks so much better today. Both are doing better today. Thank God. I just hope it stays like that.
Oh well, now I have theffeling that I am going to be sick again... :( I actually wanted to avoid that.

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