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* First things first: Happy Birthday [profile] silme711!!! Have a great day!


* Nothing much to tell other that I've been really busy with work and helping out with at my grandparents and trying to avoid the summer flu my colleague has been hosting for the last week. So far I've been successful with all but the last thing. I'm on sick leave for the next few days. I feel like I've been run over by semi. I was all over the place on Thursday but was okay for the next few days until yesterday.

* I managed to meet up with [personal profile] sandrine twice and saw "Bastille Day" with her and [personal profile] slippery_fish the week before last. Then there has been football and the office betting game. I actually won a cinema gift certificate.

* I'll be so very lazy this week I'm already back in bed after the very exhausting trip to the doctor's office this morning. I'll have some chocolate (thoughts of food make me all nauseous) and make some tea and then I'll watch some Bollywood.

* Feel free to rec me fluffy feel-good fics... :)
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♥ ... but I'm still feeling a little out of it. I haven't settled in yet, not completely anyway. I mean it's nice to have all my things back but I've realized in Dublin that I don't really need much of them to be happy. That was probably one reason why I had to rearrange my room again. There was too much stuff and I didn't like it. Life is strange at the moment. I sort of happy that I have classes now. It's hard to come out of a regular daily routine and just do nothing again..

♥ But then, I still have so many things to do. Mainly on the writing front. I finally really started to work on my [ profile] spn_j2_xmas fic and I like the idea and the way it's going right now. It won't be too long I think.. I don't know. Anyway, I'll need a beta reader after the weekend!! Anybody?? PLEASE???

♥ I'm also working on the drabbles I promised for Christmas. Not sure I'll get them all done before Christmas but I'm trying. Some of them might be a little longer. I'll probably post them unbetaed first and then ask for a beta later.

♥ The J2/FaF story is kicking my but, through coming up with new plots every few minutes. But then I have new inspiration now as well (thanks to the new Fast Five trailer) and it's currently at 13k. I could use it for the xover Big Bang thingy if I should decide to take part in it that is. But I could also try and post the next few parts of my Dark Angle x5!Jared story as a BigBang fic. Decisions, decisions.

♥ Let's not talk about [ profile] j2_everafter. I watched the movie. That's it. Draft is due January 10th. *flails*

♥ There is not much to tell otherwise. I'm done with Christmas shopping and I have no idea what I'll get for Christmas this year. My mum is not even hinting and my grandparents keep quiet as well, which is really kind of cool. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. I wasn't last year. It's nice to be home again and to have such things as the holidays so closely after.

♥ Speaking of Christmas, I got a really cool J2 story already as a present. Check it out. It's great.
The Mint Chocolate Chip Shake Guy by [ profile] zuben_eschamali.

Thank yous:
- for the cards to [ profile] akintay, [ profile] _bettina_ and [ profile] lizook12! *hugs*
- for the vgifts to [ profile] joans23 and [ profile] anisalovesu! *huggles*

Also, hey [ profile] elless18, I haven't forgotten about the chocolate, but will only be able to send it in January.. :) I have it already.

♥ On a random note: there are Swimming World Championships going in right now. In Dubai. I haven't seen a single race yet and I fear I won't be able to see one. Well, Aaron pulled out and I have idea why but there are still some guys (and girls) I know and would like to see. There is Nathan and then there is RyRy.. no Phelps though. Sometimes I really miss the sport and being able to watch it. These days I have no time and I actually tend to forget about it. That's not so cool. It makes me nostalgic as well.
Also, I can't believe that Ed Moses is competing again.. in Masters Swimming.. LOL

♥ It's too cold!
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♥ Thank you guys for all the messages, v-gifts, mentions, Tweets and fic (which I haven't read yet but will in a minute)! I'll reply to the PMs soon. You all made my day, which means a lot because it's the first time I'm not with my family of close friends during my birthday. It's a little weird but the group I'm here with is awesome and I was invited to coffee (tea) after work and got a sheep magnet and flapjacks cake. My colleagues gave me cookies and hugs. So yes, my birthday has been a good one so far.

♥ The package my mum sent arrived on time, today and I even got it without having to figure out where the nearest post office is. I have German chocolate now and a really cool bracelet. My mum also send a card with a Kitty paw print and that actually made me cry a little. I miss my cat.

♥ I actually wanted to make an entry about our Sunday walking tour around the coast of Howth, post pictures and all that but I'm too tired right now. Will do that some time late, because my pics turned out pretty well. I saw a seal that day. My feet are still a little dead from the walk though, 10km in 6 hours isn't bad...

♥ Also got my [profile] spn_j2_xmas assigment and I actually am pretty happy with my prompts. I can work wirth all of them but I think I'll pick the one I already have an idea for. If that shouldn't work out I can still try the others.
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♥ I'm in Dublin! And the house is awesome. My room isn't big but it's lovely and as you all can see I have wireless. YAY. My host is totally great, collected us all from the airport and hosts three of us in her own home. And she left us alone for the night, spending it with friends so that we can settle in. I have every thing (no cat though) and it's nice so far. Sightseeing and trying to find the place where I'll work is on the plan for tomorrow.

♥ The flight was okay, gave me a headache but not too bad. I had the whole aisle for myself and watched SPN eps on my cell. The dirve to the airport though was mean. I admit that I cried in the car. My mum drove me to my grandparents and the four of us drove to the airport. The first time I cried was when my mom gave me a lovely necklace and when my cat cuddle up to me. The second time was in the car. Not at the airport though, that was okay.

♥ Right now I'm tired but excited and we just had dinner with the whole group and out two hosts. I'll figure everything else out later. Also, I'll be able to watch SPN... yay!

♥ I guess I'll need a Dublin icon now. :)
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My latop scared me to death on Thrusday and then on Friday again. It booted, up until the point where it showed the Windows sign, pinged and switched over tot he desktop.. only that it didn't switch but stayed black. There was a mouse pointer, I could move it and all but nothing else showed. Have to restart and do a system recovery. No idea what it was and if it will happen again. Safe mode worked the first time and I could save data and all, just no internet for me.. the second time it only worked for the datas before the recovery. I lost some stories. Anyway, works now and is even faster, I am still suspicious though.

Other things:
-> I am blocked. Like completely blocked. Probably because I lost the rewritten last part of the Dark Angel fic. Haven't written a word since then, not even edited stuff, which I am supposed to do so that I can finally post someone's late birthday present.

-> Did post fic though for the "Wherein verse": "Wherein Jared tries not to be too miserable (and to avoid being kidnapped by Mike... or not)", J2, PG-13

-> switched my Big Bang idea out for another one and I can finally take notes and start planning. I am glad I did it and I think [ profile] chani_atreides will like this very much (not so mcuh the fact that she'll have to wait even longer now).

-> Bought a new bed and a new bookshelf (because it was on sale), threw out my old bookshelf and the old bed. I can sleep again, at least for a bit and I am rested now...a bit. So it really was the bed? Am still a little doubtful. Kitty loves the new bed already, it's way lower than my old one and she can just climb on without having to jump.
Spent three days sorting through books, DVDs and other things. I threw away about three sacks full of stuff.

-> to add to my massive amount of books (I had no idea I had *that many*) I ordered five more, so yeah I think my days will be filled with reading and hopefully writing again.

-> Allergies are worse than ever.... I don't know what to do, my eyes are burning and my nose is constantly swollen. I hate it. I feel like shit.

-> When I wasn't building my bed and bookshelf I was going three a "The OC" marathon. Found season 2 to 4 for 10 each, so no 15€ at amazon. Yay me. Too much money anyway but I needed it.

-> Podfics are awesome, especially podfics of fics from yoru fav authors and your fav reader. *nods* It starting to become my late night ritual before bed.

-> Mum should be back tomorrow and I still have some things to do around here. Nothing goes over spending Easter alone and cleaning and watching "The OC". Is it me or does that sound rather pathetic?
Well not really all alon, had my cat and grandparents + visitor came by today, brought lunch and cake and 20€ (I so know what that will be... Summer dress here I come). It was a nice surprise.

-> The boys... oh the boys made me smile this weekend. I am so glad that this con went so well. Just the pictures alone... and yeah... Boys.
Thank you Jensen war making me smile. Thank you Jared for making me snort out loud. Thank you Jim Beaver for being just... you... :=)

I forgot where I got it from but Jensen *sighs* and Jared :D )
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* I think I haven't done that in a really long time; meeting up with [ profile] slippery_fish and going on a shopping tour. I didn't expect it to be this successful or to take this long. Finally got myself a penguin Starbucks tumbler. Yay... rather useless for anything but cofee or tea but pretty. And it has penguines on it. Not to mention the masses of chocolate and the Mike&Ikes that i bought. But I think I got some things that qualify as good outfits, among them a new coat, t-shirts and a dress I think I wouldn't even have seen or bought if Josi hadn't pointed it out to me. (BTW, [ profile] slippery_fish the yellow shirt looks awesome under the dress. Thanks. :)). My feet are dead now though. I hope I won't have to walk that much tomorrow, and seeing as the way from the train station to my cousin's place isn't all that long I should be fine.
Pictures anybody?

* I think when we were in one of the media stores we stumbled into the preparations for an iCarly autograph session. I distantly remembered seeing an ad for one of the actresses coming to this store but that was some days ago and I couldn't really be sure. When we left they were putting up the Nickelodean banner and I guess that means it was the iCarly thingy. I mean masses of teenies waiting in front of a small stage sort of points towards that.

* Is LJ eating entries again or is it my brower? My SPn review keeps on vanishing from my LJ but is back when I refresh again.
That is weird.
Also, question: what does it mean when the RealPlayer plays the audio but makes the pictures all scrambled and green? It's happening with various files and I have no idea what it is, since VCL is playing them just fine.
Any ideas?

* I want to make icons from last nights SPN ep but I suck at making them right now. I also want icons with Sam/Callen from NCISLA but the screencaps I get are shit and the frames are even shittier.
Meh.. Me, wants.

* I think I am off to watch my awesome new DVD that I got this morning and for which I had to go through an identity and age check: My Blood Valentine 3D Special Edition. At least i could prove I am over 18.
It is not really like the nice middle-aged sales lady at Douglas implied when she said I could aplly for a credit card like my mum when I am grown up. Hmm when exactly am I grown up when I am not at 28? I can't believe I am really looking that young that someone would actually think I am under 18. It's really flattering though.
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So instead of doing really useful things today I dyed my hair and painted my nails. I am such a girl today. I even watched some Julia Roberts movies.
Holiday TV program kinda sucks, as usual. Maybe I should go back to writing Big Bang.

I wanted to do a huge Big Bang post about how to go on and if I should keep the scenes that I have but I decided against it. I decided to just sit down and write what I have in my head and then let my betas tell me if it works or not.
It was what worked for me during the last challenges and I guess I put way to much pondering into my last Big Bang. I just don't really have the time nor the nerve or energy to do it that way again. I have an idea and I will write and will see where it goes.
There will probably be more Big Bang posts but they'll most likely consists of whining and complaining.
Oh and I decided against posting a counter, because looking back on how things have gone so far I'll probably delete half of what I have written again and do it completely differently. So a counter wouldn't be much of use.

Just this, I am thinking about making Jared not only a geek but an insomniac as well, since I know what I am talking about.
Suggestions about what he does when he doesn't sleep??

Thesis is going.. slow. But still going and I haven't given in to the temptation of stopping with the books again and take a break.
So yeah, I have been busy. And I actually managed to go to bed early and get a decent amount of sleep. Sorry if I haven't been around much, it will likely go on like that for a while now.

I have no idea if I will be online at all during the next three days. My mum actually decided to hold up family Easter tradition and join my cousin and my aunt at the garden. The weather is awesome for that, so I will be there. Out in the sun with a bunch of teenagers, a nine-year-old and my aunt, which I haven't seen in a year (since the blow up last year at the same time). Joy.

In other news, I am going back to a semi-regular swimming work out. I want to look halfway decent in May.
I will okay with it even if my whole condition is for shit and I can't go longer than an hour. But that is better as nothing.
And as long as I don't have a job (which I guess will never happen) I can work out.
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First of all, I might actually have an idea for Big Bang and I am getting excited about it.

Right now I am taking a break from my thesis and from finishing the story that I was supposed to be done with my the 1st. Those two things are kind of robbing my sleep these days (oh not to mention my furture angst but that won't be the topic here, no worries). So much that I am kind of unfit to be among people. I am so freaking tired, but at least I am not sick.

Totally girly random stuff.
I hate, like really truly hate the new Herbal Essences. I want the old volume shampoo back. It worked. For me at least. Now I can't do anything with my hair without getting an electrical shock after combing it. I hate having to go and look through other shampoos now just to find one that works again. It took me years to find the right one, not to mention one that is ripping the skin off my head.*sighs* Okay, I am done with that rant.

LJ seems to be back to randomly switching icons again. This time though I actually like the one they switched one of my Alec icons with. Huh, go figure...

My grandpa is the best. I have been looking for a usb cable for my cell phone and I only could find the real expensive version from Sony, which yeah would work but I didn't want to spend that much money on a single cable.I told him about it when I was there on Thursday and we looked at several catalogues and online shops but couldn't really find anything much cheaper. He called me today and told me about a site he forgot to mention and that I should go and look for the cable and then call him back. The shop actually has the one for my cell phone type and it's only 6.90€, which is really practical since I actually need the cable to get the pictures off my cell phone. It's quite a difference between 6.90 and 23.95. I wonder what makes the one cable that much mor expensive. It's probably just the name.

Fandom stuff, which means there is the meme at the end of this. So yeah, you are warned. Oh and it's and OTP meme. :)

Oh and I have not seen any of the spn 4.15 clips. I am trying to be strong, so there.
But dude, I would love people to use cuts. Yes, I have laughed about the posted thing and it's cute but argh spoiler... *is miffed* Why do people make it so hard to stay spoiler-free?

Cuteness alert for the day.... Jared and his dogs. Most of you probably have seen the pictures by now and I don't really feel all that good about reposting them, so I won't.
But dude, looking at Jared and the dogs cuddling makes my day better. And I have to think about the picture Jared was talking about, the one on his cell with the dogs and Jensen on the bed. I actually want to see that one.. :)

Meme time again.
Okay, so this is basically a sentece describing my OTPs. 17 of them to be exact (I never knew I had that many) and all you have to do is trying to find out which pairing it meant.
I know it sounds hard, but if you know my fandoms it shouldn't be that hard (I tried to be obvious, and yes TV shows, movies, books and rps... oh and there are het pairings). I am not doing the screened comments thing, who comments gets it. I am too lazy to do it the other way. :) I have done that meme ages ago but some things have changed since then so yeah.. Behind the cut since it's long and all.
Guess the OTP meme )
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So I admit I got caught up in the electorial coverage.
I wanted to go to bed and sleep but my mum was still awake, on the phone and she was kind of loud with the doors, so I was still awake around 2am and just thought I'd look into the coverage to get an overview and then go to bed.
Yeah, right. I think I slept a little in between but I was awake enough to see Obama's speech and then get a call from my cousin.
I didn't expect him to call. He sent a text first and asked if I was awake though. I hadn't spoken to him in a while and he was close to Times Square and it was loud. Really loud.

I know how my family voted and I guess in this case it's nice to see that votes do count.
It was interesting to zap between the different channels and the different ways of coverage. I liked that the ZDF was invited to work from within the American Embassy, it worked quite well.

I just wish the Prop 8 votes would have been anything but what they are. WTF?


I think I'll take a little nap now and will go shopping with my mum later. We need food and I need to get more tea (because my throat is burning *hides*) and I maybe need cookies.

I have a posting date for the challenge story. Yay. :)
I'll go over it again and maybe change some minor things but the main core will stay as it is and I am actually strating to like it
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First of all Hi new friends! *waves*
Hope you won't be bored around here.

Brother is in town because of the ILA (International Aerospace Exhibition and Conferences).
I might go with him one of these days. I haven't been to one of the shows in ages. Don't know if I really want to go because really you can see most of the flight maneuvers from my house.
The fighter jets are flying in formation again and it's loud.

I haven't done much today. I did start go through the books for the exams but I had to stop halfway through. My head is killing me again and my back isn't any better. It's a wonder I could sit at the desk as long as I did.
It even hurts to open my eyes sometimes. A hot bath made it better for a while but my headache is back full force now. I really don't want to know on how many meds I am right now... pain meds, allergy meds... *sighs*

Kitty got a new playground a few days ago and since I am random like that I took some pictures.
Playful cat... mostly )

As for the new season 4 spoilers.. well it can be really really interesting and good.. if they don't mess it up. It certainly sounds interesting enough and there are things I actually want to see happening...
Is it September yet.
Oh and Origins is out as a whole book...

Still no CD. *pouts*
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My grandma is a little better. Not okay but better. I hope she keeps up like that. I am still worried though.
Thank you for all the comments and nice words.
I appreciate it.

I have been telling myself not to get involved too much again. It has been years and the last time it became so bad that I couldn't really watch races anymore without feeling sick.
That has been years ago but this season seems to be like that again. It wasn't in the beginning but right now I just want to punch people (really punch them and get all violent) and then crawl back into bed and hide.
I shouldn't let it happen again. I know it's not good. And maybe I am still a little drunk from last night and I know I am not really awake but I seriously feel like crying even though there is no real reason.

I wanted to write down some of my notes from last night about the Eurovision Song Contest. I just can't be bothered to do it. It was a cool night and I had a lot of fun (and maybe a bit too much to drink even though I didn't feel all that drunk in the end. My head today suggests otherwise).
Anyway, I think our little group wasn't that far away from the general opinion since Russia won on our votes as well as on the real thing. Yeah, I think they deserved it most out of the top four or five.
I actually liked Turkey and Denmark as well. Finland, too. And even France, even if it was kind of scary but fun to watch.
I don't kow if I'll write more about it, right now I want to go back to bed watch some DA or anythign else I have on DVD just to not think too much about the things I have seen today. Maybe I shouldn't watch it anymore.
I don't even know where this emotional reaction is coming from.
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My family and Christmas trees seem to be at war. It's not the first time that we bought one and had to go to buy another just a few days before Christmas. The last time it was either a broken tree, which you couldn't see while it was all bundled up, or it just smelled like cat piss. This time it's losing all its needles before we even started to decorate it. So yeah, mum and bf just went to get another tree. Bleh..
Other news of the day is that bf will stay longer, instead of just one week it will be three now. Thanks mom for telling me, when he arrived today no less.

My ear hurts now, too. My nose is either stuffed or bleeding and I am just in a sour mood. Generally.
I am trying to cheer myself up with reading nothing but fluff. Not really helping though, because I actually want to write and finish all the Christmas stuff. But I can't really concentrate.
Am way too tired anyway to write anything half decent.
I spent last night going through various DVDs of mine instead of sleeping.

The good thing today: *huggles* [ profile] sandrine, I got your card. Thank you so much. Love it. I love the picture on the front.

And more hugs plus Thanks to [ profile] blue_eyed_merle. I got your card today as well.
Love the angel and the idea of it. Hope mine made it to you as well.
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Katharina's first day of school. I am feel old now. But the school seems to be pretty nice and actually trying to make the kids feel welcome and at home, which is a nice thing to see.
And she only has to walk three streets which is good, and everybody there knows how to handle her and the meds.
Even though it was a family gathering it went really kinda smooth. Still felt a bit like an outsider because my mum was busy him and everybody else had some to talk to.
Well, this way I found out that my cousine's best friend studied at my uni and still works there. And she is friends with a girl I am friend's with and that we are both invited to the same party.
Am not sure I am going but it looks better now.

Got my new glasses today. I am still trying to get used to them. They feel a bit weird but I see better than before, which actually makes it a bit harder to get used to it. I am dizzy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEEEEEP uhm.. LARSEN! Happy Birthday Larsen!

I am hiding in shame now because I am still on an OTH trip which doesn't seem to be willing to hop off a cliff and end itself. I am not sure why I am watching it, I am not even sure if I am liking it besiedes the pairing no one is really interested in or if then they are 13 with an overdose of squeeage or totally emo. Not what I am looking for right now. If I want to have a sugar overload I sure as hell won't look at OTH stories. *shudders* Or I am just not good at finding the right communities.

I need alcohol again, preferably vodka or something similar. I finished my last stuff yesterday.
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I hate change of plans. i hate it even more when it happens in the middle of the night and I now have to get up early tomorrow.
Man, I wanted to sleep in. So brother and me to grandparents for lunch and then to aunt's place for the whole other stuff (don't I sound happy?). But yeah a friend of my grandparent's will be there as well so I at least got my bro and her to feel okay (if my ear keeps up and lets me go through the day with less pain).

Anyway, won't be much online the next days and before I go to bed I want to wish everyone of you MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Great Holidays! Have fun guys.
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Back from the family party. Ouch my head.
We surprisingly got along okay.

Wow Ryan!
2 WRs today. I think Aaron should feel threatened now. Okay, it is Short Course but still that was freaking fast.

Pats Larsen. Poor thing.
Edit: He is taking it as training? And he is sick? Okayyyyy.

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