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Dear next-door neighbours,

no it is not cool to suddenly blast music so loud that the next block even can hear every word of the lyrics at 4.00am in the morning.
And furthermore it is not okay to then go ahead and argue with your girlfriend, or whoever that squeaky voice was, about the volume of the music.
There are other people living around, even if it doesn't seem like if because the place is so bloody QUIET all the time.

No love

I went to bed early yesterday (which btw is one of the reasons I am so behind with my flist. Sorry guys) to catch up on the sleep deficit. It was a good plan and I had, for once, no problems falling alseep.
I even had nice dreams until 4.00am and until so idiotic drunkensomething decided to play hardcore rock and wake uop every single person around. I mean I appreciate that someone tried to do somehting but the constant jumps between loud and slightly less less and no music at all for almost an hour was not really helping matters. Police was around at one time, so I guess someone called them. I would have done it if had gone on.

I was feeling okay on the way to talk to my prof, which turned out to be a useless act since she has her office hours tomorrow and not today. I was awake and feeling okay, so I went to get some more things done at the library. Unfortunately it was not the Brain today but the *new* JFK library. New as in newly re-opened after the construction work that was donw to the whole building. The problems is, they are not finished by any means. Not at all. So it was loud and sticky (because this time the AC was not on at all. So I didn't freeze to death but couldn't breath.. yay?). And they had a huge water leak in all of the bathrooms, like water not only leaking but running down the walls and stairs in some kind of little waterfalls. Joy. Oh and the security guy was working on the door, freaking alarm sounded every few minutes.

I don't really know what happened but it kind of it me. I was about to fall alseep there. My head was *this* close to hitting the desk and it was about to explode at the same time. I mean I actually managed to get some things done and I really hope they'll be enough for the exam on Monday but still it wasn't such a productive day. Not as much as I wished it would be.
Slept for two hours when I got home and now I am trying to catch up with LJ, emails (for those who are interested, no answer from NBC yet.) and get more exams stuff done. But really, I am drained.

Yesterday was better. I did get more stuff done and I managed to go and watch "Hancock". I liked it. It was good for that kind of action movie.

Photo meme thingy, you can still ask me to take pictures of things.

Someone asked for a picture of my favourite place in town. I never thought this would be such a hard task, because there are a lot of places I liked to be at or in but I couldn't really say which one of them is my favourite. I could tell you my fav places in London or Barcelona or even in California but here... it's hard to decide.

Obama will be here on the 24th and now they are arguing about whether they should allow him to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate or not. Some people fear it would look like the government is preferring one of the candidates.
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... or better in, since we stayed in and watched the GNTM finale last night. We, as in Claudia, Josi, Josi's sister and me; bitched our way thnrough the show. And really this is the only to watch a show like that.
It was really predictable and well kind of boring.
Afterwards we got somehow stuck in front of the computer looking at F1 pics and icons and well talking... It's always weird to go to bed to birds singing and the sun rising (which happens freaking early these days).

I wanted to do so much today but right now I am dizzy as hell and about to fall asleep in front of my computer. At least it isn't that hot anymore. I wanted to start going through my books but got stuck on my flist. Haven't commented or checked all of it, so I have missed anything important yell at me.
After a year of not having a working bike I finally managed to get one of the two bikes we own ready for the summer. I took it out last night to get to Josi's place and right now I am trying to decide if it was a good idea or not. My legs feel like jelly and my back hurts even more than it did before. But I feel kind of refreshed after the hike back home and a nice shower (refreshed as in my body feels like but my head is still dizzy... a lot).

Can't decide what to do now, sleep or start to study (even though I doubt I get much done today) or write (same goes here as for the studying).
I want to know how The Cape would have gone on if they had gotten another season. But 12 years after it's rather pointless to even muse about it.
More creative freedom for me I guess.

I have to get things done this weekend but Klete as well as Aaron have decided to swim, and that at different meets. *sighs* More work for me but I actually don't mind all that much, gives me a reason to take a break from studying (well besides the F1 race ion Sunday, which I am not even sure I am going to watch. I have feeling I am jinxing things these days. Meh.. ).

Oh and my cat seems to have forgiven me for leaving her alone the whole night, she is all cuddling up to me right now.

ETA: I feel like I am forgetting something. I don't even know what it might be... it could be an important date or something.. I am not sure.
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This was one of the most useless trips top uni ever. First the office was closed due to vacation then the library server was down and nobody could get any books. Bah.. I had all the books already in my hands!!!!
I wanted to start studying today... oh well or at least have the books here and look at them.

At least I got the extended special edition of Don for 7.99 instead of the single version for 20.95 at amazon.
Yay, I am awesome when it comes to looking for Bollywood movies.. *g*


Happy Birthday to [ profile] angieobsessed!!!!
I hope you have a great day! *g*
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Okay I need a little help here.
First I need to find a second (or better two) topics for my British Literature oral exam.
They don't have to be too complex, just some ideas about topics which might be good for an exam of 30 minutes. I am kind of out of British Lit topics, I know more about American Lit *hides*

Oh and I am looking for contemporary American Literature (fiction, novel) which are focused on folklore and/or urban legends.
Just hit me with some titles, I need to find some (at least two).
I don't know but I thought about Paul Auster and James Welch but I need more.
I'd appreciate it.
Thanks guys.
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Let's not talk about it.
Anyway, thank you guys for the good luck wishes, don't know yet if they helped. I'll probably find out soon.

Still sick, still a bleeding nose.
I think I am off to bed to watch some F1 2007 Highlights. I need me some Kimi now.
Just to cheer up.
And then I'll sleep. For days.
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Sick. Yep. And some fever, which thankfully is gone now, hope it stays gone.
Anyway stuffed nose turned into stuffed and bleeding nosed. How I hate that.

But at least I got some studying done. Need to to more of course but I think I'll manage.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.
Helped last time.. :)
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Thank you for all the good luck wishes. It seemed like it helped.
A lot.
Aced it! With a 1 (which means an A for all non-Germans).
Oh my God, I still can't believe it. I have no idea how I did that.
A step closer to graduation!

Thanks [ profile] sandrine for the text. *hugs*
(I really should reload my card. Sorry, couldn't answer).

*is dead*
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I am sick. Like nauseous and all that.
And I have the exam tomorrow. Dude, why does my life suck so much???

Anyway, wish me luck?
I need it 'cause my head is empty and I know absolutely nothing.
Failure ahead.
*flails and is sick again*
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Okay, does anybody know why some entries of my friends do not show up on my friendslist but I am able to read them in the journals? They are not even locked or something.
I have no idea what I have missed. This is so weird. Can't be my layout can it?

Good news of the day: my prof seems to be impressed by the thesis paper (he said that at least) and he gave some more tips for the exam. It calms me down a bit and now I know what to concentrate on.
Of course I am nervous and all but I am less panicky (which will come back the day before, I am sure of it).
I feel like I should be doing something today, maybe organize my notes and read through the one book I still need to cover.
But I am so damn tired.
And I want to do something for my Big Bang story.

Roy Scheider is dead. o.O

Oh and Larsen is still a Trojan.
Wonder why he hasn't joined back with Mission Viejo, he wanted it so much last year.
Not that I mind him being a Trojan (it's USC after all). He can help Klete not to drown.
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Got the final permission paper I needed for my final exam (at least in one major).
Now I just need to finish up the thesis and than the hardcore studying can begin. I still feel like I have way too few notes and books.
And really the owrst that can happen is that I fail, and I am pretty sure I'll get another try then.. at least I hope so.

The only thing that isn't nice today? My splitting headache.
Haven't had it that bad in ages and I think I just drank too little. So it's basically my own fault.
I wanted to work on the thesis thingy but I think I'll just rest for a bit. I doubt that anything I'll do now will be worth the effort.
So working tonight it is.
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How much to I love that RTL is using Kimi and his car in their new season trailer? I already knew the sports trailer but I never paid attention to the others.
Heheh.. Uhm...

My brain is mush. Nothing new though.
I just have no idea hbwere to stuff all the info I'll need for my exam.
Still way behind but I am running out of books (and maybe even time) but I so need a break.
And I just realized that if I don't go and talk to my prof on Monday (all the questions I still have) I won't have much time left doing it.
Huh. Well, have to go to the library anyway.

Torchwood. No idea what to think.
But I have to give it to them, they do look good together.
I think that was the only scene I could really take in last night. Have to watch it again, preferably without fast forwarding (because I wanted to go to bed).


Oh and I am cold. Like really, really cold.
Might be because I am tired or because my nightly fever attacks are back. I am not really sure.
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On my way to the library today I got stuck in the train because of an emergency on another line. Usually you don't get any info on why the train stops or what is happening. Today though, they actually informed the passengers beforehand that the other lines are jammed and not going regularly. And then when we were waiting to be led into the main station where this line ended the driver (pilot.. how the hell are they called anyway) gave a nice little speech on what's really going on.
It was cute and funny to listen to. So there weren't the usual moans and people rolling their eyes, they were actually smiling at each other and at the train driver guy.
So yeah the guy was cute and nice but there was stil chaos on the train tracks..

While I was in the city I actually decided to get the new F1 Magazine. And of course I spent useless minutes searching for a cover which wasn't there. Because our version has Vettel on the cover. 'Duh.
Anyway the article is the same, so I got it. The thing about the magazine is that I usually don't really like their articles all that much but this time they actually had an article which wasn't that biased and nice to read. Funny even.. at times.

And Kimi can still surprise me. :)
I didn't know that he has his own F3 team, sponsoring it with his own money.
I did know that he was in different racing leagues but I never knew that he and Jenson Button were with the same manager and in the Formula Ford at the beginning of their careers.
He worked for Renault UK. Hehe...
His McLaren time must haven been interesting and not much fun in the end.
He has as much freedom with Ferrari as he can get and he loves it.


I so want to be done with studying. Really. I can't see books anymore.
But I am far from being done and I have the feeling that it's growing out of proportion.

Last but not least: *giggles* I so wish.

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... to be random. My head is kinda empty right now. Too much reading. And I don't even remember what I read.
That's what notes are for right?

Got another late Christmas present yesterday. Thank you [ profile] anjaliss! *hugs*

Aaron is set to swim this weekend. In Dallas.
And I could watch it if it wasn't for me being all caught up in books and notes and stupid thesis things. Bah..

Oh and the SPN 3.09 promo looks good.
And considering that I am slightly freaking out over the time going too fast these days, the 31st shouldn't be that far anymore.
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So the second day of the World Cup was kinda amusing. I don't know why I find it strange but it was when I saw most of the guys I know from college swimming on the pool deck in my hometown.
No wonder I dreamed of Mike Cavic last night. I don't know how often I have seen him swim but this year was different. Might be because we decided to cheer for the Race Club members simply because they were Race Club (it's all Gary's fault anyway). Cheered for by association. *g*
Anyway, no Gary again but two more World Records and a couple of European ones as well.
And now it's another year with Trials and Olympic Games inbetween.

Golden Goggles. not much to say about that. Just why do they let the fans vote if they don't considered the results for the actually awards???? I mean a lot of other swimmers were leading the pools and Phelps really doesn't need another three awards.
I have hoped for RyRy and Kate Ziegler.. but in the end it all came down to Mike, Bob and politics.
So anyway, this is for [ profile] blue_ant

And this one is for me just because... Sheep!! Larsen!

Uni today was surprisingly successful. Found a prof for the oral exam at least and I can keep my old topics.
So yay.
Thank God, at least that is solved now.

World Coffee's "Orange Chocolate Woccochino" is simply heaven. I could live it on it.
Seriously, I think that is one of my favourite drinks right now.
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but first things first:
Happy Birthday [ profile] dunkle_feuer!

I spent last night at Josi's place so that we could fight/find out way through the train-strike chaos together today. The way to university went surprisingly smooth (not the 3 hour bus ride come world tour) because they actually had an emergency plan working.
The way back though was longer but it was okay considering that we had to change trains and subway trains every 15 minutes but we didn't have to wait for them. So yeah the strike thing wasn't that bad but I can see what it did for the parts of the country where nothing else is available. It was tiring though.

But the part which has me grumbling has nothing to do with trains and strikes but all with my exam and the prof doing it.
During his office hours today we talked about the exam and that the date is fix (even with the second prof sitting in it) and suddenly whilke going over the topics for the oral exam he realises that most of it isn't even his area of studies. Then he goes on saying it has to change to something which gies along with his area of studies or search for a new prof doing the exam. So new topics then, which means either total stress if the exam date is kept like it is or delaying the exam for two more months.
*headdesk* And he couldn't have said that like four weeks ago when he got the mail/list with the topics? How about reading the mail/list and saying what is wrong about it?
*headdesk* So all thebooks I got today (incidentally before the office hour) and all the notes I already have as well as the reading I already did, everything was for nothing as it seems.
Argh... and I am not really mad... just fed up and iritated.
*headdesk* *headdesk*
Well at least now I don't need to order those boks from amazon anymore.

In addition: My Feet! My Back! OUCH!

PS. I should stop wearing my knee-high boots, it's the second day in a row I get rude comments about my outfit. Like not rude as in I look bad but rude in sexually suggesting ways.

Am off to cuddle with my cat and search schmoopy fic, I need that right now.
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Online chat with Samantha Ferris? Awesome.
Hearing once again what Jensen and Jared read online? Not so awesome.
Dude, that is more than embarrassing.
Kim Manners? Is still totally and utterly crazy. Nothing new here.

In other news: chocolate chip icecream with caramel fudge. Calms me down and gets me over the McLaren stuff. *pouts*
I feel like five and stomp my feet yelling "Leave Kimi alone" but I doubt that this would have any other effect than me looking totally stupid.
Chocolate chip icecream it is then.

Did I learn today? Not really.
Did I take notes. Yes, some.
Did I read. Plenty.
Does it make me feel better about any of this.
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I passed Latin with 2 (B). Thanks for the good luck wishes. It helped :)

[ profile] callmecayce: First, Thank you for going through the paper with me again (over MSN ;) ). It helped a lot. I got my credit points for it today. So yeah *hugs*
Second, I got tea for you yesterday and I will send it off as soon as I can.

Big Hugs to [ profile] simplydelovely. *fingers still crossed*

Term is over.
Still much to do.

Off to watch Supernatural.

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