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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates.
To everyone else, have a nice rest of the week :)

I haven't been around much this months, mainly because there wasn't much to tell... or rather just the same old and I didn't feel like sitting down to compose a coherent entry about it all.
Maybe once things have settled and everything is solved.

Anyway, have peaceful holidays everyone!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates.
To everyone else, have a nice rest of the week :)
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SPN 8.07 A little slice of Kevin  )

SPN 8.08 Hunteri Heroici  )

* VACATION!! I'm going to the sea and won't have access to internet (only on my phone and that connection is wonky there). But I'm so looking forward to this one week of off-time. More so now that I know my Christmas working schedule (have to work until 11pm on the 24th (so no family dinner or presents for me that day) and from 9am on the 1st. And I have no idea why we have to cover the whole day during Christmas, it's not like we'll have much to do as editors).

* So yeah, I won't be around much the next few days and I'm even looking forward to the train ride because I actually relented and bought the Kindle Fire. Now I'm buying books like mad and download fic as well. It'll be 2 1/2 hours on the train and I have so much to read.

* I posted my [ profile] spn_reversebang Fic on Wednesday.
It's a J2 Highschool AU, which I haven't written in ages. It was fun and I actually like that piece.

If anyone's interested: How to do teenage drama the right way and still come out on top, J2, ~8k, PG-13
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So to save time and because I'm off in an hour I just copy&pasted my Facebook status... It's still true:

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah (I know it started on the 20th but still).
Nothing to do around here.... still got up at 4.30am.

I basically spent my day at work doing nothing. *sighs*
Anyway, wrapping last presents now and then I'm gone for the day.

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♥ ... but I'm still feeling a little out of it. I haven't settled in yet, not completely anyway. I mean it's nice to have all my things back but I've realized in Dublin that I don't really need much of them to be happy. That was probably one reason why I had to rearrange my room again. There was too much stuff and I didn't like it. Life is strange at the moment. I sort of happy that I have classes now. It's hard to come out of a regular daily routine and just do nothing again..

♥ But then, I still have so many things to do. Mainly on the writing front. I finally really started to work on my [ profile] spn_j2_xmas fic and I like the idea and the way it's going right now. It won't be too long I think.. I don't know. Anyway, I'll need a beta reader after the weekend!! Anybody?? PLEASE???

♥ I'm also working on the drabbles I promised for Christmas. Not sure I'll get them all done before Christmas but I'm trying. Some of them might be a little longer. I'll probably post them unbetaed first and then ask for a beta later.

♥ The J2/FaF story is kicking my but, through coming up with new plots every few minutes. But then I have new inspiration now as well (thanks to the new Fast Five trailer) and it's currently at 13k. I could use it for the xover Big Bang thingy if I should decide to take part in it that is. But I could also try and post the next few parts of my Dark Angle x5!Jared story as a BigBang fic. Decisions, decisions.

♥ Let's not talk about [ profile] j2_everafter. I watched the movie. That's it. Draft is due January 10th. *flails*

♥ There is not much to tell otherwise. I'm done with Christmas shopping and I have no idea what I'll get for Christmas this year. My mum is not even hinting and my grandparents keep quiet as well, which is really kind of cool. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. I wasn't last year. It's nice to be home again and to have such things as the holidays so closely after.

♥ Speaking of Christmas, I got a really cool J2 story already as a present. Check it out. It's great.
The Mint Chocolate Chip Shake Guy by [ profile] zuben_eschamali.

Thank yous:
- for the cards to [ profile] akintay, [ profile] _bettina_ and [ profile] lizook12! *hugs*
- for the vgifts to [ profile] joans23 and [ profile] anisalovesu! *huggles*

Also, hey [ profile] elless18, I haven't forgotten about the chocolate, but will only be able to send it in January.. :) I have it already.

♥ On a random note: there are Swimming World Championships going in right now. In Dubai. I haven't seen a single race yet and I fear I won't be able to see one. Well, Aaron pulled out and I have idea why but there are still some guys (and girls) I know and would like to see. There is Nathan and then there is RyRy.. no Phelps though. Sometimes I really miss the sport and being able to watch it. These days I have no time and I actually tend to forget about it. That's not so cool. It makes me nostalgic as well.
Also, I can't believe that Ed Moses is competing again.. in Masters Swimming.. LOL

♥ It's too cold!
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... isn't a good idea. Really! After the last winter you'd think they' be prepared but that apparently is a word not part of the Irish vocabulary. And I thought Berlin was bad.Anyway, had to walk 20 minutes to the next bus station again on iced over ways this time. Fun not. At least we got a bus this time and didn't have to wait 20 minutes in the cold. Saw at least 15 men from the city working on the iced over walkways with ice picks and brooms. Sad thing is that it was all futile since it started snowing all over again. Yeah, how about using some sand or salt? No? I have the vague feeling that one of these days I might actually have 'snow-free' from work... uhm...

♥ My weeks was rather busy. It was really good to have [ profile] slippery_fish around and see some of the things in the city I hadn't seen yet. It was also nice to go to the pub almost every evening. We went to Howth (me for the second time because it's just beautiful there), went to Belfast (where I bought Punky the Dinosaur... well he looks like a punk so I named him Punky *hides* and yes there are pictures.), and on Friday we ended up touching a 800 year old mummy in one of the church vaults (was a crusader and it felt like stone, is supposed to bring luck. Well, we'll see).

♥ I also spent way too much money during that week... this city is way to expensive and too tempting sometimes. But it was fun and I don't regret anything.

♥ On to the writing woe. So today is the 29th, which means posting for [ profile] spn_j2_xmas starts in two days. I haven't even started yet. Which means that I have started and deleted every attempt ever since. I just can't figure this prompt out and I don't have any ideas for the other prompts. *flails around* What am I gonna do? How am I supposed to write this?

♥ On the other hand the J2/Fast and Furious crossover works perfectly well and has crossed the 12k mark *headdesk*

♥ I feel random. I need J2 or happy Sam/Dean fic. Rec me? Please.

♥ Am off to watch some German soaps so that I won't have to think about getting ready to go home soon. I sort of don't want to but I miss home and stuff... and yeah.. but then, I do have a life here and I have work and... Meh... I'm torn.

♥ But I'm ready to be home for Christmas. Everything else will be dealt with afterwards.

♥ Hit me but I really like the Westlife cover of "The Reason"
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♥ I saw this around and thought it was a good idea... proof me wrong if you want.

So since I probably won't be able to send any Christmas cards this year (safe for the special snowflakes that always get one and to who I own packages anyway. :)) I thought I'd offer something else for the holidays.

Leave me prompts for drabbles. Can be Christmas-themed or not I don't care (and I only promise drabbles because I still have so many things to write). Yoiu know my fandoms but you can try and convince me to write something else. I just have to know about it (no promises though, leave an Plan-B prompt, too).

So yes, leave me prompts!!! Or you know, I might even try to draw or make icons. Torture me.

Considering how 'many' of you participated last time I think I won't have much to do... so I'm willing to submit to the torture... ;=)

Also this is purely for procrastination purposes and to distract myself from real life.


I have been working on the outline for the SPN RPS AU crossover fic I was somehow tricked into writing. I have some scenes done already and I don't know if I like the tone of the story so far. I like the plot, I like the idea, I like it all in all but I'm not sure about the voice.

The thing is I have this scene where I keep things vague so not to spoil the surprise but I'm not sure if it's working.

So there goes your mission (if you should accept it), tell me if it's working and if not what I should change. Should I use names right from the beginning or not?

This is the first scene after the Prologue, so everything is still new.

Warning to [ profile] chani_atreides and [ profile] morgentau, contains spoiler for fic, but go ahead and yell at me for fucking it all up.. LOL

Have a 'little' snippet from the SPN RPS (J2) / Fast and Furious crossover fic )
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.... to everyone who is celebrating these days.

Just a little greeting )

*hugs to all of you

Just me

24/12/08 08:38
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I am not even sure why I am awake right now.. probably because there are still so many things to do.

I just wanted to use the quite moment to wish you all
Happy Holidays!!!!!!
I hope everyone will have a great time!

I don't know when I'll be online during the next days (or if at all), so see you guys on the weekend.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] arlad!!!!
Have a great day.

[ profile] peaches, you are awesome!
I got the package today and now I have TEA!!!
Thank you so much.

*bathes in tea*

Also, I don't know if I should sign up at [ profile] whenboymeetsboy.
I want to suggest In & Out but I don't know if I'll have the time to actually do it.
And well I am also thinking abiout doing the [ profile] j2_everafter thingy.
I don't know which one to do because I so know I won't manage to do both.
Argh.. *flails*
Maybe I should find a co-author or something. Might be a new challenge as well.

I am so behind with writing right now and I still have three stories for christmas open (which of course won't be finished on time but I am trying to get them done this year).

On a side not. My mum was awesome today.
She was shopping and when she came home she told me that I shoudl check my cell phone.
I have money on my cell again. Yay.
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But it is getting a bit better. I at least am online again and it's fast and the cable is back in place (where it was before. I could have told him that).
I am still slightly sick but I feel okay. Not great but okay.
And the whole thing with me not getting a Christmas present from my mum? That was a really messed-up miscommunication between her and my grandma.
Things clear up but aren't bright.

Anyway, had to hand in books at uni today and I really could have gone without being outside today. It's arctic.
But the good side of the day out was meeting up with Claudia and Josi.

Dead tired and my nose is all stuffed up again.
Bed now.

I love the new Torchwood trailer. Jack/Ianto. *sighs*

PPS What I learned today? Nothing new.. I need a job! Like right now. *sighs*
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I have no idea when I will have time to be online the next days, so I am just dropping by to say Happy Holidays!!! to you all.. Hope you have nice and quiet days.

[ profile] spiritcrow, thanks for the goat. :) It's cute.

To everyone I said I'd write something, I am working on it. Uhm.. yeah.

Am off to reign in the chaos a bit, it's way too early for that. *hides*
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My family and Christmas trees seem to be at war. It's not the first time that we bought one and had to go to buy another just a few days before Christmas. The last time it was either a broken tree, which you couldn't see while it was all bundled up, or it just smelled like cat piss. This time it's losing all its needles before we even started to decorate it. So yeah, mum and bf just went to get another tree. Bleh..
Other news of the day is that bf will stay longer, instead of just one week it will be three now. Thanks mom for telling me, when he arrived today no less.

My ear hurts now, too. My nose is either stuffed or bleeding and I am just in a sour mood. Generally.
I am trying to cheer myself up with reading nothing but fluff. Not really helping though, because I actually want to write and finish all the Christmas stuff. But I can't really concentrate.
Am way too tired anyway to write anything half decent.
I spent last night going through various DVDs of mine instead of sleeping.

The good thing today: *huggles* [ profile] sandrine, I got your card. Thank you so much. Love it. I love the picture on the front.

And more hugs plus Thanks to [ profile] blue_eyed_merle. I got your card today as well.
Love the angel and the idea of it. Hope mine made it to you as well.
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[ profile] nilsi_pilsifan, I got your card today. Thank you! It's a really cool one.

I actually managed to get up (well I technically never went to sleep last night, but I will count the two hours of dozing in bed) and got to the post office.
Send off the last things. Yay me. Now they only have to reach their destinations on time.
Okay, so much for the wishlists this year.
The only things not done are the gift wrapping and the stories.
My timing is kinda off.

Being outside despite the cold was nice for a change. Got fresh air wich seems to have helped a little with my nose.
Am beat now though.

And was does being sick do to me? Other than listening to Westlife all the time?
I actually changed my status on Facebook (yes, shut up!) to "being in bed with Sammy".
Don't you just love giving liveless things names? Right now I am congratulating myself for choosing a laptop instead of a desktop pc.
*pats Sammy*
It's the drugs, I swear!
Or the sleep deprivation.

Btw I kinda like the new Torchwood trailer. Is it January already?
Oh wait, no.. I haven't done that much for my exams yet.


12/12/07 18:44
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[ profile] _bettina_, I got your card today. Thank you! It's lovely.

I just paid 14 € for postage. For three letters.
Way to spent money during Christmas.

At least I got my favourite liquid soap and the last bit of Christmas presents, which makes the postage hurt a little less. I just don't get why we have to pay that much.
And this post is so random.

My muse is comatose.
*slinks off to work on fic*


13/12/06 19:48
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Seems like I'll be spending Christmas and New Years in Italy. God, I didn't think it would work out but since my mum and my brother both have to work and I so have no urge to spend Christmas with my family, I am rather happy about Italy now. Though I am a bit sad that I probably won't be spending New Year's in Berlin (well, have to see about that and the flights).
Gosh, I am excited and a bit anxious as well. I have never been away from home over Christmas, at least not without my family.

In other news, Jim Piper made the team again. Yay, go Jim.
God, I haven't seen him in ages. At times like these I could course the Fina for not doing a World Cup this year.

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