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Kiss Me, Kill Me Drabblethon

Kiss Me/Kill Me - An Antagonistic Pairing Drabblethon 2012

* Leave prompts and write prompts
* Multi-fandom, FPF and RPF
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* Oh Whitney... Another great one gone.

* Joined some thousand others yesterday protesting against ACTA. [ profile] slippery_fish and me met up to join a protest march. The weather was actually nice enough. The sun came out and the temperatures were bearable. Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and had good food. After that kind of busy day I was so very lazy today. I wanted to clean my place but in the end just watched movies and listened to podfic.

* And I wrote fic. Not a long piece, just a little prompt I promised someone. It's not finished but there's only the ending missing. So I'll need a beta reader soon. Anyone want to read through a schmoppy little, non-AU J2 thingy for me?
It felt so good to write again. So good. Now I just have to save this feeling, this drive over to my Big Bang idea (and the last part of my AU).

* Two weeks until vacation. Plans are not final yet but if it works out it will be very cool.
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* First week at work over. It's okay, interesting even but I still don't really know if it's for me. I have phases where I think I'm so the wrong person for this but then things are kind of okay. It's a job for now and I'll do it, since I don't seem to be able to get another one. But I'll send out applications anyway. It's not bad, I'm just not sure I'll be any good at it. Nice people on my team, I get along with most of them. There are some that are a little loud, but it's not too annoying. Also, I see the most interesting things on the way to and from work, this morning it was a bunny in the rose bushes in the the city center. Cute thing.

* Nano seems to go well. I'm not behind and I'll be able to post on weekends. Breaks at work are short but at least I can get ideas out and on paper (will have a lot of typing up to do this weekend). My ReverseBB draft has been accepted and I actually know how to finish it and flesh it out. So at least that one will be done on time as well. I'm just way behind with reading and catching up on fandom... I do read my flist but I barely know where my head is or where I am on the flist..

* Still a little sick, cough and all that but I'm okay. I'm even okay with getting up early and going to bed relatively early. I miss having time during the day to be social, but that's what working life does. Only thing is
that lunch break is so short, you can barely do anything or really go anywhere to get food. So I'll start to cook at home and bring stuff.

* I might not be able to buy/renew my icon package when it runs out at the end of the month since I won't get money at then but only 14 days later... so I need to pay rent and stuff from my savings. Meh... :/

* Not much else to tell... migraines are back but I can't get sick and stay home now. Wouldn't be cool.But I seriously need to find a way to get AnadinExtra (it's not good for my liver but helps so very well with migraines)... Helped so much in Ireland but I can't get it here. At least I have my loved Nurofen.

* I'm also behind with shows, mainly with Secret Circle (4 eps) and Homeland (2 eps and I love this show I just don't have time). No idea when I'll be able to catch up. SPN is still my priority when it comes to watching shows and catching up.
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♥ I have 'real' internet now. Tech guy came around 9am (the letter said between 8am and 4pm). Was out until midday and then just tried to set everything up and it worked. Yay.

♥ Help: I need a beta reader! Some short Sam/Dean, first one of the year. I needed a break from my Big Bang and the tables are kinda the way to go. So anybody? Please?

♥ Extended TV Guide Interview was a very nice thing to come online to.. Especially this one scene.. just guys.. really? LOL ). I wish I knew how to icon this one. I love my boys these days... falling in love with them all over again. *sighs* I'll be so damn sad when this ends.

♥ I'm cold! Really, really cold. My finger nails are blue. But at least I sleep way better in my new place, probably because the room is so cold.

♥ Also, still totally in love with Hawaii Five-0. I was all giggly through the last ep. I like it.


1/3/11 18:49
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Happy Birthday [ profile] mzsparkles!!!
Hope you have an awesome day.

And something else

J-Squared Birthday Comment Fic Meme

Love the fact that Jensen Ackles is trending on Twitter.. LOL
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notjustroomates Valentine Fic Meme
Any and all pairings welcome!

If I wasn't so tired I'd work something. Can't think of anything right now though.
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J-Squared Domesticity Fic Meme

Pimping because I've been trying to get back into writing and this seems to help.
Go and fill prompts or leave them.
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♥ my muse that is. I have ideas over ideas and I have no idea where I should start. I have a posting date for [ profile] j2_everafter, so I guess that will be the first one I'll work on. It's finished but I have to flesh it out a little more. I know I owe people Christmas ficlets and since only one of them has a Christmassy theme I think I'll be good.

♥ I signed up for [ profile] spn_30snapshots again. Got two claims approved. I have started yet bit if someone's interested, the Dean Winchester table is here and the Jensen Ackles table is here.

♥ Con this weekend and Jim Beaver tweeted that half the cast is sick. Well, hope the boys won't feel too bad, not cool having to entertain when you are sick.

♥ Feel like drawing again and I thought I'd do it today but since I came home my head's killing me, so maybe tomorrow. But I finished tinkering with my brand-new LJ layout and I think I really like it. I tried to J2-ify it but my graphic skills suck these days and I kinda like the tree there. So after four years of J2 or SPN layouts now a non-fandom one.

♥ Speaking about art stuff, [ profile] morgentau made a cool banner for my J2/Fast and Furious crossover.
Look! Isn't it cool? )

♥ The coat I ordered looks good but is too big. I have been thinking about what to do the last two days and I think I'll send it back. I really, really don't want to change my weight so that I can fit into it. No way. The thing is that a size smaller would fit anymore, right now I'm between sizes which kind of sucks.

♥ Nothing else to tell, other than I'm looking for an apartment. Never thought it would be so hard to find one that I can afford but things have been changing the last few years here and apartments are getting more and more expensive. I set myself the goal of finding something by the beginning of summer, the same goes for a job (I just wish there were more real jobs instead of internships).

♥ Sleep is still elusive but I at least found some new jobs I can apply for. I have a whole rant and some whining going on in my head but I don't want to write it down. I don't know why but I rather use my energy to write and get things done.

Thanks [ profile] blue_ant for the baby otter. He is totally cute. :)
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♥ ... but I'm still feeling a little out of it. I haven't settled in yet, not completely anyway. I mean it's nice to have all my things back but I've realized in Dublin that I don't really need much of them to be happy. That was probably one reason why I had to rearrange my room again. There was too much stuff and I didn't like it. Life is strange at the moment. I sort of happy that I have classes now. It's hard to come out of a regular daily routine and just do nothing again..

♥ But then, I still have so many things to do. Mainly on the writing front. I finally really started to work on my [ profile] spn_j2_xmas fic and I like the idea and the way it's going right now. It won't be too long I think.. I don't know. Anyway, I'll need a beta reader after the weekend!! Anybody?? PLEASE???

♥ I'm also working on the drabbles I promised for Christmas. Not sure I'll get them all done before Christmas but I'm trying. Some of them might be a little longer. I'll probably post them unbetaed first and then ask for a beta later.

♥ The J2/FaF story is kicking my but, through coming up with new plots every few minutes. But then I have new inspiration now as well (thanks to the new Fast Five trailer) and it's currently at 13k. I could use it for the xover Big Bang thingy if I should decide to take part in it that is. But I could also try and post the next few parts of my Dark Angle x5!Jared story as a BigBang fic. Decisions, decisions.

♥ Let's not talk about [ profile] j2_everafter. I watched the movie. That's it. Draft is due January 10th. *flails*

♥ There is not much to tell otherwise. I'm done with Christmas shopping and I have no idea what I'll get for Christmas this year. My mum is not even hinting and my grandparents keep quiet as well, which is really kind of cool. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. I wasn't last year. It's nice to be home again and to have such things as the holidays so closely after.

♥ Speaking of Christmas, I got a really cool J2 story already as a present. Check it out. It's great.
The Mint Chocolate Chip Shake Guy by [ profile] zuben_eschamali.

Thank yous:
- for the cards to [ profile] akintay, [ profile] _bettina_ and [ profile] lizook12! *hugs*
- for the vgifts to [ profile] joans23 and [ profile] anisalovesu! *huggles*

Also, hey [ profile] elless18, I haven't forgotten about the chocolate, but will only be able to send it in January.. :) I have it already.

♥ On a random note: there are Swimming World Championships going in right now. In Dubai. I haven't seen a single race yet and I fear I won't be able to see one. Well, Aaron pulled out and I have idea why but there are still some guys (and girls) I know and would like to see. There is Nathan and then there is RyRy.. no Phelps though. Sometimes I really miss the sport and being able to watch it. These days I have no time and I actually tend to forget about it. That's not so cool. It makes me nostalgic as well.
Also, I can't believe that Ed Moses is competing again.. in Masters Swimming.. LOL

♥ It's too cold!
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♥ So a really, really awesome person added my name to the love meme and other awesome people commented on it. Thank you sooooo much! This made me smile.
I feel so bad for not going through the meme right now and leaving comments left and right, because you all deserve them. I hope you know how much I appreciate the comments and I really want to give them back. But seeing as there are 21 pages and my head as wells as my back are killing me I'll bow out in shame and just keep on telling you guys how cool you are in your LJs... uhm sorry.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ I'll go to bed soon, might be back for SPN but I don't know.

♥ One last thing. Have another snippet from the J2 / Fast and Furious crossover ) and tell me how that reads please.. Because I keep on writing and I have no idea if that actually sounds alright or not. It's like word vomit on the screen and I like most of it, but can't tell if it reads good or not. So please.. help

♥ Haven't finished writing anything in days. I hope to get some things done this weekend. *headdesk*
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♥ Comment meme pimping:


Go and leave prompts or write. It's fun. Made my day a little shorter. :)


♥ Will be away this weekend. Belfast and the Giant's Causeway. I won't take my computer with me. So I'll either see you on Sunday evening or Monday.
Don't do too many exciting things, I'll have to catch up later.

♥ Will go to bed soon since we are leaving around 5.50h to get the bus at 6.45h. And yes, those are am times. But I think I'll get up for SPN anyway, because I really don't want to wait until Sunday evening or even Monday to watch it. And I still have to pack my things for this weekend.


5/9/10 21:44
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It's the only thing I got done lately and the J2 fics are covered (not to mention that I'm way behind on them anyway *hides*) I need a beta reader for a Supernatural fic.
It's Sam/Dean but nothing graphic, just underlying and maybe a little obvious and a little bit of angst in there as well. Rating is PG.
Anyone willing to take it?
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♥ For now at least. Got the new modem installed and it's working now. But it took me about two hours and there is still something wonky. We'll see how long it will hold. Had a good weekend despite not achieving the things I wanted to. Was at a party with [ profile] slippery_fish and stayed way longer than I had planned to but it was fun and I actually woke up again while dancing. Was at home around 4am Sunday morning and did not get nearly enough sleep to be awake for the course today. I still feel like I could just drop and sleep on. (Also, LJ refused to show this entry anywhere but my page, at least to me... so very strange. It's the second time that this has happened now.)

♥ Got my internet back just in time for some J2 love and goodness. It's strange but every time a con is about to take place I don't want to know about things when they happen. During the few years I started looking at con stuff when things are already over and I can get around embarrassing stuff or ignore wank if there should be one. I'm much happier this way. Much more ignorant as well but I honestly don't care.

J2 goodies... love the boys. )

♥ Speaking of the boys... I'm not sure if I want to go to the AE2 con or not. On the one hand I would love to meet a lot of people there and so on.. on the other hand I don't know. I met the boys, I had a good time and I have good memories. Do I want to have more? *shrugs* But then, it's Jensen.. ;)

♥ Finished another [ profile] schmoop_bingoprompt today. Now I just have to find the time to type it up. I have four prompts filled and none of them on my computer yet. Urgh.... I just can't bring myself to actually sit down open the notebook and start typing. Something holds me back. Also, my BB fic got recced and the reason made me smile. :D

♥ Also, new Irish lecturer is sort of funny but when he said his son has scarlet fever I wondered what the hell he was doing there teaching. I mean, it's just highly contagious. Bah, just thinking about out makes me feel sick. Not that I'm okay again. Still migraine attacks and a sore throat. *sighs*

♥ My way to and from the course is plastered with very stupid billboards for a mobile phone company. It took me two days to realize why they bothered me. They have the German version of brilliant written on them and it's brillant. Every time I see it I think there is something missing, even if there isn't. Languages are strange.

♥ 2 weeks until Dublin. Meeeep.

♥ Meme, stolen from around my flist
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Happy Birthday [ profile] benitle!
Hope you are having an awesome one!
*huggles and throws virtual confetti for the online party bash* :D
♥ ♥ ♥


♥ Lecturer apparently is very satisfied with how the course is going and with me especially, that's at least what the project leader told me today. She only called because my job agent called her to cancel on an appointment. Was nice to hear that despite being bored to death most of the time I still manage to act and be alert enough to say the right things. Not that creating sentences with the -ing gerund is so very hard, mind you. But yeah, compliments are always nice.

♥ Got a tentative date for my departure to Dublin, September 5th. We'll see if it stays like this. Would be okay, since it's a Sunday. But dude, just a little over three weeks left to get things done. *flails a little*
It also kind of drives me crazy that I still don't have an idea about the job I might be doing soon. Uncertainty scares me a little.

♥ Got fic done. Yay, although Sam is depressing the hell out of me in this one. Now I only need to type it up properly. But really, BB time isn't a good time to post unrelated fic.. LOL
I actually kind of really love the J2 story I linked in my last entry. It's sort of an unusual style for me and it was so hard to actually start with this prompt but I really like how it turned out.

♥ I want to watch some movies this weekend, any recs?

♥ Saw this screen cap from Comic con and wanted it bigger because I thought it would be good for icons or something. So I played around with my video player and the capping feature. Well yeah, turned out it gets bigger, like really huge.
Not that I mind, because J2 in huge on my screen can never be bad. ;) )
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♥ ...of the car continues. So the brakes are new, all four of them, and the car runs smoothly. I love driving with it now. So I decided to go and visit my grandparents today, or rather they invited me. On the way to them a small, red warning light briefly turns on and then turns off again. It was the warning light for the handbrake. It goes on when the handbrake is pulled, which it wasn't while I was driving. Cure me talking myself down from a minor panic.I told my grandpa and he said it's probably just a loose contact after they attached the new brakes. Well, on the way home the warning light was on the entire time. I think I muscle cramps now, no wonder the way I sat in the car. Argh...

♥ Spent the day at my grandparents since I never heard anything about the planned pool party again. I don't even know if it was really planned or not... My gandma kicked my ass at a cards game, one I always used to play when I spent my summer holidays with them. It's been years since I played. I, again, realized that I'm way too nice and don't really have a strategic mind.

♥ Haven't heard anything about the start of the program either, which is only just a week away. I'm curious if they'll call me this week, if not I'll call them Thursday. Meh.

♥ My muse has left me again. I hate writer's blocks, especially when I'm int he middle of something. In the middle of several somethings actually.
I'm working on my schmoop_bingo card and x5!Jared will have appearances there as well. I really like the Long Way Home verse and those prompts are kinda challenging when it comes to writing x5!Jared

♥ I also decided to try my hands at writing something with "The Curiosity of Chance" in mind. My J2 version of it. The thing is I can't decide who of the J's should be Chance.
Should Jared be the musical one, playing drag and being out but not really and Jensen the jock in a band hoping for his breakthrough? I don't know.. Help!!!!

I also have a new Parkour idea.. or rather I want to finish my first Big Bang idea because I like the beginning and maybe I'll find a way to finish it.

♥ I feel like re-watching SPN from season one onwards. I feel like sitting down and re-watch it and enjoy it without any bias, I don't think it's possible but I think I'll try.

♥ Meme answers I owe:

For [ profile] elless18
* What did you go to school for, and what's your dream job? )

For [ profile] ithilmenel
* *What's your favorite movie? )
* Which celeb do you have the biggest crush on? )
* What's your favorite song? (current or all-time) )
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... or the other way round.
♥ I'm writing again, even though I've no idea where this came from but I kind of like it. Set after 5.22 and I wrote most of it in the middle of the night. Thanks so much [ profile] blue_ant for looking it over. :)
Sam/Dean, PG.
"From the desert to the well"

♥ Rain! Finally. I think I've never been so happy to see rain. But then again the temperatures sort of skip a range and it's gone from sweltering hot to sort of cold. It's like 12 degress less than it was yesterday.

♥ Since I had nothing else to do in the heat (besides reading Big Bangs and writing again) I cleaned up my room as well as my make up case. I never realized I had that much stuff lying around still. Threw away a load of stuff since it smelled and was years old already. But that also means that I have to buy new stuff now as well. Shopping... whee. I have to anyway.

♥ I feel random. And I'm bored. Also, it's Aaron's birthday today, it makes me nostalgic.

♥ Memes (snagged from all around):
On LiveJournal, we often think we're close, but really, we know less about each other than we like to think.

So I want you to ask me something you would like to know about me, something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about, or something you've always been curious about but have never asked, or something completely silly that you'd like me to answer for kicks.

No limits on the range of questions, either: ask me anything you want to know about, whether it's an opinion or trivia about my real life or my thoughts on events in the offline world.


2. Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter.
Name 5 songs you love starting with that letter.

[ profile] xxtornxxapartxx gave me S ).
If you want one of the songs tell me.


21/7/10 12:49
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♥ I don't know if I should sign up for [ profile] spn_reversebang. I want because it sounds very interesting and it's not so many words. But it falls right into the time I'm supposed to be in the UK/Ireland and I have no idea if I'll have constant internet there (or in my room that is). So, what to do? *sighs*
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♥ So, anybody calmed down again? No? Yeah, I get it.
I'm going through all the SPN 5.22 codas and yeah.. maybe I should watch the ep again. I think I'm going to use this ep as inspiration for finally finishing my Sam table. It might even work. I feel like I can write SPN again now. I still have J2 prompts open and I feel like writing today. It's not like the weather makes it hard to decide what to do.

One thing though.. I want a 'stargazing' icon! From this scene! )
Anybody willing to make one for me?
Right now I totally suck at using PS

Also, yay for 22 episodes, which I think makes it sort of set that the show might be in Fridays then.
Hmm, don't know what to think about it... we'll have to see how the CW pilots work then. Thank God for Big Bang. I think it'll help me over the summer, like it did last year.

♥ Another haircut, like 5 to 6cm are gone. I like it. It feels fluffier and not as bleak and heavy.

♥ I wish it would stop raining. It's not doing anything for me mood. And it's freaking cold. Too cold.

♥I'm thinking about going to watch "Robin Hood" next week, I want to see it but I can't bring up any enthusiasm to really go.
Might be the fact that getting into the city right now is sort of a world trip for me. Damn public transportation and working on the tracks... again.
Also.. RAIN!!!!

ETA... Because Russell Crowe and Scott Grimes have awesome voices... singing for fans in Rome with Alan Doyle and Kevin Durand.. )


30 Day meme )

Day 14- Best mashup you’ve ever heard )
Day 15- A moment, phrase, or song that has changed your life the most )
Day 16- Something that you want to do within the next five years )
Day 17- What you want to remembered for )
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I am finally done. The WiP is not a WiP anymore. God, editing the last part sort of killed me. Anyway, it's finished. At least this story is.

The last part of "The Long Way Home" is finally posted and a Masterpost is up now, too. Dark Angel/RPS crossover, Jared/Alec, overall rating NC-17.

"The Long Way Home"

Being done with this means I can finally fully concentrate on my Big Bang.
I even worked on it today and I think I'll need a day break from writing.
But it's what keeps me sane these days. If I can't get anything else right in my life I at least can write.
For now anyway.

I want icons of *that* wink. So bad.
I have graphics already and yeah...

Just transfered the ep onto my phone.
Now I have to decide what to do before bed. Listen to podfic, listen to David Tennant read "How to traing your Dragon" or watch "Point of No Return" again.
Hmm, hard decision.
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-> First of all welcome new friends! Hope you'll have fun around here.

-> The newest part of the Dark Angel story is up now.
"The Long Way Home Part 6A"

-> I just came back from watching "Percy Jackson". Hmm, not bad, partly silly and with plotholes, but not bad. The music was cool and fit so very well with the scenes. I had a good time watching it.
Is there fic out there? I am too lazy to go and look myself right now.

-> I'm working on the last three prompts from a few weeks ago. It took me longer than I expected but then my muse has been a little bitchy lately.
I am also only four stories away from finishing that first snapshots table (about time I'd say). I hope my muse will help me out a little when it comes to starting Big Bang.
But then it's my third time and I should be used to it all by now.. only I am not. Also, thanks to everyone who voted, I think I actually like the outcome of this poll.

-> Since [ profile] enablelove already asked me to do it, anybody else who wants to hear me making a fool out of myself? So yeah voicepost meme, ask questions if you must.

-> I am cold and hungry. Not a good combination. But I am also too lazy to get up and make something to eat (not to mention that it's way too late anyway).

-> Anybody else out there who was mostly bored by the Oscars this year? Only NPH rocked.

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