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* Oh Whitney... Another great one gone.

* Joined some thousand others yesterday protesting against ACTA. [ profile] slippery_fish and me met up to join a protest march. The weather was actually nice enough. The sun came out and the temperatures were bearable. Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant and had good food. After that kind of busy day I was so very lazy today. I wanted to clean my place but in the end just watched movies and listened to podfic.

* And I wrote fic. Not a long piece, just a little prompt I promised someone. It's not finished but there's only the ending missing. So I'll need a beta reader soon. Anyone want to read through a schmoppy little, non-AU J2 thingy for me?
It felt so good to write again. So good. Now I just have to save this feeling, this drive over to my Big Bang idea (and the last part of my AU).

* Two weeks until vacation. Plans are not final yet but if it works out it will be very cool.
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Fic first. [ profile] whitereflection, I finally managed to get your christmas prompt done. It's Alec/Jared and has some h/c in it. I hope you'll like it.
"With the satellites failing prepare for ascension"

♥ Now there are only two Christmas prompts left and I'll try to get them done soon as well. I also keep on working on the J2/FaF crossover, which works way better now that I'm using my snapshots prompts for it as well. But I need your help with it. I can't decide which prompt to use next for the crossover. So could you all please go over here to my Jensen table and pick three prompts for me??? Please? I'm so bad at choosing and I thought I asked so that I can chose the three most picked. So yes, HELP! ♥
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J-Squared Domesticity Fic Meme

Pimping because I've been trying to get back into writing and this seems to help.
Go and fill prompts or leave them.
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[ profile] j2_everafter fic has been posted. I'm actually okay with how that turned out.
"A Day in the Life of a Sidekick ", Jared/Jensen, PG-13, loosely based in National Treasure.

♥ I have been working on my new prompt tables and will be using the remaining Christmas prompts as well. I hope to have them done by the end of the months. So I owe[ profile] whitereflection, Alec/Jared, which is already in work and might be the first one done. Sorry [ profile] enablelove and [ profile] akintay for the long wait, but you'll get your fics. Promise.

♥ I'm slowly catching up on the SF con videos and these two here made me laugh so much. I love, love Jared's laughter and the way he looks at Jensen while cracking up and Jensen just follows along.

♥ I also had a good laugh last night while watching SPN. Due to the episode and due to [ profile] morgentau keeping me company. That was fun. Only, I'm still way too tired after that.

♥ I won't post the spoilery pics here because I'm too lazy to upload them now but OMG I'm so looking forward to that episode. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season now anyway. I think my love is fully back. Not reading any reviews helps so much.

To the random things of the week:

♥ News about apartment. I have to get some documents together and hand them in as well, mainly the termination of my current sublease. Let's hope that's all they still need and that things will go fast from there one.Have to hand it in on Monday.

♥ Went shopping with my bro. I could spent hours at IKEA. Mainly got kitchen supplies, because they are cheap and look very cool right now. And I can put them somewhere if something won't work out. I also bought cute little pillows for the couch I don't have. But I found a couch that looks awesome and is so very comfy. I can't buy it right now because i don't know where to put it. I just hope I'll find something similar and equally cheap when I can buy it.

♥ While being on a tour I discovered that one of the electronic stores has the coffee machine my mum has been coveting over for years as a special offer. And since the price is really, really good I bought one for her and one for me. I usually don't drink coffee but you can make lattes, tea and chocolate with it as well. And really, it was only 39€ compared to the usually 99€, it's awesome.

♥ Also bought seasons 2 and 3 of "Queer as Folk" for 12€. Man, there is so much I don't remember about this show and it's really interesting to watch it all back to back
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♥ This is for [ profile] akintay! Birthday present is here (sorry that you have to share it with the comms... :) )*hugs*. Hope you like it.

Fic: "Just one of those stories...“ Part 5 of 5, It's just the way I am, J2, R.

♥ This also means I have a BINGO on my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card! YAY. And I got a prompt done for the [ profile] notjustroomates November prompt.


♥ I think I might be slightly tipsy because of the whiskey but then I think I'm just really tired.

♥ Can't believe how happy I am over a stupid Panda hat. My fashions sense these days either sucks or is adapting to the local customs. I don't know which is worse. But the hat is totally cute.

♥ I feel really random right now. I probably should go to bed and stop drinking tea at 11pm. *headdesk* I don't want to go to work tomorrow. I'd rather hang out with [ profile] slippery_fish and discover as of yet unknown to me parts of the city. Meh...
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♥ I saw this around and thought it was a good idea... proof me wrong if you want.

So since I probably won't be able to send any Christmas cards this year (safe for the special snowflakes that always get one and to who I own packages anyway. :)) I thought I'd offer something else for the holidays.

Leave me prompts for drabbles. Can be Christmas-themed or not I don't care (and I only promise drabbles because I still have so many things to write). Yoiu know my fandoms but you can try and convince me to write something else. I just have to know about it (no promises though, leave an Plan-B prompt, too).

So yes, leave me prompts!!! Or you know, I might even try to draw or make icons. Torture me.

Considering how 'many' of you participated last time I think I won't have much to do... so I'm willing to submit to the torture... ;=)

Also this is purely for procrastination purposes and to distract myself from real life.


I have been working on the outline for the SPN RPS AU crossover fic I was somehow tricked into writing. I have some scenes done already and I don't know if I like the tone of the story so far. I like the plot, I like the idea, I like it all in all but I'm not sure about the voice.

The thing is I have this scene where I keep things vague so not to spoil the surprise but I'm not sure if it's working.

So there goes your mission (if you should accept it), tell me if it's working and if not what I should change. Should I use names right from the beginning or not?

This is the first scene after the Prologue, so everything is still new.

Warning to [ profile] chani_atreides and [ profile] morgentau, contains spoiler for fic, but go ahead and yell at me for fucking it all up.. LOL

Have a 'little' snippet from the SPN RPS (J2) / Fast and Furious crossover fic )
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♥ Next part for my [ profile] schmoop_bingo card. Used the Wild Card this time.
J2, PG-13, "Just one of those stories...“ Part 2 Back to school?
Features grumpy!Jensen. I have to thank [ profile] enablelove for the prompt. :)

I edited that during work, which shows how much I had to do today. Being bored at worked is the worst thing possible. But I guess that will change soon again. I hope so anyway.

♥ Just realized how many shows I'm actually watching again. Man, I can barely get them all or even watch them. I have no time. Since when do I have a life? Or rather, since when is work eating my time like that? Not cool... *pouts*

Also, having about a 1000 TV channels saves me from dling some shows.. really... Saw Bollywood in English, let's say it was interesting, but I liked it.
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♥ Next part for my [profile] schmoop_bingo card. Used the Wild Card this time.
J2, PG-13, "Just one of those stories...“ Part 2 Back to school?
Features grumpy!Jensen. I have to thank [personal profile] enablelove for the prompt. :)

I edited that during work, which shows how much I had to do today. Being bored at worked is the worst thing possible. But I guess that will change soon again. I hope so anyway.

♥ Just realized how many shows I'm actually watching again. Man, I can barely get them all or even watch them. I have no time. Since when do I have a life? Or rather, since when is work eating my time like that? Not cool... *pouts*

Also, having about a 1000 TV channels saves me from dling some shows.. really... Saw Bollywood in English, let's say was interesting, but I liked it.
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Okay, so why did LJ randomly ate my entries?
Thank God for cache.

Fic first, for [ profile] slippery_fish, who gave me the prompt with:
SPN - Sam/Demon!Brady - It's not fun unless someone bleeds.
"Crash, crash, burn let it all burn (This hurricane is chasing us all underground.)"
R, 2.365 words

I wonder who will actually read this... Yay for rare pairings... LOL

♥ My weekend was good. First two days in the row that I was outside and didn't feel like I needed to sit down every two seconds.
Went shopping and grovey shopping on Saturday.. yay ice cream.

Yesterday, [ profile] slippery_fish and me decided to meet up and use the beautiful weather. There was a green environmental festival (like every ear) in the city organized by the group we both had interships at.
This year, due to the weather, it was very, very crowded. Got to see some things and there were SHEEP! See.. pic and video ).

On the way back we wanted to take the bus but it wasn't going the way we needed it to, even though it said so at the stop. Anyway at one of the most famous place in the city, right across from the Humboldt University and next to the State Opera there were masses of people and a huge video screen ). And a huge stage as well. It was the second day of the annual "Opera for Everyone" event that takes place every years, is held by the State Orchestra and sponsored by BMW. It was the last concert at this place for the next three years, since the house the State Opera will be renovated. It was very interesting to see people cheer fro classical music but Daniel Barenboim really is very much loved in this city. They played Tchaikovsky.

Stopped at Starbucks afterwards and had frappucinos. And I could rest my feet in the water. Which was very nice... for my feet ).

So yeah, I think I used the weather rather well and it wasn't too hot due to the slight breeze. I got a little color as well and don't look as sick as I did last week.


[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang starts today!!!
Never thought I would have time right now though.
I so need a job.

I also should go back to editing my story for BB... oops.
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♥ So, anybody calmed down again? No? Yeah, I get it.
I'm going through all the SPN 5.22 codas and yeah.. maybe I should watch the ep again. I think I'm going to use this ep as inspiration for finally finishing my Sam table. It might even work. I feel like I can write SPN again now. I still have J2 prompts open and I feel like writing today. It's not like the weather makes it hard to decide what to do.

One thing though.. I want a 'stargazing' icon! From this scene! )
Anybody willing to make one for me?
Right now I totally suck at using PS

Also, yay for 22 episodes, which I think makes it sort of set that the show might be in Fridays then.
Hmm, don't know what to think about it... we'll have to see how the CW pilots work then. Thank God for Big Bang. I think it'll help me over the summer, like it did last year.

♥ Another haircut, like 5 to 6cm are gone. I like it. It feels fluffier and not as bleak and heavy.

♥ I wish it would stop raining. It's not doing anything for me mood. And it's freaking cold. Too cold.

♥I'm thinking about going to watch "Robin Hood" next week, I want to see it but I can't bring up any enthusiasm to really go.
Might be the fact that getting into the city right now is sort of a world trip for me. Damn public transportation and working on the tracks... again.
Also.. RAIN!!!!

ETA... Because Russell Crowe and Scott Grimes have awesome voices... singing for fans in Rome with Alan Doyle and Kevin Durand.. )


30 Day meme )

Day 14- Best mashup you’ve ever heard )
Day 15- A moment, phrase, or song that has changed your life the most )
Day 16- Something that you want to do within the next five years )
Day 17- What you want to remembered for )
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I come bearing... fic:

-> finally managed to finish and post [ profile] kros_21 birthday present.
Sam/Dean, set during and after 5.14, with spoilers for 5.16. Haven't written anything like this in a while. Not with the Winchesters anyway.
And it's sort of "Fix it" fic, which I don't even know if it is working here... But hey, "30 Seconds to Mars" made for a good title for this one.
"A Warning to people, Good and Evil ( This Is War)"

This also means that I am *this* close to finishing my Sam table.

-> [ profile] silme711 asked for pictures of my new bed and bookshelf. I took some of my sort of 'new' room.
The bed )
The bookshelf )
The rest.. including my new summer dress )

-> Bonus pictures because Kitty was just there.
The video though is for [ profile] purequicksilver, since catching that on a signle picture has always been hard. Never thought it would work this well though, it was just a try. :)
Kitty the cat )

On to the random stuff:

-> I am missing Southland already.I don't want that to be the series finale because honestly? It let a lot to be desired and I am so not ready to give up on this show.
There is so much more to tell. I want more. More John, more Ben, more Lydia and Nate and Sammy... hell even more Chickie. Just you know, more of it all.
So I hope TNT will be nice.

-> Tweaked my lj-layout a bit. As in taking a really, really old code and making it fit the headers.
I think it works way better now. Now resizing or moving when I have the bookmarks closed.

-> Off to get ready and then having drinks with friends.
Hope the weather holds, don't need rain today.
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This is for [ profile] sandrine.
"Between lost and found (you show me the difference)"
Gossip Girl, Chuck/Jenny, Nc-17

I feel totally blocked.
I need to write so many things. I have so many things started and I do have ideas how to go on.
But even sitting down and opening Word is a taks I don't seem to be able to complete today.
Still need to work on the next part of the Dark Angel fic though. I'll try to work on prompts later, after a hot and long bath.
I so need to wake up again for that any kind of creative output.

Still not sure about anything Big Bang related. I just don't really have a mind to think about it right now.

Therefore, meme. :)

Comment and I'll pick one (unless you want more) of your fandoms, post the answers to your journal and so on and so forth. If you want you can ask me my fandoms in the comments as well. :)

[ profile] spiritcrow gave me Leverage )
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First things first:
I need a beta reader.
It's ... words of Gossip Girl Chuck/Jenny... NC-17.
Any takers?


An entry to show off a new icon. I am rather fascinated by the cap.
I am easy and shallow like that. And I think only a handful of people will even get it.
I snickered a lot when I saw those puictures a few days ago. I feel the urge to write but I have so much to finish first.

On another happy note. The new pics of the boys (namely Jared and Jensen) from the 100th episode party are exactly what I needed for inspiration as it seems.
But who can resist those smiles anyway huh?
See? Those smiles... awwww.. Total dorks though )

I totally missed my LJ birthday... again. I never seem to remember.
So as of four days ago my journal is 8 years old.
Man, I never thought I'd still be here but things have changed a lot during those 8 years.

Still no Big Bang entry, but soon.
I just have to write down my ideas and then create the poll and actually think about what I actually want to ask those who are on the filter.

I made chocolate chip muffins and brownies!
And after making them I am not hungry anymore. Huh?

I should be working on more prompts and on the next part of x5!Jared but I am somewhat blocked and a little bored, so memes it is.

Meme 1
Sangged from [ profile] enablelove
Go to Google images or Flickr and type in one adjective that describes me or something that reminds you of me. Comment with it here and I'll return the favor, replying with a pic that represents you to me. No need to tell me the word -- the fun is in trying to guess the adjective.

Meme 2
Snagged from [ profile] sandrine
Give me one character (or, alternatively, a fandom) and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honourable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
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I am closer to actually getting all the stories done that I still owe.
Posted two, both J2 and both late Christmas presents. So for anyone interested:
"Lean on me, when you're not strong" (for [ profile] enablelove) and "The Discovery of a Sun and Finding it in Graceland" (for [ profile] matalinolukaret).


Since no one wanted to leave prompts the other day I am trying it again. Just because I have nothing else to do (note the sarcasm?) and because I want to finish my prompt tables. I have realised that having other promtps that go along with the table actually helps a lot with finally writing them (I need six more little ficlets to be done with the Jared table).

Writing Meme:
1) Give me a fandom (or several, if you want a crossover) and a character/pairing.
2) Give me a picture unrelated to the fandom.
3) I'll try to write you a drabble inspired by the picture. (no promises)

Random facts of the day:

* I am sort of caught up in a SPN/Twilight crossover fic and I can't stop reading. Help! Please!!!!!

* I really need new glasses now. Mine have a huge scratch across one of the lenses. I know why I wanted to do that when the special offer was still going, I wonder why I didn't do it in the end. I still have contacts but I'd like to have glasses, too.

* My camera just died and I don't really have the money or the nerve to start looking for a new one. Damn.

* Twitter sometimes really annoys me. I don't even know why.

* My bed is about to collapse. Well, another way to spend money then. *sighs*

* It's really kind of hard to write fic when your cat is sitting in your lap. She won't shut up either. Very distracting.

* I hate that I still don't really know if I can go to London or not. I want to. So bad. I miss London.

* I kind of don't like that fact that most parts of fandom aren't my happy place anymore. I stay away from a lot of things lately. It's sort of hard to connect with some people because I feel the urge to hit them over the head despite the fact that I know thesy can be 'normal' and nice. I sometimes really wonder if it's human to be like this or just plain insanity. And I wondered why I suddenly feel more comfortable with AUs. I feel sad that I sometimes wish it would be over just so that things might stop again, and I don't even know half of it because I only ever stumble over links.

That said, I can't wait for the new SPN episode. I saw one clip and that's the only spoilers I know about any of the new episodes, so I think I might actually enjoy watching things again because I am not spoiled. I think that was a rather good decision on my part, staying away from spoilers.
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... I am melting away.
No seriously, I am dehydrated. I had to buy myself iced water with some sugar to not collapse. A sugar deficit is not cool.
And late shifts are not cool either.. so to speak. The whole outdoor area is so heated up that I sprayed myself and the plants with water to get through it. I hate it when there is no wind going. I also think it unfair that half the people are already leaving when I come in. Meh... somehow the time is sort of longer during the late shift. But at least my colleagues are fun and we had some sort of water battle. At least I didn't have the late late shift.
Too hot for me.

Also to hot to actually be able to concentrate on finishing my meanttobe fic. I can't seem to find an end to it. Thank God there has been an extension and I have time until the 4th.
*sighs* I want to get it done and posted because I actually like the idea.

As for the prompts, now worries. I am working on them. You actually can leave more if you want.. prompts that is.
And I'll be all alone for two weeks so no one will disturb my writing peace.. well no one but my cat.

Oh and I totally forgot about the VancouverCon being this weekend.
Hmmm... what does that say about me and my attachment to fandom these days?
*shrugs* Looking forward to the boys though, and Alona and Aldis...

Off to watch Leverage
Also, yay for a third season. :)
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Comment Fic Meme
Needs Moar Schmoop!!!

I'll go through it when I'll get up in the morning and write some.
I think I need it.
*off to bed*
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Made a friends' cut, mostly those journals which hadn't been updated in year, weren't used anymore or were already deleted.
Nothing personal. If I cut someone accidentally, tell me.. :)

This said, hello to new friends!
*waves and offers cookies*


This could have been a very unproductive day if I hadn't gotten up to go the library and get some books for my final paper.
It's strange to be on campus when the semester has started, there are so many people around.
I am not used to it anymore, it's been a while since I have seen a lecture or the inside of the rooms when it wasn't exam related.

Anyway, this little trip (even if it made me realise I am still not back to 100%) had me wake up so much that I actually started on the prologue for the Action Challenge fic.

Working on some of the prompts as well, so there maybe fic tonight... or well this week.. uhm yeah.

ETA: Since my cat is occupying my office chair and isn't willing to scoot just a little Ill have to take what's left which is my bed.
I kind of hate lying on my belly when I want to write.
Move it, cat!

1. Open your unsorted images folder, or if you don't have one, any other images folder.
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Find the first three images that begin with that letter, and post them, whatever they are. Give the name they're saved under.

[ profile] peaches gave me "h"

Never thought it would be hard to find pics starting with H in my folders.. yay for the random search function )

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