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♥ Still moving, still not really done, but then I took Monday and today off. I didn't do anything at all because I felt (still do) like crap. Everything hurts and it's not just the moving. Not sure but I guess it's allergies. Meh.. Also some trouble with the electricity company which I hope will be solved soon. I am so not willing to pay that much, especially not when I'm alone and know that it's way less for three people. Argh...

♥ I do have internet and will have a broadband line soon (including new telephone number).I just don't really have time to be online. All I did today was sleeping and sending out applications. I didn't write or read anything (which I'll try to change after I posted this, at least when it comes to the reading part). Still haven't had the time to really do anything about Big Bang and it's just a month left. So I hope once I'm really settled in that I'll have time to finally get it all done. I have an outline, scenes sketched out and still love the idea. I guess I'll be able to get it done.. I hope.

♥ Still nothing about the job, so I'm looking for other offers as well. Media says it's looking good right now, only I don't see it. Not in my field.

♥ F1 has started back up and I don't know if I'm liking it so far or am totally disinterested. I like Sebastian. I like Mark and Jenson. But I'm not sure if I like the sport anymore. Kimi was probably the only getting me to really like it and be interested. Well, Kimi might go for NASCAR this summer (not sure if it will be him or just his team) and I might have something to giggle about again.

♥ Still obsessed with "Hawaii Five 0", still have only one OTP there. I really do need more time in the day, if only to be able to read more.

♥ I wanted to say more but I forgot what it was. Oh yeah, I'm so totally in love with Sam/Dean again that I really want more to read. Rec me your favorites please??? Self-recs are totally welcome.

♥ Tomorrow IKEA, Saturday bed room set up. Oh I see light at the end of the tunnel. Might even be in my place completely by next week. Yay.
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First things first:
I need a beta reader.
It's ... words of Gossip Girl Chuck/Jenny... NC-17.
Any takers?


An entry to show off a new icon. I am rather fascinated by the cap.
I am easy and shallow like that. And I think only a handful of people will even get it.
I snickered a lot when I saw those puictures a few days ago. I feel the urge to write but I have so much to finish first.

On another happy note. The new pics of the boys (namely Jared and Jensen) from the 100th episode party are exactly what I needed for inspiration as it seems.
But who can resist those smiles anyway huh?
See? Those smiles... awwww.. Total dorks though )

I totally missed my LJ birthday... again. I never seem to remember.
So as of four days ago my journal is 8 years old.
Man, I never thought I'd still be here but things have changed a lot during those 8 years.

Still no Big Bang entry, but soon.
I just have to write down my ideas and then create the poll and actually think about what I actually want to ask those who are on the filter.

I made chocolate chip muffins and brownies!
And after making them I am not hungry anymore. Huh?

I should be working on more prompts and on the next part of x5!Jared but I am somewhat blocked and a little bored, so memes it is.

Meme 1
Sangged from [ profile] enablelove
Go to Google images or Flickr and type in one adjective that describes me or something that reminds you of me. Comment with it here and I'll return the favor, replying with a pic that represents you to me. No need to tell me the word -- the fun is in trying to guess the adjective.

Meme 2
Snagged from [ profile] sandrine
Give me one character (or, alternatively, a fandom) and I will tell you:

1. OTP for them.
2. Runner-up pairing.
3. Honourable mention(s).
4. Crack pairing(s).
5. Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't.
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I wasn't home all that much yesterday and today. Spent a really nice day with C and J yesterday (tasty pancakes and the usually craziness), which was kind of repeated today only that I visit J at work and handed in another application and met up with C to do some shopping. So I didn't have much time to check LJ repeatedly. I am trying to catch up now.
Shopping was in so far successful that I managed to get a new SD card for my camera for half the money they want on amazon.
I got root beer. I wanted Dr. Pepper and got root beer. Oh well...
I also got a new kind of shampoo which I want to try out since Herbal changed mine too much for it to work for me. So yes, success.

I am so not talking about the Qualifying. nothing against Jenson Button. It's cool that he has the pole. The only thing make it better for me though is Sebastian on three.
Oh Kimi. At least Kimi is way, way in front of the McLaren. *snorts*

Busy rest of the weekend ahead of me.
I want to be done with the major scenes for my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang story.
I kind of have the plan to work on my thesis during the week and to work on fanfic and such things during the weekend. So far it's working out. No idea how long I will be able to stick to it.

Wanted to work on the Sam/Dean piece as well but I am still kind of stuck there.

I think I had too many gummi bears.
I feel slightly sick now.

*waits patiently for J2 to have their wrap party tonight and to show up in LA tomorrow*
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My feet hurt!!!
I got some more books for my thesis, got my new public transport ticket for the semester and managed not to fall asleep while trying to finish a story.
Those are my accomplishments for the day. Nothing new on the job front, and yes I am getting tired saying that (so I guess I'll stop with that until there is anything to tell).
But hey, I left the house today. I am proud of myself.

I wanted to check out some shops but I didn't feel like it today. But I want some new skirts and maybe some new tops. I am on a skirt trip these days.
I just don't have the money to buy some new things and the way things are going I might new things anyway since I am kind of losing weight in places I never knew I could lose weight.
But then again in other places it's just hopless.

On to even more random things:

Changed some things with my layout, changed them back, tried new layouts, changed those and in the end I am back to the beginning with new additions.
I think I might like it this way even though it's still dark.

Today made me realise that the new F1 season isn't that far away and that I kind of miss Kimi... or your know, I miss seeing Kimi on my TV screen.
The news today even did me a favour and showed some Kimi and some Fernando.

And the new Fast and the Furious movie will be out on April 2nd around here, which is pretty cool since I am planning on seeing that one.
That and Watchmen some time soon.

Speaking of movies, I kinda of made myself watch "MBV" again (mostly because I was bored and wanted some Jensen) and again I just want more MBV/F13 crossover fic.
I really, really want more Tom/Clay, because yes it works so much for me... or you know anything involving any character played by Jensen and Jared because I kind of picture them together anyway.

Oh and I am soooo looking forward to the DVD releases of MBV and F13.
MBV will have both the 2D and the 3D version and a GagReel. Me wants... NOW!

Anyway, I was going through my picture folders for good icon pics or header pics. I didn't even know I had this one in bigger ) ... and I realised how much I kind of like his hips. And his hip hasn't really changed over the years. See? ). I just wish I had this one biger.
Yes, this is just a sorry excuse to post Jared pictures.
Just felt like it.
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Just a quick drive-by entry before I am off for the day.

I am pleased with the race result. Very pleased even. And I was even awake enough to watch it live, didn't need the alarm clock because I woke up on time.
I am just trying to imagine Ferrari's and McLaren's faces if Robert snags the title in the end. I don't even know why but that thought makes me gleeful.
Anyway, Fernando was awesome and I like how Kimi's start was awesome. Sebastian got points.

I am feeling better, would be even better if the cough was gone.

I actually wish I had time today to write, because I have so many ideas. I feel like writing.
But I am going to be kidnapped in about 20 minutes and that for the rest of the day.
Should be fun though.
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The only thing making that result better is that Kimi wasn't the only one with a really shitty strategy.
Yeah, okay... at least Sebastian and Heikki are there. I seriously bounced. I hope they'll do good in the race as well.
*pats Kimi*
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  • Random things: I was so very unproductive today. Spent the day in bed and watched a load of uneducational daytime TV. Bleurgh. I still feel sore but not like I am getting sick. Well, not much anyway. Slept way too long today. But that happens when I don't sleep at all during the night. I wanted to finish the request for the Fall Fandom thingy. Will do that tomorrow. I want to have them done by Monday. Done and posted.

  • Brother dear got my Russian Chocolate, which always reminds of my childhood. *sighs* I love it. Got more Kinder surprise, and I have two sheep now. Wheee.. sheep. Uhm, just ignore me.

  • I love Jensen's BuddyTV interview simply due to the fact that his voice has dropped some levels and it's hot. He is all quirky and smiles, like he was during season 1. So I guess they are all excited about the season again. Yay.

  • And now to the good news of the day: Kimi staying until 2010! I just hope he really wants it. But two more years, which I kind of like. Not to mention that I'll get more of Kimi/Seb and Kimi/Heikki and Kimi/Heikki/Seb and... okay...

  • Got a call from Lush, which means I'll have to do some homework until next Thursday. I am curious how that will turn out. Oh boy.

ETA: Now I got me, too. The userpic bug on LJ. I suddenly had an African-American lady in pink as my Jensen headdesk icon. Uhm.. okay.
Had to re-upload it and now everything is fine. But this thing has been going around and I really want to know what that is.


24/8/08 15:56
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Happy Birthday [ profile] leeloo3!

With the season going like that my interest in F1 is kind of going into the negative range.
*sighs* Freaking car.

This day could have started better.
Freaking Fandom.
Am alone.. again. I can't motivate myself to do anything. I should though, I want to get done with the fic.

[ profile] blue_ant, I can't access google.doc right now, so I can't go over the story. I'll try later again.
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Okay since it is official now, can we stop the wanks again?
Seriously, at times like this I am embarrassed to be part of the fandom.

Why am I still watching the race? Oh right.. I won't say anything in terms of cheering because I so know I'll jinx it.
ETA: Yes, I just cursed out loud and my cat complained. Like hitting my desk and all...
Seriously, this is so not a good day for sports... *headdesk*

Football... Hmmm. Should I watch it and see them lose?

And dude, Suke broke Mooney's 200m breast World Record and that before the Olympics. Dude!!!
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My grandma is a little better. Not okay but better. I hope she keeps up like that. I am still worried though.
Thank you for all the comments and nice words.
I appreciate it.

I have been telling myself not to get involved too much again. It has been years and the last time it became so bad that I couldn't really watch races anymore without feeling sick.
That has been years ago but this season seems to be like that again. It wasn't in the beginning but right now I just want to punch people (really punch them and get all violent) and then crawl back into bed and hide.
I shouldn't let it happen again. I know it's not good. And maybe I am still a little drunk from last night and I know I am not really awake but I seriously feel like crying even though there is no real reason.

I wanted to write down some of my notes from last night about the Eurovision Song Contest. I just can't be bothered to do it. It was a cool night and I had a lot of fun (and maybe a bit too much to drink even though I didn't feel all that drunk in the end. My head today suggests otherwise).
Anyway, I think our little group wasn't that far away from the general opinion since Russia won on our votes as well as on the real thing. Yeah, I think they deserved it most out of the top four or five.
I actually liked Turkey and Denmark as well. Finland, too. And even France, even if it was kind of scary but fun to watch.
I don't kow if I'll write more about it, right now I want to go back to bed watch some DA or anythign else I have on DVD just to not think too much about the things I have seen today. Maybe I shouldn't watch it anymore.
I don't even know where this emotional reaction is coming from.
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Can someone please shut Nicki Lauda up? Please? I would even beg.
Seriously what the hell is wrong with that man? Yes, we all got that he hates Kimi for some reasons but can't he just say nothing then instead of stuff like that?
Doesn't really make a good impression.

Oh well, at least third and points for the standings. Not so bad. I just hope the next races are better. *pats Kimi*
And points for Fernando.. yay.
Poor Heikki though.
And did I really hear that right? Ron Dennis mentioned Kimi? Wow.

I am thinking about closing one of my domains and just go on with the site as a sub-domain somewhere. I really don't want to spent $9.99 for a site I know I'll probably be giving up after Beijing.
So it's a little weird after all these years but I don't feel as sad I would have maybe a year ago or something. It's okay.

I should start studying. It isn't much time until exams and I so should do stuff instead of reading and being lazy as hell. But I haven't gotten back into things yet. And somehow I am still on London time.
I should start with the editing as well. I already was contacted by the artist doing the art for my story. I haven't looked at the file since I closed it on May 1st.Maybe I'll start tonight. I feel like I should do something.

Icon meme again, snagged from [ profile] blue_ant

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick four/five of your userpics.
2. Make a post and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

The ones [ profile] blue_ant picked: here )
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Wheeee Kimi. I squeaked after the qualifying and not only because of Kimi but because of Fernando being second as well.. oh and because of the Kimi/Nando hug afterwards.

Met up with one of my oldest school friends whom I haven't seen in years (definitely more than one year). She is a mother now and married. So Jessi, Josi and me went to visit them and say Hi to the little boy.
He is cute and okay when he is entertained. Maybe this time we'll manage to meet up more often and not wait years again.

And why the hell did no one tell me that Shah Rukh Khan will be in Germany with his new show?
Me want to go. *nods*
I am off to watch "Don" now.

Big Bang post maybe later or tomorrow.
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That start was something.
Kimi! Those points are important. Two places up. But what the hell was up with the times?
And what exactly was Lewis doing there?

Would they just please shut up about how unemotional Kimi and Robert are?
It's what now, the 1000th time they mention it? It won't change just because they are complaining about it. And serioulsy is it really that important?
Made caps of Kimi, Robert, Fernando and some others (haven't checked how they turned out though).

I am so not trying to think about the Lewis/Nico interview.
Okay I had tears in my eyes, I have to admit that.

And some swimming because it's Klete and I love how he is doing in Stanford right now.
Apparently he has the new Speedo suit. Hmmmm....

* Coughlin, Keller Close in on American Records at Stanford Grand Prix

"... Two-time Olympian Keller closed in on his own American record of 3:44.11, clocking a pool record time of 3:45.28 in the 400m free.
Keller outdistanced the contention by more than 14 seconds to win the event and post the sixth-fastest time recorded in the world this year.

“I actually wanted to go faster,” Keller said. “I am definitely ahead of where I have been in the past. But that’s not good enough these days. In an Olympic year, it seems like magical things happen all the time.”

PS, icon fits for Kimi and Klete.. Hehe
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Kimi is sick? Meeep..
Middle ear infection? Ouch...
Qualifying wasn't that great either.

I think I am not really coherent enough to comment on the Torchwood finale.
Just.. whoa...
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Before I am off to my grandparents let me just say this: YES!!!!!!
Hehe, my brother woke me up so that we could watch the race together. I was feeling kinda sick before the start, no idea why though.

Anyway, this race was another proof the Massa cannot drive. And our commentators speaking about the Ferrari engine over and over again didn't make me feeling better either.

Kimi and Heikki on the podium! *bounce*
And hey Nando got a point.

I need to get through the pics tonight when I am back and when I am not dead because I am dead tired now already.

PS SNOW!!!!! Here! Right! Now *blinks*
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[ profile] slippery_fish, you might want to watch swimming tomorrow. 100m Backstroke final women. Stasia is in it.
She is swimming again, qualified as 8th.
Oh and Roman'S record was broken as well and Pieter is sick and withdrew. So no Hoggie (man, he was 20th in the 200m free).
I just saw Arkady. ;)

Didn't do much to do. I didn't even work on anything because of the massive headache. I can still feel the cold and the cough. So not cool.
Actually wanted to do some things , things that had nothing to do with internet and fandom but which I didn't get done because I didn't leave the house.

Watched Torchwood though and ended up giggling about it again. No idea why this time but some scenes where just... *snorts*
Hmm, I kinda liked Gwen sometimes in this ep. Or well searching F1 pics and trying to figure out why Kimi looks so... uhm... pale? I can't even describe what it is.. Just.. Oh Kimi.)

But at least I do like my hair again. [ profile] sandrine managed to give it a really nice cut and it's all bouncy and falling right again.
So yes I have a good hair day.

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How much to I love that RTL is using Kimi and his car in their new season trailer? I already knew the sports trailer but I never paid attention to the others.
Heheh.. Uhm...

My brain is mush. Nothing new though.
I just have no idea hbwere to stuff all the info I'll need for my exam.
Still way behind but I am running out of books (and maybe even time) but I so need a break.
And I just realized that if I don't go and talk to my prof on Monday (all the questions I still have) I won't have much time left doing it.
Huh. Well, have to go to the library anyway.

Torchwood. No idea what to think.
But I have to give it to them, they do look good together.
I think that was the only scene I could really take in last night. Have to watch it again, preferably without fast forwarding (because I wanted to go to bed).


Oh and I am cold. Like really, really cold.
Might be because I am tired or because my nightly fever attacks are back. I am not really sure.
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On my way to the library today I got stuck in the train because of an emergency on another line. Usually you don't get any info on why the train stops or what is happening. Today though, they actually informed the passengers beforehand that the other lines are jammed and not going regularly. And then when we were waiting to be led into the main station where this line ended the driver (pilot.. how the hell are they called anyway) gave a nice little speech on what's really going on.
It was cute and funny to listen to. So there weren't the usual moans and people rolling their eyes, they were actually smiling at each other and at the train driver guy.
So yeah the guy was cute and nice but there was stil chaos on the train tracks..

While I was in the city I actually decided to get the new F1 Magazine. And of course I spent useless minutes searching for a cover which wasn't there. Because our version has Vettel on the cover. 'Duh.
Anyway the article is the same, so I got it. The thing about the magazine is that I usually don't really like their articles all that much but this time they actually had an article which wasn't that biased and nice to read. Funny even.. at times.

And Kimi can still surprise me. :)
I didn't know that he has his own F3 team, sponsoring it with his own money.
I did know that he was in different racing leagues but I never knew that he and Jenson Button were with the same manager and in the Formula Ford at the beginning of their careers.
He worked for Renault UK. Hehe...
His McLaren time must haven been interesting and not much fun in the end.
He has as much freedom with Ferrari as he can get and he loves it.


I so want to be done with studying. Really. I can't see books anymore.
But I am far from being done and I have the feeling that it's growing out of proportion.

Last but not least: *giggles* I so wish.

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] meromero_da and [ profile] arami!
Hope you guys have a great day!

I am so not watching CNN news because of the damn appeal. Nope.. *hides*
Damn F1 for getting me again.
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Online chat with Samantha Ferris? Awesome.
Hearing once again what Jensen and Jared read online? Not so awesome.
Dude, that is more than embarrassing.
Kim Manners? Is still totally and utterly crazy. Nothing new here.

In other news: chocolate chip icecream with caramel fudge. Calms me down and gets me over the McLaren stuff. *pouts*
I feel like five and stomp my feet yelling "Leave Kimi alone" but I doubt that this would have any other effect than me looking totally stupid.
Chocolate chip icecream it is then.

Did I learn today? Not really.
Did I take notes. Yes, some.
Did I read. Plenty.
Does it make me feel better about any of this.

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