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I had an awesome day.. NOT.
So pain is less, which is cool but it's still there and comes in waves now whcih can be really annoying.
In addition to the ear and throat my nose is stuffed which led to a heavy nose bleed all day. I can't clean my nose without spending minutes in the bathroom trying to stop the blood...
So yeah.. yuck.

I made my day better though. Went home early from work, where I didn't need to be in the first place but had to get some stuff and was scheduled anyway. It was fun with the bleeding. Urgh...
Last day at work will be Friday but my boss won't be there so I have to go next week some day to get some papers and give back the chip and key. I think I am going to miss it, work and the people there.
Anyway, on the way home I got myself chili cheese fries, a salsa chicken burger (damn KFC's salsa is HOT) and a strawberry milkshake. Bought cards and CDs and went home to find cheesecake. So that was actually pretty neat.
Also found the most precious little netbook I have ever seen. Me wants. I even could but I think I shouldn't. But it is pretty.

Also waiting for me when I came home was a postcard from [ profile] _bettina_. Sheeeeeeep!
And my first birthday present. Yes, [ profile] slippery_fish, it is here and I will not open it until Monday.
I promise.

[ profile] acityofwonder, sent off a card. I hope this time it makes it and I think you might actually like the stamp more than the card.. ;)

Edit: I know I owe people fic. And I should be working on the prompt tables as well. Right now though I don't really feel like writing or even reading. All I want to do is sleep, which is rare due to pain and a stuffed nose.
Sorry guys. You are not forgotten. I know it takes me longer than usual this time... And I have started all the prompts already.
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[ profile] nilsi_pilsifan, I got your card today. Thank you! It's a really cool one.

I actually managed to get up (well I technically never went to sleep last night, but I will count the two hours of dozing in bed) and got to the post office.
Send off the last things. Yay me. Now they only have to reach their destinations on time.
Okay, so much for the wishlists this year.
The only things not done are the gift wrapping and the stories.
My timing is kinda off.

Being outside despite the cold was nice for a change. Got fresh air wich seems to have helped a little with my nose.
Am beat now though.

And was does being sick do to me? Other than listening to Westlife all the time?
I actually changed my status on Facebook (yes, shut up!) to "being in bed with Sammy".
Don't you just love giving liveless things names? Right now I am congratulating myself for choosing a laptop instead of a desktop pc.
*pats Sammy*
It's the drugs, I swear!
Or the sleep deprivation.

Btw I kinda like the new Torchwood trailer. Is it January already?
Oh wait, no.. I haven't done that much for my exams yet.

Yay me

25/11/07 17:14
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Sammy is finally online. New computer and me are happy.
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So after two days and endless talks with various helplines and a mass amount of money spent I am online again (at least with my old PC).
I wonder how long this will last.
Another new log in info to remember. At least the guys I talked to were nice and friendly.

I am off to try and get Sammy online now. Wish me luck, or better don't otherwise it won't work.

Did I miss anything?
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So I have to call my internet provider if I want to change my log in info for the new computer (because yeah, lost the letter and all. Thanks mum). I do that, call their hotline give my user info and all only to realise that there is not option where I can change my log in data. Or it is is hidden that well that I have absolutely no idea where it might be hidden. Right now though I have no idea what else to do other than to go back to the shop next week and ask if they know how to go through the menu at the hotline (I kinda like pre-recorded things.. usually. This time though I would like to speak to an actual person who would be able to explain everything to me). Bah.. so still not online with Sam. *headdesk*

Dear CW,
it would be nice of you to show Director's cuts again. Because clearly, they were a success last season.
So why did you start this season and are now not showing any at all?

You really don't want to do any promotion anymore, right?
Spent it all on the new shows?

No love

Anyway, I cheer myself up with watchign the preview to next week over and over again.
OH my this is will be a parade for Jared.. :) )

ETA: I think it wasn't my best idea to cook while wearing one of my fav t-shirts. *headdesk*
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I am still a little drunk I guess. God, I don't know but I think my brother spiked the wine... or the cake. Who knows. *g*
Anyway, I had a really nice day yesterday. Thank you for all your wishes. *squishes*
I wanted to introduce Sam and Dean, but Sam still refuses to come out of his holebed and go online. So yes my ne computer works fine but it refuses to connect, so I have to figure that one out first. Oh and Dean makes lovely photos, well he should as a printer. Yes, I know but I think Josi is write stuff like that should have silly names.. ;)
So I got all practical and cool presents (like clothes and the Dark Angel DVD box, CDs, computer) and in the middle of them sit Ernie and Bert plush figures. I love it.
I think I need to convince my camera to make pictures.

I am actually looking forward to going out tonight. I need to get out of here, clear my head a bit and get away a bit from all the schmoop which is going on here.
And why the hell did I try to watch the qualifying? I fell a sleep half way through.

*is off to watch the new Director's clips from the CW*
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Not at all.
I seriously spent the day either trying to reinstall Works or helping my brother fixing the dishwasher. *headdesk*
And since Works decided to eat half my files along the way I needed to start one paper from the beginning, which took me almost the whole day and I am not finished yet. So much for saving stuff on my email account, would have worked if I hadn't forgotten this paper. That again means I didn't finish the stuff I wnated to finish today, which leaves me one day less to work on the really big paper I still have open. *more headdesk* I am going insane. I hate Works right now. With all my heart.
I can't concentrate anymore. My eyes are burning. Like mad.
But I so need to get this all finished either tonight or tomorrow.
I think I should say Good-bye to sleep at all for the time being.
*is sick*

And thunderstorms are not helping.. because shutting down the PC and turning it on again every hour is frustrating... to say the least.

Maybe I should stop for now and indulge in some Gilmore Girls rerun and go back to work after Jerricho.

Aaron cheers me up though. The times he posted from the Texas Senior Circuit are pretty impressive. I think he is still a little pissed a RyRy.. ;)
Don't know if he'll be in Santa Clara though, would be cool to see him there again. No Psyche sheets are up yet.
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I just spent almost 2 hours trying to get back online just because I needed to send of an email. But either the computer or my internet provider refused to let my go back online. But the best thing is that apparently NOTHING was WRONG! I just had to restart the computer four times and then decide to randomly click on online settings and I am fucking online again. WTF??

I want my new computer. NOW! Why is it taking so long anyway? Meeeep

I should go t bed. Really... It's not like I have to be at uni in 11 hours. Nope, not at all.
*goes back to reading AUs*

And I am really not laughing my ass of at the newest guest star addition to the Torchwood cast. Nope.
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Klete Keller Returning to USC

He is leaving everything behind?? Like his sister and friends, his club, the house he build.

So he goes to train with Dave Salo and Larsen. seems like Bob really wasn't the right one (coach that is) for him. He is finishing uni there as well.
I am actually speechless.

Oh and yes, my internet is really working now. Seems to like th room change.
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Torn between being totally annoyed with my virus scanner and it's provider or being totally happy that I was able to watch SPN.

I guess right now I am floored by Jared's acting. Like whoa, that was new.. and really good. Jensen had awesome scenes as well but Jared kinda owned this. Will rewatch the ep later, since virus scanner kept interrupting me for periods of 30 minutes or longer until I had to restart.
Anyway, recap later (means tomorrow).
Just that: *huggles Sam and Dean* and previews can be totally misleading. I wasn't prepared for such an episode and I am so looking forward to next week (the Director's cut looks awesome).
Ratings are up and good and I should not read those posts anyway.
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It's snowing! Real snow! And it is cold.
Wow, real winter! I am curious how long this will last.

So my keyboard just gave out. Weird. Had to reconnect it to the wireless station, had to restart computer as well. And after doing that I realized that we finally have the faster DSL rate now.
Whoa is a nice word to describe it. But realizing it two days after they changed it just shows how slow my computer can be sometimes. Will go shopping for a new one the next time my brother is here. So February, not that long to wait.

I want to watch Supernatural. Right now!
I should stop reading reviews.
Want it. Now!


11/12/06 00:45
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I have done something today which I haven't in ages.
I slept through the day. Which means I am wide awake now and dizzy as hell. But seems like I needed the sleep.

And that means that I didn't do anything today. I didn't start the papers I really, really need to finish. I didn't write mails I wanted to write (and I need the internship evaluation). I did nothing for the Christmas presents I wanted to finish and I did not write cards, like I planed.
So there isn't much I actually did today besides sleeping. Watched "Prince Valiant", ordered DVDs, and kept on staring at Jack and Ianto on my desktop. So yes, that's it.

Now I am trying to find a new computer. And man, I never thought it woukd be that hard. But considering the money limit and that my mum wants to have a new screen as well, it's no wonder I am about to scream at all the websites I have open. Urgh.. But I need a new one, this one is 6 years old and well actually quite okay but sorta packed. And the lack of a DVD burner is a very large minus, not to mention the quirks it seems to develop.
Oh well, I have some time left and at least my brother is helping with the money thing. There still is a limit I just can't ignore.

I should get another wallpaper. Oh hell no way...
I want more Torchwood.
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PS, yes my computer sucks. *cries*
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Back. Hopefully for a while longer. So I just reinstalled my *old* graphic card on my PC. The one which broke down only two years after I got it. My grandpa repaired it and it is now running smoothly.
So I had to reinstall it but it seems to be okay for now. I am paranoid now anyway. I check every five minutes if the thing is still running.
Anyway, laptop is still down and I didn't have the time to bring it to the shop yet. I hope that will get fixed as well.
So I have my PC back as it seems. Not saying any more. I'd hate jinxing it.

[ profile] callmecayce I wish i could have watched this stage with you. Blame the PC or the laptop.
I had an Angel interview and I couldn't tape it.

Am not talking about the exam. Just two words: resit date.
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So yeah, it really seems like computers are hating me right now. I just wanted to watch something on DVD and what does the laptop do? Crashes. Like doing a major system error and refuses to reboot.
So I think that will be more than just a little look into it. Reinstalling XP as it seems. Oh God, why me? Why now?.
well, the wonder though is that the PC is still running. I just hope I didn't just jinx myself by saying that.
Because APO/Birthday project is important. And later the Nationals and so on.. Not to mention that I need the computer for other stuff as well.
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I love you [ profile] sandrine! Thanks so much foir the tip.
The laptop is working and they didn't charge anything. *hugs*

Now i need to get a new graphic card, which fortunately isn't more than 60€ for a really good one and only 45€ for the one I actually need.
I am thinking about getting a new DVD-burner as well, so I won't have problems reading data DVDs anymore.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. At least one computer is working now again.
To [ profile] simplydelovely, your Aussie Team pics cheer me up. A lot. Thanks.

Thanks to [ profile] callmecayce for talking to me and well Le Tour. Much more fun to watch with you.

Latin exam. Well that was easier than expected. And it was okay. Will see what that will get me but I am not too worried about it.
And considering the times I said that about an exam, I should celebrate that.
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Okay, no I really have a reason to cry. Yes, I am online from my PC, but don't ask me how long this will hold. It makes npoises it smells and that is not healthy at all.
But now the laptop refuses to work as well. It doesn't boot anymore and I have absolutely no idea what to do now. And the main reason is that I have absolutely no money to take it to the shop or something.
What sucks about that even more is that I can't watch any show or film because my PC refuses to play DVDs, and since the laptop is down...

I want to cry. Wait, I did already.

How am I supposed to work with that? I am all worked up over it now and I should learn Latin for my exam tomorrow. I so will fail because of this stupid computer problems.
And how am I supposed to do the Birthday Project for Aaron now? Fuck.
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I have an Internet question: Does anybody know if the IE 7 beta version is usable or not?
I don't know if I want to try it out or notbut my IE 6 has some quirks which are getting on my nerves.
I, of course, could just download a new IE 6 version. I have Firefox as well, am using both. So an ideas or comments to IE 7
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I really must have lost my mind or something.
I just named my new harddrive after three mad longhorns cows.
Yes, I definitely lost my mind.

And I think I just gave up on one paper while still being stuck on page 6. I think I would never be able to hand it in, or better I would never be able to send it to someone to look through it and then hand it in tomorrow. Why does it have to be the 15th? Not to mention: no books. Meh... Fuck it all.

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