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Oh Stiles... yeah, telling Derek but not Peter. Good luck with that.
Guess you want to keep some of it and tell Derek about the rest then...

Hi Derek.

Deaton is a fighter after all... interesting to see that.

"It's only three hours. We can survive three hours."
Always the optimist there Kira. Their faces though...

Oh coach.... guess he's not really drunk but sick there?

Stiles. come on, you are a genius after all... these SATs can't be that hard... well ok.

So it is something that is making people sick.

Eww... that doesn't look good at all, coach.
And again the High School is not a good place to be... ever.... or the Hospital... of the entire city.

This teacher is creepy and way too calm about this whole situation. Well, he was the one experimenting on the werewolf.

Hi Melissa.
A virus targeted at werewolves... right, that's what it is. Only werewolves or all weres?
Oh hell.... and there are at least two weres in the school unable to control the shift due to the virus.

Oh Lydia.

All weres then.

And Stiles thinks about the right thing again.The Hale's vault, good idea...
They are all getting sick, damn...

And you need claws to open it.

And they know it has to be a Hale--- so Malia.
She knows they are hiding things from her... but the list is not it.

Money is an important issue. Money rules the world.

Thank you Stiles, thank you for mentioning that Peter is not on the list and might have something to do with it all.
Lying to your... whatever she really is to you now... is not really the right way to build trust.

Oh boy...

Awww.. Derek... reminding Satori or Talia.

Tea is the solution. Nice.
And it's in the vault... how convenient...

Shit, that's Stiles' hoody with the dead pool list in it... Malia will... oh, okay... she won't see it now.

Stiles what did you find? Oh he figured it out.
The virus isn't affecting humans after all, just for a small period of time... It is meant for weres.

Ew.. oh wow... Rafe... just wow.
Okay, Stiles' face... and he knows where the antidote is now.

Satori rocks. That was awesome.

Desperate!Stiles.... and Scott on the other side of the door. That image hurts and it's a nicely done scene.
Yes, Scott, use your alpha eyes.

Airborne antidote...

Someone will die... Lydia was right after all.

So she saw the list after all.

Oh boy...

Hmmm, a lot of action, a lot of things to know but something was a little different.
I sort of liked it anyway. It felt more like a filler episode and dragged a little... like they packed all the important things into just a few minutes throughout the ep.
I liked the Scott and Stiles moments.

Not much to say it about it but that might be due to the fact that I can't seem to get rid of a migraine and haven't really paid all that much attention.

Preview: Well that certainly looks interesting.... Hello Derek... Hello Chris.

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