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Let me guess, she's another one on the list of supernatural beings that are being assassinated?
Also teenage assassins that are able to kill supernatural beings like this when even hunters have difficulties and are cautious? Yeah, very believable.
How can she be this successful when the victim is supernatural? How?

And again, the school.

A trick.... ok... but still not very believable there.

I love when Stiles gets into research mode and tries to figure things out.
And hey they are actually working with the Sheriff now instead of doing it all on their own... they are learning.
But yeah, guess it's easier when when the Sheriff knows...

Hello Derek...

Oh ouch... the Hale money is being used to finance the murders... this is really creepy

Hehe, smooth Kira... that is some miscommunication.

Oh Derek, still the creepy stalker methods in the highschool... oh man, but I like seeing you being a mentor and being sassy.
And that smile for Scott... it's good to see that they can actually work together now. I like Derek being grown up and responsible.

LOL at Malia and Lydia... that scene was actually fun to watch.

Stiles, a econ lesson is not the right place to look at crime scene photos.... Stiles... him grabbing onto the lacrosse is fucking hot for some reason.
He also figured it out... again.

"Guys, these are professional killers. It's their profession."
Thank you Stiles.

How do those teenagers get their resources? How did they get into this? How do they know all those things?
This doesn't make sense... at all.

Oh Lydia...

Ah, this is Liam's old team. i guess this will get violent on the field as well.
And Stiles is saving the situation again.

Sarcastic!Stiles is back and he's actually the voice of reason... again.
And history repeats itself... it's all about the game.

It's cool that Kira is on the team now.. also Stiles isn't just on the bench anymore... interesting.

Oh hello Meredith... also Parrish, who or what are you?

Awww, yeah he thinks he is hot...

Derek is taking Chris into the family vault now... this is interesting.
I also like that they are working together again and all because of Kate.

Oh... oh.... now his reaction to th shell makes sense. This was all about the same thing then.
I really wonder what Chris is willing to do to stop Kate....
Oh wow, okay... so Kate took even more from Derek then.... he's losing his power and Kate might be able to give it back?
I'm intrigued now where they are going with this.
But why always Derek... poor werewolf. A werewolf without power, does that mean he won't be able to shift anymore?

hehe, Scott tries to have Liam out of the game and he fails just like they did when they tried to keep him out of the game.

Oh Stiles... hey, you are playing after all...

Douche lacrosse players... what does that remind me off? Or rather who...

Parrish thanks Lydia is a psychic... again, who are you Parrish?

Nice Stiles...really, that was a cool move... you really aren't that bad at lacrosse. Talk the other team down.
Awww Kira...

The Calaveras... ok then.. guess they need Chris for something.

Aiden? Oh shit... the next one.... those are already dead...
They are the keywords.

Okay there are a lot more werewolves around than expected... how did Scott not realize that there was another one on the field?

Parrish is on the list?
What? Why?

Alpha powers... nice Scott. This actually works for you.
And I like Stiles like this... it's actually hot.

But Chris changed the code with Allison... damn, this can't be good.
Oh Chris... oh boy...

I actually really liked this episode even though there were things that didn't make sense. But I liked all the interactions (even though Liam actually gets on my nerves most of the times... much like Stiles during the first season but on a very different level... because deep down I liked Stiles just a bit already.. I'm not sure about Liam though. He's an overly aggressive little shit but at least some of it is explained here.)

Still waiting on another Derek and Stiles scene (Hoechlin did promise a little more of it for this season and I personally heard him say it... so).

I am very interested where they are taking Derek's and Chris' storylines because both of them are connected to what happens to Kate... and if Chris kills her will he do it before or after Derek got back what she took from him? I sincerely hope that none of those two dies as a consequence... especially not Derek (I don't know but I do have a weird feeling about this...).

Preview: Oh boy... this doesn't look too good.
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