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So Peter thought Derek how to control his wolf after the Paige thing? Interesting.

Not a good idea to go in there with a were. So not a good idea. She has no control at all there. See? Not a good idea at all.

Okay, when Deaton says "Wow" things are really dire and fucked up.

Aww, Stiles doesn't want to leave Derek alone and he doesn't want to leave Lydia with baby!Derek.

Rafael is still around? Okay... interesting.

Somethign is really wrong with Derek isn't it? He's not supposed to heal this fast.
Oh, he has not control... None at all.

Oh Stiles.

Yeah, this sounds more like a girl that spend years in coyote form and has to adjust to human life and school now.. how is she even in this class? This is basic knowledge (and I'm saying this as European who had this in school). This and the way she apparently acts now are way more real.. even though she is still such a very random character.

LOL at the cell phone scene.. and Kira's dad reading the text out loud... his face.

Also oh boy, so baby!Derek doesn't have any memories of his adult self and his life and what has happened. Guess that makes him more open to trust Kate and to whatever she's planing. Why does she need him to be this young though? That's just fucked up in so many ways.

Dammit, baby!Derek at the Hale house... so they really demolished it now. No Hale house left. Wow.

Damn, poor Derek and I like how Parish is the compassionate one.

And Derek is in handcuffs again.

I love the Sheriff's face when he figures it out... and rally they couldn't even fill out the whole thing with all the correct data?

Time traveling... nice one.

Oh God Stiles, shut up... lol.

Damn, so money issues on top of everything and Stiles didn't know and another thing to feel guilty about right there...

Scott's lying to Derek and it actually works. But I like how Stiles actually supports this because he doesn't want Derek to go through this pain all over again.

No Stiles, you don't hate him, so you can play babysitter for a while.

Awww I like the Kira-Lydia developing friendship.
Where did Lydia go now... oh her powers then.

I love Stiles's face when Derek speaks Spanish and how Derek doesn't take any of Stiles' shit. This is great.

Yes, Scott is nervous about introducing Peter's child to him.
Creepy!Peter... really.

See, Peter you know what you did there. You so know. I love the way he stops talking when he realizes what actually is going on.

Oh Stiles, lease stop talking you aren't making any sense and they all know it. But I love how baby!Derek goes with it and lets him dig an even deeper whole for himself. I like this ind of chemistry and that just on the potential!friends level here.

"Can anyone stay dead in this town?"
"They were hoping you did."
Oh boy... those two will be fun to watch (if the writers do it right that is).

Really? Stiles was the only one knowing about Kate and Derek? How does Scott not know? Didn't Stiles tell him? So he thought it was Derek's story to tell? Makes sense.

Manhandling again... Derek and Stiles do that so well.

Baby!Derek is so confused by Stiles... well yeah, we all would be.

Oh Damnit.. Kate has found him. This can't be good.

Kate wants to be able to control the shift and needs the Triskelion for it... so that's what she needs Derek for. She needed Derek to trust her because she wants something from him...and this is so fucked up.... even more now than it was back then. Because now she really is an adult and he's so much more underage and she's manipulating him even more.

Oh Derek.... I know it's not your fault.... this is such a mess.

And the high school again... this town is so damn weird.

Berserkers.... oh nice...

Peter... I sort of like he's there and actually just calls Kate out on her scheme..
But he left Scott and Malia to fight for themselves.

And Derek hear him, wants to help and doesn't care for Kate's scheme anymore... Pack... he's associated with the pack.

And the pack is there... with bats and Katanas... but they are all there.

Derek can fight... as baby!Derek.

Peter tought him to use anger as an anchor because the pendant didn't do it for him. It was just an object.

Flash bombs? Who? And who the hell knows the combination to the safe? What?
What is this about?

Derek's shifting back during the fight.... oh... oh...

Derek has beta eyes again How? Why? Is there an explanation?

So someone planned to take bones form the vault and used Kate's scheme as a distraction? Wow okay, I'm actually interested in this storyline.

Hmm, I think I liked this and I liked baby!Derek and how int he end he went and fought for the pack instead of staying with Kate.
I do want to know why he changed back during the fight and why he has yellow beta eyes now. There has to be a reason right? Not just make Derek a good person again because he helped? And well they solved that pretty quickly and I do hope it will make sense in the end... but then they only have 12 eps to put a story and have a plot.

I also think I can sort of live where this is going if they don't concentrate too much on the romantic aspects because seriously, all of them need therapy and not new love interests. If they keep it on the downlow I'd like to see it progressing.

I think I'm starting to like Parrish...

It was.... mostly entertaining even though I was way too tired while watching things and probably missed most of the glaringly obvious plot holes (like you know Scott not knowing but that actually can be explained) but at least they weren't so obvious that my sleep deprived mind did catch them.

I think I might like this season in certain ways... Hmm... there really are only two reasons why I'm watching this and as long as I can get them (in any form... okay, not in any but most of them) I'm content enough not to get bored with this. I'm way out of their preferred audience anyway... ;)

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