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Stiles and Lydia bickering was fun to watch. I like them being friends and working together.

Stiles being all growly when demanding Derek back does things to me.

Also, Malia and Kira dancing together was very hot... this is something I could live with... if only they'd go there.

Stiles insulting Derek is so parallel to Derek taking about Stiles being the Nogitsune.
Speaking of, how is Still already put together like that? This boy needs therapy. Are they ever going to speak about it?

No one knows where Derek is.

Stiles always will look surprised after being kissed, right? Oh Stiles.
Also, yeah not really...

Right, so electric shocks make Scott remember one little bit and that's what they wanted to know. Oookay.

Oh Derek, what did she do to you?

Hi there Braeden. Nice seeing you again.
I like the music choice here, like a lot.

Oh great it's the hunter's fault that Kate is running around now and has Derek.

Stiles really, really wants to find Derek there... aww.

Ho does Scott know all about what happened to Kate with the Clavases? Did the tell hm?
Did I miss something where they made it clear how Scott (and Stiles) knows? I'm confused right now.

Yeah, okay I can get behind Kira and Scott, they are cute there.

So someone wanted Scott to come alone? Oh this can't end well.

And yes, finally. Stiles knows how to work on his Jeep and his actually competent doing it. I missed this Stiles but still I'd like to see him dealing with the aftermath.

Malia is still so very impulsive, could turn out to be dangerous. I do like Kira with her sword.
I could get behind her if they stop forcing her into a role that doesn't really fit... I don't know, I think it's too forced right now... but her as a character is interesting now... as opposed to season 3B, where it was sort of the most useless ever.

Oh, oh baby!Derek... or rather teen!Derek... oh what the hell happened in that temple/church.
I want to know if its just his body or his mind as well. A spell? What?
Nice surprise the at the end.
Stiles' face.... oh Stiles, we know what you are thinking. Oh boy...

So I liked this episode.
Still a lot of questions and things I'm rather unsure about but I felt entertained and I want to know how it goes on.

I do still have issues with Malia. because she still feels so very random.
But I do like that we have women as a majority within the team there.
I also liked that they all work together to get Derek back because Derek's part of their team now.
He is part of the inner circle even if he isn't pack.

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