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I don't know why but Tyler Hoechlin voice over does things to me.... Urgh... This man.

Hello Kate, still haven't killed yourself I see. But then you never where one going with rules or codes.

So this is how she knew about the Triskelion. But how did she get the tape? This is weird.
It's all about power and control.
Also, how did she gain control over the berserkers?

"It's been a while since someone made me a mixed tape."

Well now she knows what it feels like to be shot by wolfsbane. Nice carnage, though... well, she's always been ruthless.

Rafe is actually trying there.

And she knows that Parrish is on the list.

How does Rafe know about the Orphans?

Stiles and Derek in one scene... Look at that.
And Stiles knows something is wrong with Derek. Just the way he looks at him after Derek being sassy... oh oh...

Peter... what is going on with you?

A rare strain of wolfsbane... of course.

Derek is not healing fast enough anymore. Damn, this is not looking good and he knows it. Peter knows it, too. Not cool... not cool at all.

Bhuddist? And the Hales know what it means, who taught him control.

Nice find there Scott...
And at he right time it seems.

Not a good idea to run alone now Liam... See?

They are all absent from school...

Derek creeping in the school again and he needs someone to help him because hiis senses are vanishing slowly now. So Malia is the only one around and he's willing to teach her. That actually is a very different approach from what he did before... But then, he had no reason to really ask for help before or even trust someone with senses he had himself. Oh Derek.... I really, really hope that this isn't going to end really badly and with that I mean death. Urgh...

Lydia and Parrish.... I... okay, yes I can see it.
I like her working with Stiles though as well. They are a good team now.
I also like that they decided to actually talk to Parrish.

Parrish doesn't even know that it's a supernatural hit list.

"I'm worth five dollars?"
"Five million"
"I make 40.000 a year, maybe I should kill myself."

And he really has no idea why he's on the list.

Look, Tmmy fell in a well. Go, get Lassie Scott.

Can someone get rid of Garret please? That boy is way too psychotic.

A new car again Derek?
The pack is not meeting, they are hiding.

Ah shit.... Scott's supposed t attack the car when the Sheriff is in it...

Oh damn, this orderly again.
And money issues all around.

Oh Parrish, nice one...

"You? I like you. I'm gonna keep you." I like Lydia's smirk there.
Stiles... oh Stiles.... you do like Parrish.

Garrett, you stupid boy... yeah...

Hi Chris... I like how you went from ruthless hunter to helping this one pack.

Werewolves can hide their sent from other werewolves.... good information to have Derek.

I don't know but seeing Derek this frustrated and then being all sassy... yeah... it does things to me.

"Maybe we need to think like Stiles."
"Like a hyperactive spazz."
"Like a detective."
Awww Derek... your face... and Stiles isn't even there and still helps them figure it out.. or rather thinking like Stiles helps Derek figuring it out.... Nice.
Also, Derek knows Stiles well enough to actually come up with that description...

Does Meredith know who the Benefactor is?
Banshees can hurt other banshees with their scream...

Oh Derek...

The pack is dead... hell...

Chris... this is not a good thing.

Braeden.. what the hell? Did she try t o protect them or what? Why is she even there?

Kate really has no control... at least not like she should have but she doesn't kill Chris.

He's calling out... Good Liam.

"Banshees predict death. What if the third key is someone who isn't dead?"
"... but will be."

Derek is the keyword... fuck no.... not Derek... That is not cool at all.

Scoot really is learning how to be an alpha... that is good to see.

So Meredith is dead.... and I guess the orderly has something to do with it.

Oh boys... money and they do know they could need it.
Also, this tape is a lead.

Peter... what is your plan?
I know you want the money back...
He's really willing to do everything to gain power.
Fuck you, Peter.... this is beyond creepy... but it's really fascinating to watch.

I liked this ep even though it made me feel a little queasy over Derek... and I don't like feeling like that.

But I think the plot actually goes along in a pace that is not yet too fast. I think they are actually telling things now. And really, Peter working with Kate to gain power makes sense. She is the right tool he needs and she wants control. This might work out but I think only for one of them.

And hey, we had a scene with Stiles and Derek...

There's still so much in this show that makes me go all o.O but it's entertaining and I do get to see Dylan and Hoechlin on my screen, so there's that. Yes, I'm shallow like that when it comes to this show but I really, really don't want to get in too deep because this show is way too good at playing with emotions. And I don't want to do that.

Preview: What? What? Oh boy...
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