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He is void.... still so weird to say and hear it.

A demon wearing his face... Only Stiles.

Oh Allison.
Their faces, just sitting their in the Sheriff's station.
Chris is telling Scott what to tell the police.
"It's what we do. It's what we do." Ouch...

I want to know who and/or what Parrish is.

Stiles look so bad there.... oh boy
"What is it?"
"Magic tea?"
"No...Camomile's tea."
Oh Stiles... they'll do everything to net let you die.

That Isaac is coming with Chris is sort of significant.
Poor boys... men... beings.

Oni... in the station. Not good at all.

Derek and his zippo, that is sort of sexy...
Nice speech Derek there Derek. All the endorsement for Scott.
"Find another way to stay and fight."

Deaton made it. Oi...

Nice music choice there, so fitting. And nice scenery as well.
This hospital really is the unsafest place in the town, along with the high school and the loft.... oh and the station. The entire town?
But I love how Dylan does this, plays it all so differently.

Melissa... no.... not Mama McCall.
Dammit, not her.

Allison figured it out how to kill the Oni, didn't she?
Yeah, she did. The silver arrow.

"We can stop them."
"No. We can kill them."

"Stick with the plan, okay?"
"The plan is to safe you. It's the plan I'm going with."
Stiles is read to die if things don't go according to plan.

This is not Beacon Hills anymore. Snow? What?

Melissa... no.

Derek. Hello there.
And they are at the High School... again.
Fight like and Alpha... yeah Derek.

Why is it so set on killing everyone Stiles cares about? What did Stiles do to piss it off?
"I'm going to make your best friend kill you, Stiles. And you are going to let him."
They are all going to die if Stiles doesn't let Scott kill him... wow... ouch.
And all to win the game.

"I told a drunk to get out of the house, not is father to get out of his life."
Oh boy.

Is Derek actually holding up in a fight again now that he isn't an alpha anymore?

No, please, not Mama McCall.

Stiles! What.

No mirror image... this is not real.
Stiles knows what the divine move has to be.
An illusion to keep them away from the real nogitsune.

They are being sacrificed so that Stiles can gout out of it... so that all of them get out of it. Nice move Stiles.

Stiles vs nogitsune!Stiles.

Oh... Aiden.

"You can't kill me."
"But we can change you."
"Change the host..."
"Can't be a fox and a wolf."

They manage to contain it. Wow... and everyone is actually safe. Well, not Aiden...

"Oh God, I fainted, didn't I.... We are alive. W are all alive."
Welcome back Stiles.

Derek is actually willing to tell Lydia what Aiden did for them in the end. Anyone who still thinks Derek is a bad guy is so wrong...

Where is Chris off to now?

Malia is in High School? How? How did she manage to get all the school stuff down to be able to go. And she's learning to shift with Scott and Stiles? How did she come back and when?

How does Danny know? What?
But yeah...dude, it's Beacon Hills. Sort of right. Still how? When?

Derek is talking to Stiles about Dreams and Nightmares.
Again with the she-wolf. Who is it?
Derek is still dreaming? With Stiles anyway.
But not the end?
Does he need to get his head checked? How does that even happen to Derek, he wasn't the one opening a door in his mind through sacrifices.
So is it Derek turning crazy now? What?
And how does he know about the fingers in dreams? I can't imagine Stiles telling Derek that, seeing as they were never really in the same room/space since Derek returned. Stiles told Scott but why would Scott even mention something like this to Derek? Was that maybe Stiles after all? Where they both in the same dream? This is quite confusing.

What? Okay.... this is a hell of a cliffhanger and I sure as hell hope it won't continue with Derek ending up dead in the first ep of season 4... because that would suck.
I really hope it wasn't a wolvesbane bullet because I seriously need to have Derek around next season.
Also Hi Kate. And again, it's Peter's fault. Oh boy.

But dude, nice. I'm actually really interested how she came back and why she's such a different kind of wolf... or if she even is a wolf.

Also Derek is dreaming of Stiles? Nice turn there, that he actually seeks out the one who'd know about nightmares and being trapped in them.
And his subconsciousness turns to Stiles.

So this was season three then.
Still so much I don't get or don't like about this show but all in all this season was nice to watch and I'm actually glad I can keep myself detached from fandom most of the time.
Because seriously? I have enough worries in RL to let myself get dragged into drama about fictional characters.

I actually liked the season finale more than the episode before it.
And yeah it had a good amount of action and drama and nice scenes... and it left open enough to take into the next season.

But then again, I'm really only watching for to reasons... :)

I'm still impressed with the way Dylan portrayed Stiles and the nogitsune here. It shows what he is able to do and yeah, I'm glad he'll be around.
Still a little sad that the Derek scenes where so short but in the end he did play a significant role. And we did get a scene between them even though it was just a dream. Again, I do hope that Derek is around more next season.
Tyler Hoechlin did a great job as well.

Also, where the hell is Peter and is he still planning world domination?

Wolf Watch: Oh God, Hoechlin, really? That was just way too cute... those two are just... dammit, I won't let myself fall deeper into it. Not again... But they are still damn cute together.
But yeah, that sort of answered a few questions I hope... so more Derek as it seems... yay
But really, Jeff Davis, do we have to go there again? How about some therapy and some time for them to deal with everything?
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