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Well... that was sort of... slow? But interesting in some ways.

A flashback.... Oh... okay.
Ah, it already was awake back then. Interesting.

Oh hell.. he looks like hell... but possessed!Stiles is just... wow.
I love how Dylan does that switch.

So Malia told them what they found in the asylum.
And it goes back to Kira's family.
That's her mother... what is she like 90? Wow, that must be some kind of magic then.
And she really looks like Kira.
900 years?? How many lives did she have so far? Oi... they do have a lot to talk about.

"It's how I met your mother."

The Nemeton then? That's where the nogitsune came from... of course. Makes sense.

Wolves ans foxes don't get along, well that's not new, we'll see where that will go.

Hi Derek.
So this wasn't Stiles' scan then. Good to know.
It is a trickster and he's using all of Stiles' fears to get control of his mind.

"Severely dead." Nice one Derek.

The Sheriff asking Derek and Chris for help to save Stiles, trap him and save him in the end. I think that will be very interesting to watch and will hopefully not end in a bloodbath.

Derek picking up Stiles' scent is the way..
"I won't be the first wolf to run from a fox."
Awww Derek.

Oh Allison... I think that was over-due with everything going on.

That wave was very, very creepy. Dammit it, Stiles.
But God....

Oh, so her dead lover and the covering up of the slaughter raised the nogitsune that time.
She caused it in the first place? Ouch.... it's Kira's mom's fault that it's in existence and what's happening to Stiles.
I like how they are working in the back story there... but wow... hell of a guilt thing that's going on there.
That's why it looks like it does and how it got trapped in the asylum.

Derek as the King on Stiles' chessboard... oh... okay. Who's the Queen?

"All we need to do is come up with a new punch line."
Oh it sounds so easy but I doubt it will be.

Nice sword.
Please don't use it to kill Stiles.

Aha, she buried the firefly with the Nemeton.
And Derek's sacrifice as well as the one the three made, woke it up again, brought the power and the demon back.


I just really like dark!Stiles or at least the way Dylan portrays him. If he should survive this then I hope they'll deal with all the post-traumatic things that should be there.
I also like the way Derek tries to find ways not to kill, that is very consistent of how 3A ended.

I still wonder what Peter is up and what Agent McCall really wants.
I do want to know if the she-wolf actually is that important and what the Hispanic hinter woman really wants.

Preview: I should stop watching those... at least I'm not reading any comments anymore. Better for my mental health...

Stolen from Tumblr because I just had to:

So, what you need to learn about Derek and Stiles in 3B is:

Derek knows and can easily track Stiles’ scent.
Derek is the king in Stiles’ chess board.
Derek really doesn’t want to have to kill Stiles.
Derek is not backing up from trying to help Stiles.
Derek knows Stiles’ age.
Derek was two days non-stop trying to find Stiles.
Derek didn’t believe Stiles could do any damage.
Derek can recognize Stiles’ bat.
Derek knows about Stiles’ mother.
Derek Hale actually cares about Stiles Stilinski.
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