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* Oookay...

Mature theme? Oh wow...

Oh Stiles... I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot.

This place is creepy from the outside already.

Oh no.
"Make sure I never get out."

Why are asylums always so creepy? Is it really like this?
It's like a prison.

Oh Sheriff... the pillow. This is already heartbreaking. Dammit, Stilinskis.

Stile is so done with it, it's not even funny anymore.

Is this real? Or is Stiles dreaming? What a mindfuck.

I love how they are all trying to find something to help and are working together.

That's why they call it echo house... oh hell... Stiles? Get out of there.
Damn, Stiles.... still no sleep? You really do look like you could need it.

Malia? Oh...also ouch.
Ms. Morell.. what?
And it's where he was.... oh.

Derek... and Chris.
I love how Derek isn't all "Kill him" but actually asks what will happen.
Oh Derek...

His shadow and Guilt... Not a good combination.
What.... the poisons is showing up on his body and the nogitsune is trying to get the control back.

And he has to stay awake...

"Stiles... Stay awake."
Sounds like an order.

Always investigating... this is Stiles.

And the pack is planing...

Awkward Stiles... really awkward.
And Malia is coherent...

Yeah... thank you... oh hell.
And she just wants her life back... she wants to change back. It makes sense.... she feels guilty and it was her life.

Silverfinger... the scroll.
Why did it take me so long to get it?

What? Why her? She was the one looking for the she-wolf...

Fuck.. this is not going to end well for Stiles. And his help to stay awake is gone... and the make it even worse... Stay awake Stiles.

Nice.. Kira.. Practising does seem to help.

"Let me out... Let me in."

They do know that they are committing a federal offense right?
And he's dead.

"I don't fish... I hunt."

See, doesn't mean and alpha is stronger... but then they are stronger in numbers after all.

In a creeppy asylum basement...when they have not time and might be found... in a way that makes sense and it's so Stiles' life. Okay...

"We are hear to save a life not end one."
This is so Scott.

And a dead person... in the basement of an asylum.


Oh... he wants to be back into Stiles' head and he wants to get out... and now he/it has a way to get Stiles to comply. Dammit... again, ouch.

And it's back...

Change the body of the host? How?
Turning him into a werewolf... uh... the thing he doesn't want. Can't there be another way... like a tattoo or something?

Huh? What Malia?
Blue eyes and what? Can she shift again? Why was she even there... just to entice Stiles? Did I miss something?

What was that?

Preview: Again... what? I.. what? I don't know if I can watch all that... o.O

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25/2/14 13:56 (UTC)
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I love the way everyone's reactions to this episode include a lot of 'what?'s and 'huh?'s!

I've seen a few people mention a tattoo or something similar as an alternative to the bite - it'll be interesting to see if that's addressed (like, if it's possible or they explain why it wouldn't work if it isn't).

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