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Happy Birthday [ profile] kayotica!


Awww man, boys not together is always sad and dangerous... At least on this show.

Demons as confederate soldiers... oh boy.

Timothy... He looks very nice rugged and scruffy like this.

Hello scruffy!Dean.

Hello Crowley.

"Can I kill you now?" LOL

Oh, so John had the first blade? Nice.
Crowley doesn't want to, he needs Dean's help.
So suspicious Dean.... I love how Crowley knows exactly which buttons to push to make him curious and help.

Castiel and Sam n the Men of Letters cave... so domestic and sarcastic. Oh Sammy.

"You're a terrible liar."
"That's not true. I once lied to and deceived you AND your brother."
Oh Cas, that's not really something you should be this proud of.

Nice, Sammy.
Also, so very stubborn.

"This really necessary? I've been inside your brother. We're practically family."

Interesting, how Dean reacts to this little dig. A little violent aren't we? And all because of Sammy.

"You have a guinea pig? Where?" Oh my god... okay, this was funny.

Crowley is really not helping there.

Location spell to find the first blade. Makes sense.
Awkward, with her history with John and all.

And of course, because the entire supernatural world focuses on the US the blade is there of as well. Of course...

The father of Murder....
Cain. As in Abel and Cain.
And Crowley is damn afraid of him.

Hello again, Timothy.

And they are sort of re-writing the bible... Cain is a demon. Hmmm, that sort of makes the whole "read the book to learn how humans behave" void. But that's Supernatural for you. And I sort of like this take on things.

Awww, Crowley.

Damn, the devils trap is broken.

Cain build the entire oder or Knights of Hell and then destroyed them as well. Wow.

Oh Dean this is a bad idea. You really think you can break into Cain's house and steal the blade?

"Sam? Can I ask you a question."
"You just did."
"Can I ask you another question?"
"Well, technically... yep, well, what's up?"

"You and Dean chose each other."
Sammy is still pissed at Dean, understandably.
And this looks very, very hurtful.

"This is by far the dumbest idea you ever had."
Well, that coming from Crowley means something.

Aww, shit...location detected then.

And all that to locate Gadreel. Oh Sammy. Sacrificing yourself all over again. What the hell are you doing?

Cain with groceries.... funny.
And he's leaving them to fight on their own.. well yeah, they invaded his home and exposed him.

Oh Sammy, you really, really don't have to feel guilty. There's nothing you did wrong... not even with the trails.

Cain is testing him.

"You're good. But I'm Crowley."

Dean is Cain.
"You never give up on family. Ever."
"Where's your brother now then?"
The blade is gone.

Castiel. Thank you.
"Nothing is worse losing you."
"Being human... changed my view of you."
And this time Sammy didn't even screw up.

Castiel really has changed. Thank God... That is character development. Was about time.

Crowley crossing himself at the sight of the mark.

Abel was talking to Lucifer? Wow, okay that is an interesting re-write. Cain's soul in hell for Abel's in heaven. That reminds me of something.

Ah, the knights took his love and he slaughter his own creation. And it was Abadon.

He buried the blade with her.

Oh Dean, what are you doing? This can only end badly. Damn, you Dean.

Cain wants Dean to use the blade on him when he calls him. Ouch... Okay.

Location spells on all sides as it seems. And it doesn't even work... oh boy.

The hug.. lol.

"You're problem mate, is that nobody hats you more than you do."
Crowley is right about that.

Crowley played him... all over again. Of course... he always has an agenda. But he needs Dean to get to Abadon and to be able to actually use the blade.

Nice.... I really liked this one. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

On to the next then:


Garth... oh boy... Can he be gone? I don't really know how to take him and he's getting on my nerves most of the time now.

Of course, they are both there.

Killing a cow? Yeah, Sammy... why?

Haha... OMG, Sammy... Nice way to wake someone up.


"He left some grace in me."
"You are aware of how wrong that sounds?"

Hey, Dean's not lying to him about the mark. He is actually telling Sam about all of the Cain thing.

And they are working to together just like that again. That's how they work.. That's Sam and Dean.

Ouch... Sammy is right there. Caught in the act Dean.

Garth is a werewolf? Oh hell no. He is probably the worst wolf ever.
But lol at Garth characterization of the boys.

Born werewolves... yes, Dean... those exists apparently.

This is so surreal. Prayer circle and werewolves. For some reason I just imagined this happening on Teen Wolf... OMG

Heart? Bloody meat? Really, ewwwww... Wolves are domesticated and civilized.

He still has trouble believing that werewolves can be born wolves. And he has a reason to be suspicious.

Okay, he's a wolf.

Fenris. Yes, make sense. An action plan for werewolf domination.

Ouch. Sammy.

I don't know if I believe him. The reverend seems to have to idea that some of his followers have resurrected the cult around Ragnarök.

Oh, it's the wife.

Nice safe there Dean.

Werewolf mojo? That... that's so what Stiles says...

This talk sounds like a getting-back together speech. Oh boys.... so awkward.

Ouch, Sammy, ouch.

Dean will do anything to just have Sam there and be able to keep him close. Still, ouch.

Those two are so messed up. No more then ever but that's only understandable.

Preview: Huh? Okay... Cam I watch that now please?
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