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I probably should have taken notes or something but all I can remember from this one is the overwhelming thought of "Oh Stiles" and then half naked Derek. I think that sums it up pretty much for me.
And this is way I have no idea why I like this show and why I'm watching it.


Why is it always Derek being tortured? He never gets a break.
The way he looks at Peter, so not impressed.

Oh, eww...

But I guess they really have no idea what or who she's talking about.

And the Sheriff still doesn't really believe it all. And Stiles' theory does make sense in a lot of ways.

Damn you Agent McCall! I really don't like you.

Oh boy.. poor Kira. If you have a dad like that you don't need enemies. This was embarrassing.

Oh Stiles. This is bad. So very bad.

It's always the locker room. Always...

Wow, okay... did an army invade. Oh hey, she's alive... how did that happen. Someone hired her to get Derek out? Deucalion?
What? Why?

"What's up with the scarf anyway?" Thanks Stiles.. lol

"We need a real alpha." Ouch, but yeah, sort of true. But Derek? Like he was a good alpha? But then again, he knows more than they do
But still... Anyway, as long as they are still considering him... And anyway, Still will probably always think that way.

"I'm an alpha with performance issues."

The twins. And they have been not int he picture? Even though they are in relationships? This is a little weird.
What the hell are they doing? They're no alphas anymore, well at least they got punished for what they did... in a way.
Okay, this is getting out of control... fast. Not really good way to help Scott shift or be an alpha.

"Anyone think we're doing more harm than good?"
Yeah, Lydia, you might be right.

"And again with the not helping." Oh Stiles and Isaac's face.

Stiles is always the one figuring it out in the end, even if his brain isn't all that cooperative.

Ouch, poor Isaac.

See, Lydia knows it, too. Stiles is always the one figuring it out.
And he does.

Hello Malia.

Oh Stiles.

What? What was that about... glowing insects and dark shapes? Right this is Beacon Hills after all... guess they'll find out who that was soon?


I finally managed to watch SPN, the ep before the hiatus and the new one. I'm so glad I watched them together, glad I didn't have to go through hiatus after this episode.


Melody Ministry Glee Club?
Ok... hilarious.

And a Rocker Bar. Oh boy. This can't end well... for the rockers. Poor Guys. And this is so creepy.

Oh, vessels. Of course.
And the girls win... so very creepy.

Dean just wants his brother to be angel free and well. But still he's lying to him all the way.

This changes between Sam and Zeke are very interesting. Well, done Jared.

Sammy is so damn suspicious. And he has every right to be. He is missing time.

Yes, Dean, you would lie... you are lying.

Castiel is working a case.... an angel case. Interesting. He looks so proud of himself there.

So Zeke just has to look at Dean and not say a word and Dean knows what's up? oh boy...

So earth and the humans are still the angels' playing field... urgh..

Human!Cas is funny in some ways.

Zeke!Sammy is so pissy it's funny, too. I really wonder why he's advers to working with Castiel.


He's not Zeke?
Oh boy.... lying angels... as always...

Gadreel. Okay. God's inner circle... so he couldn't protect Eden.

Metatron is so damn freaky and he's bored. So he wants heaven to be his and wants to choose the angels himself.

And what an offer. This doesn't look good for Sammy though.

This is how they get vessels with the humans agreeing... so not cool. This has a lot of consent issues because those people are brainwashed.

Metatron wants to be the ruler of New Heaven. Gadreel knows what that means, he'll basically be God. Yeah, not good and not cool at all.

Castiel is going through all the praying positions of the world religions.

Oi, torture for Castiel... dammit.

Ezekiel is dead? Oh boy, s this is how Gadreel could take over.

Cas is so playing Theo there.... He doesn't even know how to contact Metatron. The gy just wants to be on the winning side.

And Castiel is an angel again. So this is how it goes.

Damn, Metatron just needs Gadreel as a killer.

"I always trust you. And I always end up screwed."
Foreshadowing much?

Dean's telling Sammy the truth. Finally.

Dammit, Sammy is so very angry with Dean.

And this is not Sammy.

Kevin! Fuck! What?

There's no more Sam? Sammy has no idea what's going on.

Oh hell.... another thing for Dean for feel guilty about... and yeah, a way it's his fault. Urgh...

Wow, this was unexpected. I really managed to stay unspoiled over hiatus.

As sad as this episode was I liked it. Dean grew balls and told Sam, even tough it was a little too late.

And now there's no more Sammy.


Dean's really all alone now. Fuck.... I think for the first time ever there is no one... no brother, no friends, really no one.

So Gadreel is working on the list and on his revenge.

"Sammy was dying. What was I supposed to d`?"
Oh Dean, always, always the same with you.

"You were stupid for the right reasons."
"As if that matters."
"I does matter. Sometimes it's all that does matter."

Crowley. Hit here.

"People in your general vicinity don't tend to have a long life span." Oh Crowley.

"Got, get Moose."

Ahaha, Castiel forgot to get gas for the car.

"What are you, a pimp?"

Castiel's satisfied smirk about the shotgun thing and Dean got them both in the back.

And it really is a pimp car. OMG.

Tahmoh! Hello.

Gadreel really isn't the right guy for this job, you can clearly see it. But he's still doing it because they bullied him in heaven... oh boy-

Damn, she's a demon reporting to Abadon.

Ha, knew it, the financial sector is evil. Of course, Crowley has sources there.

NSA listening post. lol... contemporary news and shout out to it. This makes sense.

Oh, Sammy took the car. Or rather, Gadreel did... not a good move boy.

Oh shit, Gadreel's best friend. what the hell is Metatron playing at?

Fuck, he did kill him.

Oi, Castiel knocked him out.

You can kill demons with an angel blade? I can't remember if they did that before or not... huh...

Oh Gadreel knows exactly what the say to Dean to get to him.

What is Crowley doing there anyway? Dude!

I love how Crowley comes up with these nicknames.

Wow, way to go and blame humankind and everything wrong on one being... why not blame God as well? He created them after all,... with all their faults and cacks??

Crowley can possess a vessel without permission... and he is actually offering...

Why? Oh yeah, eh wants to be free.

Oh Dean, you have no other chance...

So Sammy needs a new tat after all this.

Well, I hope Crowley is actually helping there.

Nice Crowley...

So he's back in Tahmoh now.


Crowley. He definitely is one of my favorites.

What? Really?
They are splitting up... again? Boys, you know that never works out. I thought we were done with the self sacrificing shit... oh hell, who am I'm kidding... these are the Winchesters after all.

Oh boys.

I think that's all i can say to that... oh boys... so business as usual.

Preview: well, that looks interesting.
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